Experience the Difference


We will honestly inform you of your options and listen to your needs to create a home and experience that accomplishes what you are looking to achieve all while providing a high level of customer service to make the home building process seamless from beginning to end. 


 So everyone asks us, what makes Parry Custom Homes different from other home builders?  Why are you so busy and keep building homes for more and more customers, when everyone else has slowed down?  Well, it’s quite an easy answer.  WE GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT in an organized, professional, and fun manner. From the ability to create a home design from “scratch” to serving our customers with top quality products and customer service, to delivering a highly rated warranty service after your move-in. We deliver what we say we are going to deliver and stand behind our word.  There’s no sales pitch, there are no gimmicks.  We just build your home the right way and treat you the way we would want to be treated.          

Parry Homes Team 2015

Come join us and be part of the Parry Homes family! Let us your build your home the same way we would if you were a member of our family! Why wouldn’t you want to build your home with a fun, customer oriented team of home building professionals who truly care about what we put into each one of our customers homes?  Who wants to deal with the “big box builders” and all their rules that confine you to building what they want you to build or deal with the inefficiences and unorganized "one man band" home builders? The Parry Team is a group of professionals with many diverse backgrounds and years of experience, we are here to provide you with a great experience from beginning to end and deliver upon our commitment!