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How To Avoid Taking on Extra Debt

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Avoiding Debt

Avoiding Debt

If you’ve recently purchased a new home in Pittsburgh, chances are that you took on debt in the form of a mortgage. Once in your new home, racking up more debt with new furniture, lawn tools and all of the miscellaneous things needed to run your new home can quickly add up to more debt, more times than not. Parry Custom Homes shares some tips on how to avoid taking on more debt, where you can save.

The first step to keep debt at bay is to set a budget when you purchase your new home. If you have new appliances you need to buy or want to make some changes to your home, categorize them in the order of importance and then set a budget for each. This way, you can make a master list of things you need and then budget for things that you can wait on. Even though it may all be things you want right when you move in, it is best to setup a plan of importance to not plunge yourself further into debt.

Most people might not think this, but a new job or raise at work can often lead people into debt as well. While it may seem contradictory, if you go from living paycheck to paycheck to having extra money in your pocket each month, a lot of people look at that as a limitless amount of money to spend. When extra money is there, it is hard to say no. However, if people loose their job or add up too many monthly expenses, it can be hard to maintain that lifestyle overtime when life happens down the road.

So what is the best solution? Rather than increasing your spending when you make more money, continue to budget based on the amount you previously earned. Then, save extra for retirement, travel or a big spending item that you will eventually need down the road, whether planned or unplanned.

Lastly, a new cell phone is another way to add up debt without even really realizing it. A lot of people buy the latest new phone every time a new one comes out, but keep adding themselves to a new two-year contract every time.

Why people may see it as saving money on the phone itself, you really need to look at it as financing a phone via a two-year contract. And if your carrier raises prices or you need to downsize or cancel, you wont be able to without a sizable fee.

The solution? Go the non-contract service option or phone route. This way, you have to save the money to purchase a new phone out of pocket but will have the freedom to get out of your contract, on your watch.




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