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How To Make Old Things New In Your New Parry Custom Home

Categories: New Homes in Pittsburgh | Posted: October 25, 2019 | Comments Off on How To Make Old Things New In Your New Parry Custom Home

Parry Custom HomeYour have made the decision to move to your new Parry Custom Home, but now you have just come to realize it‘s a totally different floor plan and your furniture will not be set up the same way and the accessories are not going to work like they did in your old home. Before you panic or run to the furniture store to purchase all new furniture and accessories, read on for some design tips on how to incorporate pieces from your old home décor into your new home in Pittsburgh.

You might have looked at everything in your old house with the accessories and furniture the same place for years and years, but now they can have a new home and purpose. Think of your décor the same way you think of your wardrobe. You mix and match old and new clothes and jewelry all the time, and your home décor is no different.

By changing up the furniture placement, accent pillows, artwork and accessories in a room, it will give the home a whole new feel. Just because you have always had a certain picture in the dining room at your old home, it doesn’t mean it has to be in the dining room in your new home. Maybe it would be perfect over the sofa in the living room now or in the office. You may find it easier when you move in your new Parry Custom Home, to group all similar items together (items like lamps, photo frames, candle holders, ect.) and this way you can take a visual inventory of everything that you have to work with.   Then start adding the accessories that coordinate together to each room.

Consider gathering 3 accessories and placing them together. Add a table lamp or a plant to direct your eye to details in the room that may not have stood out in your old home.

It’s best to keep your furniture neutral and add color to things that are easily changed, like pillows, picture frames or a throw blanket. The design possibilities are endless when you move using everything you already own, only displaying them in a whole new way.

Let your creativity flow. Remember, nothing is nailed down. If you don’t like it, you can move it. The options are limitless in creating your new space in your beautiful new Parry Custom Home.


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