Page Banner

This applies to “Pages” only, not Posts, Homes or Neighborhoods!!

Banner Headline, Sub-Title & Sub-Text
At the bottom of each page you will find fields for Banner Headline, Banner Sub-Title & Banner Sub-Text.
If left blank the Banner Headline will display the page title.

Banner Image
if the page has a featured image, it will appear in header
If there is no featured & it’s a child page & its parent has a featured image, parent featured image will display
Otherwise default will display as set in Options/Page Options

Content Headline
If left blank the Content Headline will display the page title.
Clicking the “Hide” checkbox will remove the Content Headline.

Footer form

The Footer form is a block which can be added and edited just like the other page blocks.
You must use the Advanced template for it to be available. It has 4 fields, one for the form shortcode, a heading, an image, and a background-color. Choosing Light Gray for the background-color will connect it seamlessly to the footer.

View this block here.

Single Neighborhood Pages

Top-of-page tab contains fields for a Modula gallery shortcode, and one for a video.
If neither of these is used the pages feature image will display.
If there is no featured image the “default” image display.

Neighborhood Galleries

The Neighborhood image grids are made using the Modula plugin.
Make a new gallery, click the “add images” button to add images. Save. Very easy to use. Once a gallery is created it will give you the shortcode which you can paste into the “Image Grid Shortcode” field.

Galleries can use the default grid which is a masonry grid OR you can customize it using the custom grids option (very cool).

NOTE: I have turned off the titles which display over the image.

Here are a couple pages using the plugin –> everview-estates, allegheny-woodlands


Counties are a taxonomy (category) of Neighborhoods.
To edit the data on these pages go to Counties which is under Neighborhoods.

Custom page URLs

To customize the Neighborhood URLs use the Permalink Manager plugin located in Tools > Permalink Manager

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