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Home listing photo do’s and don’ts from the experts

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If part of your New Years plans include putting your home on the market, be sure you attract the right attention with your listing photos you place online for your home. If you have bad or non-professional listing photos, you are more than likely to have a lot of your buyers bypass your home as one they want to consider as they are shopping around. On the flipside, if you have great listing photos you can have showings non-stop and a buyer even quicker! Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot homebuilder, showcases nine tips to give your home the best first impression to buyers searching online.

First, be sure the first shot of your home that is on your listing is the exterior of the home. If you place an interior shot as the opening shot, most buyers will assume something is wrong with the exterior of the house and won’t even bother to click on your home to see what it looks like. So be sure to have a curb shot taken that shows the entire home with space around it, and be sure not to have any cars or outside objects in the photo (think trash cans, kids toys, and so on.)

Next, if you are taking the photos yourself be sure that your photos are all perfectly centered and they aren’t taken at any angle making it look like the house is slanted or leaning.

Third, be sure your home entryway is setup and shot to welcome visitors. Take a photo of your entryway and leave the front door open to send a welcoming message to buyers that your door is open and ready for them to see up close and personal.

Fourth, be sure to take down all signage that could scare buyers off. If you have a ‘beware of dog’ sign or security stickers or signs all around your home, that sends the opposite of a welcoming message to your buyers and may worry them that the home is unsafe or has been robbed before.

Fifth, do consider taking a bird’s eye view of your home. This allows them to see the property. Especially if you have land, a pool, lake or waterfront location, you can easily showcase this with an aerial shot.

The sixth thing you will want to be sure and capture in your homes photos, is the selling points of your home and take several photos of them. If you have huge closets, showcase them! If you have a newly updated kitchen with great appliances, be sure to take several photos both far away and up close to highlight those things.

The seventh thing to be sure and not do (and really this should be number one) is be sure not to capture yourself in the reflection of any mirror in your photos! Nothing screams unprofessional photos more than a buyer being caught on photo taking pictures of their bathrooms.

The eighth thing you will want to do, is be sure and stage the rooms of your home before you go through and get room shots. If you still have furniture in your home, it needs to be showcased nicely, neat and tidy. There should be no clutter, trash, or personalized things on the walls that will make it scream “your home” and not someone else’s vision for the home.

Lastly, be sure when you take photos of your home that the only thing in the photos are the rooms themselves. Check to make sure no pets, kids, toys and so on slip into the pictures. If your cat is seen sleeping on the couch, and a buyer shopping doesn’t like cats or is allergic to them, they may not even want to visit your home after seeing your cat in the photos! You might think your pets are adorable, but keep them to family photos and not your homes listing photos.


These nine simple tips can have your home looking it’s best and give it the best chance to be sold in no time!


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