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At Parry Custom Homes, we take a lot of pride in making our customers happy. We believe in treating people right and doing the right thing.  We look for a mutually rewarding relationship with our customers and try to provide an experience that we would want if we were building a home!

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Ranking From 1 to 10, would you refer Parry Homes to a friend : Marty 

10.......I believe Parry really strives to do the best job for their clients. They use top quality products and do not cut corners. I believe they build for their clients as they would for themselves.

Area of Satisfaction: Matt & Loren

The house. The quality of construction and the final product were exactly what we hoped to get when we signed with Parry homes. Whether it be our family, friends or ourselves, we get nothing but positive feedback about how beautiful our house turned out.

Area For Improvement: Bob & Robin 

Parry did not fall short on anything. They did all they said they would do and did so on a timely basis.

Area Of Satisfaction:

The quality of everything was top notch. They were always responsive and accomodating.


Their skill was great, experts in their respective fields, and always willing to learn more about new products.

Construction Quality – Jonathan & Michelle

Couldn't be happier with the framing/finishing work.

Area Of Satisfaction – Eric & Nicole

Quality, honesty, and personal attention.

Area Of Satisfaction – Tim & Kris

Very Pleased with everything. They are a family business and run it like they were building their own

Considering Your Experience with Parry, How likely would you recommend us to a friend. - Kathy & Rich

I would definitley recommend Parry to friends or colleagues. Also, the personalized treatment that you receive from the beginning of the process to the end of the construction and quality work and quality products is very important to me. Knowing that I will have another meeting with Brian after two months to go over any items that need fixed that I may not have noticed when we had the final walk through shows me that they still care about the customer. PS: I also think the appreciation day that Parry held on October 19th for their customers was such a nice gesture for them to do. That shows they really care.