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Want to Redecorate From Your Couch?

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New tools like virtual reality measuring apps and online mood boards are using augmented reality and virtual reality technology to help homeowners find easier and quicker ways to decorate their homes. These new tools let homeowners envision new wall colors, furniture and curtains without having to take them home. That means no more buying extra paint for samples or paying return fees on a chair that turns out to be too big for the room. If you are in the market for a Pittsburgh custom home or if you’ve recently moved into your new Parry Custom  Home, try these tips before doing any actual decorating to prevent any mishaps.

A great online home retailer to try is They are digitizing their catalog and testing augmented reality and virtual reality apps as well as 3D models of its products. The company is set to release an augmented reality app for Google Tango, which uses software and sensors to track motions and size up the contours of rooms.

The Wayfair tool lets people see how pieces of furniture and decor will look and fit in their homes through the display on a smartphone. Shoppers use headgear like an Oculus Rift that allows them to customize a room by setting the model, material and layout of the furnishings.

Most buyers might be familiar with the all-in-one site, which not only helps shoppers get inspiration and narrow their choices down from its more than five million products from over 10,000 sellers. In addition, it also helps people find local professionals to install items they may have bought for their new home.

Houzz company recently launched an augmented reality app called “View in My Room” that allows shoppers to experiment with home decor options by virtually placing products from its online store into their home before you buy. The goal of this is to convert browsers into buyers.

Home Depot has an app that lets customers upload a picture of the room and thumb through thousands of paint and stain colors until they arrive at one that’s right. The app can detect the lighting, shadows and other variables in the space or project and adapt the color to fit.

Ikea has an an augmented reality option within its app that interacts with their seasonan catalogs.

With all of the apps and interactive tools out there to help homeowners decorate their home before actually buying and paint or décor, it is worth trying out to save yourself extra trips to the paint store or wasted money on items that you might not actually like once they are in your home.




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