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How To Accentuate Your New Parry Home

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Congratulations on purchasing your new Parry home! Now comes the fun part of decorating your new home in Pittsburgh and making it your own. Everyone wants a luxurious and elegant home filled with state of the art amenities, but not the price tag that comes along with it. So how do you make your new home look luxurious without breaking the bank? Here are some simple ways on how to add elegance to the rooms of your Parry home.

Use fabric. Any room in your Parry home can be turned from ordinary to lavish by framing your windows in beautiful fabrics. Layers of fabrics are visually important, as they are the details that are notice in the room of your new home. By using fabrics your can add texture, warmth and a pop of color.

Add ceiling medallions and molding. Ceiling medallions are a sure way to add elegance to any room in your home. When medallions are placed along with a ceiling fixture, they easily add an instant detail to and otherwise plan space. Medallions are available in different colors to match any décor or they can be painted any color that you like.

Crystals. If a crystal chandelier is out of your budget, purchase an ordinary chandelier and then purchase magnetic crystals and attach them to the existing light fixture. The crystals are available in different shapes, styles and colors that will go with the design of your home. They can also be added to floor lamps and wall sconces.

Cabinet lighting. This is such an easy addition to create and instant ambiance to the kitchen of your home. These lights look best when added between the kitchen wall cabinet and counter tops. It will illuminate even a dark room.

Add candles. An inexpensive and versatile way to create a cozy atmosphere to any room of your home is by adding candles. They are available in different color and styles and the ones with scents create the perfect ambiance to your home.


These few ideas can get you started on turning your Parry home into a luxurious space for you and your family.


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