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Outdoor Kitchen Design For Your Parry Home

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Outdoor kitchens are a feature that continues to grow as a popular trend among homeowners. More people are turning to their backyards as retreats, creating a space that is the gathering place for their family and friends. An outdoor kitchen can extend your Parry home’s living area, making the space more functional. Just like the kitchen inside your Parry home, there are guidelines to outdoor kitchen design. If you’re in the market for a Pittsburgh new homebuilder to help make home dreams like this come true, you’ve come to the right place!

The outdoor kitchen of your Parry home has different zones, a cold, hot, wet and dry zone. They must all work together in proper proximity of each other.

There are two different types of outdoor kitchens available for your Parry home, satellite or independent. A satellite kitchen relies on the indoor kitchen for most of the prep work and refrigeration. An independent kitchen features the same functional zones as the indoor kitchen of your home.

The outdoor kitchen to your Parry home has to be easy to care for and to clean. Choose materials that are grease and stain resistant and suited for the outdoor elements of Pittsburg.

Make sure to use finishes and materials that are a complement your home. If the kitchen is against the house, create architectural transition. If the kitchen is located away from the house, think about the sight lines of your home and design the kitchen as a visible destination.

Make sure to account for gas line, electricity and water lines that are sufficient enough to supply all your usage for outside your home.

Make lighting a primary consideration for the outdoor space of your home. The appropriate amount of task light is a necessity for cooking by after dark. Ambient lighting helps illuminate the kitchen, dining and living space outside your home and creates drama throughout the entire area. Make sure that any pathways or stairs are well lit also.

Audio and video entertainment is an important consideration for your outdoor space. You may even want to incorporate an area for a television, just make sure to account for the power source and cables.

Don’t forget to also take into account the outdoor elements such as the movement of the sun and wind direction. The smoke from the grill planned too close to the dining area could propose a problem. Or trying to watch television with the sun setting in the background could be impossible. Think of the slope of the countertops and ground to prevent rainwater from pooling. Also the material that are being used and how they will hold up to the prolonged exposure to the sun and other outdoor elements you will endure in Pittsburg.

By planning ahead and making a lay out for the outdoor kitchen of your Parry home, will be helpful in the executing of a successful outdoor kitchen design that you can enjoy this summer and for many years to come!


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