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Is Concrete Stain Right For Your Parry Home’s Patio?

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Looking for a bit of flair to add to the patio of your new home in Pittsburgh that is different from other homes in your neighborhood? Concrete stain is a fast, simple way to turn an ordinary patio into an extraordinary, colorful surface that will make the outdoor space of your new Parry home more inviting. The stain is nearly foolproof to apply and if you are not happy with the results to the patio of your home, you can go back and apply a second or third coat to enhance the color.

What is concrete stain? Concrete stain is a water-based product that coats the concrete and becomes a permanent part of the surface. The stains can fade and wear over time, but a sealer helps protect the stained concrete of your Parry home. Stained concrete is different from acid stains, which chemically reacts with minerals in the concrete to change the color. Acid stains have fewer colors to choose from for your patio and it requires more steps in applying than the stain requires.

With concrete stain there are unlimited design possibilities. Use multiple colors of stain to create a distinct border or design on patios or the sidewalk of your Parry home. Concrete staining is a project that can be done in one weekend. One day will be needed to prep the concrete and apply the stain and the next day it can be sealed.

Concrete stain is available at most home centers and the color is added just as it is with paint. For instructions, the Internet has an abundance of how to tutorials. You will want to keep in mind that the color you choose for the patio of your Parry home may look slightly different after it is applied. Each patio will accept the stain a little bit differently. However, the color will be close to what you see in the store. The stain is semitransparent. It will not completely cover the surface as paint would. You will see the concrete through the stain, especially if you are using a light color.


Concrete stain may give the patio of your home the look that you have envisioned for the outdoor space of your new Parry home that you can enjoy for many years to come!


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