There’s few joys in the life of a homeowner better than the day you start working on your custom home build. The key to a great home building process is choosing a contractor that values the customer experience and does excellent work. If you’re in the Washington, PA area, look no further than Parry Custom Homes.

We’ve been working at perfecting the process of custom home building for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve built up a number of Guildmaster Awards for Service Excellence by having the highest customer ratings. Put simply, our customers love us, and we can prove it.

We’re here to make your dreams become a reality. At Parry, we believe in building your home the right way with the highest quality materials and building processes. Our focus on quality and custom experience is what sets us apart from any other home builder in Washington, PA.

The Parry Home Design Process

We work with you to create exactly what you want with the highest quality at the most affordable price to you. To make it easier, we’ve designed a step by step process to guide you through the process from decision to build to construction. We want you in the loop and ready for every step of the way.

The first step is your discovery meeting. This is where you’ll learn a lot about different materials, how we design homes from the ground up, discuss financing, and get you a ballpark quote for your home so you know what to expect. We want you to leave this meeting with full confidence, ready to schedule your homesite evaluation.

Maybe you’re one step ahead, and already have blueprints. Great! We encourage you to bring those along to our meeting! Our design team can make your dream a reality with even more options for materials to enhance any design idea.

The rest of the design, planning, and building process moves along quickly from here. We keep things easy and straightforward so we’re both on the same page as we move forward. The rest of our building process is:

6 Simple Steps to Start Building

  • Book your discovery meeting
  • Design your dream home
  • Lock-in a quote on pricing
  • Schedule your homesite evaluation
  • Finalize your home plan and make design selections
  • Start building your home!

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We’re excited to get started making your dream a reality.

Additional Custom Home Building Services

The last thing we want is for your home to feel out of the box or cookie-cutter. We firmly believe your home should be unique to you, and as beautiful as you imagine it. At Parry Custom Homes, we provide premium detailing and an elevated standard of construction ensuring the longevity of your home for years to come.

Maybe you have land already or you are still looking to purchase the perfect lot, we provide quotes based on per county standards. We also provide quotes on a large variety of options for both interiors and exteriors so you know what’s available at what cost. We’ll include information on luxury amenities such as hardwood flooring, granite countertops, bathroom tile, upgraded cabinets, and more.

Our goal is to make you feel that you have all of the information and options available to make the best decisions possible in order to get your dream home built. We leave no stone unturned in the process.

Interior Home Design Process

Creating a home that allows you comfort, privacy, tranquility, and self-expression is at the foundation of the homes we build. We aim to offer you interior finishes and all other finishing touches so that when we’re done, your home is ready to live in.

After design, we coordinate all installations and final inspections so that you don’t have anything to worry about. These final steps include trim, countertops, flooring, carpeting, bathroom detailing, electric, HVAC, and more. Our homes are complete with the finest quality Kohler plumbing fixtures as well as Pella windows and doors.

We team you up with our expert interior designers who specialize in these details, helping put the final touches  on your dream home.

Choose from over a dozen different templates of homes to get started, ranging from 1,400 to 4,000 sqft and up. Pricing on these homes begins at $200k and we can work on homes valued at $1M and up!

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We’re excited to get started making your dream a reality.

Ready to Build

Once we’ve got the design, site drawings, building plans, and everything else ready to go, it’s time to get started building. There should be no surprises, and we’ve done this enough time to know exactly what each step is, how long it should take, and what you should expect along the way.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how we will move from the design and planning phase through to the construction and completion phase. The process is as follows:

  • Excavation and foundation pouring
  • Framing in the house
  • Mechanical and insulation installation
  • Exterior facade construction
  • Interior finishes installs
  • Final finishing touches, inspections, and walkthrough

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Parry Custom Homes makes it our goal to create a custom home building experience that you will love. We believe the home building process should be filled with fun and excitement, and one that you will remember fondly well after your home is built.


  • Higher construction standards than our competitors
  • Free Custom Home Design & Interior Designer Consultations
  • Homesite Evaluation & No-Hassle Permitting
  • Top-rated warranty service & customer service
  • Quality control & construction management
  • Dedicated project manager to manage your home build
10 members of the Parry Custom Homes team

Please contact us to schedule a free consultation so we can get started talking about your new custom home project.

We’re excited to get started making your dream a reality.

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