The Parry Heritage

Parry Family 2015

The Parry family has a history that is deep rooted in the home building and construction industry.  We are proud of where we came from and the hard work over the many years. It’s not everyday that a family can brag about how they got their start (from nothing) and how long their immediate family has been building homes for customers (over 20 years), so we will do it right now!!! The work ethic and undying love for building homes has stood the test of time and is at the forefront of our company culture. This culture lives within our entire team today to deliver a level of commitment to our customers that is rarely matched in the home building industry.  The Parry Family did not start with a bunch of "old money" or as an investment. It was started, and is continued on today, for the love (sometimes referred to as an obsession) of building homes and our continous commitment to our team and our customers. 

Justin Parry - Parry Homes 2015


Daniele Parry 2014 - Parry Homes




Justin & Daniele have expanded upon the family name with Parry Custom Homes by creating a home building company that builds True Custom Built Homes with consistent quality and customer service throughout the entire Southwestern Pennsylvania region.  With both growing up in a home building company and construction family,  they have learned “in the trenches” for many years to be able to provide top level management at Parry Custom Homes that produces quality constructed homes and a high level of customer service for their customers. Daniele heads up the Showroom where Parry Homes works with customers to find the right home for their needs while Justin runs the construction, design, and building operations for the company to create a high level of construction quality standards that customers can rely upon.  


titleJustin & Daniele have both learned off from their father, R. Keith Parry, who began his career in the construction industry, in 1978, with the Carpenters Union where he gained a strong foundation of construction knowledge and on the job “know how” that allowed him to build a solid foundation for the company. After working in the Carpenter’s Union, Keith began renovating houses and building additions for customers throughout the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh. His strong reputation allowed him to start building homes years after.  Once he got started, he continued to create satisfied customers by treating them fairly.  The customer referrals and reputation kept on building and multiplying and led to more work.   Keith’s main focus was centralized in North Huntingdon Township and the surrounding vicinities, where he maintained loyal customers and as strong reputation for a quality home at a fair price.