Parry Custom Homes is here to guide you through every step of building on your lot, whether you're breaking ground on an existing property or seeking out your future homestead in Morgantown or its neighboring counties.

Whether you're putting together the initial puzzle pieces or you're ready to dive into design choices or homesite evaluation, we're on hand to partner with you, ensuring your vision becomes a reality with certainty and ease.

Build on Your Lot with Existing Land

If you already have land in the Morgantown, WV and/or surrounding area, then you’re in luck! We're Parry Custom Homes, and we're here to turn that land into your dream home. 

We mainly focus our building expertise in these local spots near Morgantown, but keep in mind, our map of service is always growing. 

Got land somewhere a bit farther out? Don’t hesitate to give us a shout—we might just have extended our reach out that way.

Wondering how to get started? First, you can contact us with your initial questions or comments. From there, we can schedule a no-obligation discovery meeting to learn more about how we can help you build your dream house and the next steps involved. 

Contact us to schedule a free consultation

We’re excited to get started making your dream a reality.

What to Expect in Our Discovery Meeting

When you step into one of our discovery meetings, you're in for a transparent and enlightening experience. Curious about what exactly happens? We've got you covered.

  • View our custom home designs – You get an exclusive peek at our home designs in our Morgantown, WV showroom. 
  • Learn about the quality – Discover the top-notch products that come standard in every Parry Home. 
  • Design from scratch? – Yep, see how we can tailor a brand-new design just for you. Your vision, our blueprint.
  • Got blueprints already? Bring them in! – We love to see your ideas and can work with them too.
  • Ballpark pricing? – Get a hinge on the cost with our ballpark pricing on select homes.
  • Financing options – Talk to us about them. We'll guide you through every step.
  • Homesite evaluation – Let's schedule one. We’ll visit your lot and start the wheels turning.

We make sure to keep things straightforward and eliminate any guesswork. Our chats are packed with valuable info, tailored to give you the confidence you need. 

Contact us to schedule a free consultation

We’re excited to get started making your dream a reality.

Searching for Land? We Can Help!

Looking for the perfect spot to build your dream home in West Virginia? We're here to guide you through it. 

If you're starting from scratch, hunting for land can be overwhelming, right? Well, worry not! We've got local expertise to steer you towards the ideal plot within the areas we serve.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Discovery Meeting: Kick things off with a chat to personalize your search.
  • Area Knowledge: Benefit from our insider scoop on the best-kept secrets in Morgantown and the surrounding counties.
  • Community Options: Explore our On-Your-Lot communities.

Whether it’s a hilltop with a view or a cozy corner in a bustling neighborhood, finding land in West Virginia can be an adventure—and we're your trusty compass. Let’s find that perfect plot together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Insights for Building on Your Lot in Morgantown, WV

When we embark on a custom home construction, your lot's unique characteristics take center stage. Here's how we ensure your building site is primed for your dream home:

  • Lot Assessment: We scrutinize every inch of your property, identifying trees, ground type, and even the subtlest slope. By understanding the lay of the land, we place your home in its perfect position.
  • Site Preparation: We’ll roll up our sleeves to get your land construction-ready. This means:
    • Clearing any unnecessary foliage
    • Perfecting the soil for stability
    • Mapping out where the house will sit
  • Home Orientation: Got a favorite sunrise? We'll discuss how to orient your house for those golden mornings. It's essential to consider the natural environment for your living spaces to shine.
  • Walkthroughs: Expect us to spend quality time on your lot. We stride across every potential driveway and future flower bed, ensuring no stone is left unturned.
  • Utility Setup: We're talking water, power, you name it. We've got you covered and connected.
  • Transparent Pricing: Before we dig a single hole, you'll have a detailed breakdown of costs. Our estimates lay out the groundwork expenses, so your budget stays on track – no surprises.

Trust us. We've dotted our I's and crossed our T's to guarantee that when we build, we're building on solid ground – literally and figuratively. Want a smooth start to your custom home journey? Let's prep that lot and set the stage for where your memories will be made.

Why Build with Parry Custom Homes?

Have you been toying with the idea of building your dream home in or around Morgantown, WV? Think about it: your vision, our expertise, coming together on your lot. 

Why choose Parry Custom Homes, you ask? Let us paint the picture for you.

  • Unparalleled Reputation: Since 2014, we've been the industry's gold standard, as a Guildmaster Award Winner for 10 years in a row. 
  • Client-Centered Approach: We get you. Building a home is personal, and that’s why we're not just throwing around blueprints and bricks. It’s about crafting your sanctuary. Your satisfaction is the blueprint we follow.
  • Value Without Compromise: We smartly balance cost and quality. We’re not after the cheapest fix. We're out for long-lasting quality that still respects your budget.
  • Partnership and Trust: It’s simple. We're with you, side by side, from the first sketch to the final touch

Got questions? Go ahead and contact our experts today! At Parry Custom Homes, transparency is our middle name, and trust is the framework we build on.

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Please contact us to book a consultation with us in Morgantown, WV.

We’re thrilled to get started on your new custom home.

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