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Creating Hidden Hallway Storage

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Hallway Storage

Hallway Storage

If your home lacks storage space like many homes do, having additional storage in your home can be a huge plus. Some people don’t think they have room in their homes for additional storage but Parry Custom Homes, a premier on your lot builder in Pittsburgh, shares information on ways you can sneak extra storage into your hallways that no one will be able to notice!

Most people wouldn’t think of a hallway as being a good avenue for extra storage space, but with these simple steps below you can transform your hallway to serve as highly functional storage opportunities.

Storage option #1: Use coat hooks running down the hallway. This is a great way to increase storage and keeps coats and umbrellas off the floor. This can also help open up extra closet space or make up for lack of closet space in your home. If you don’t like the look of coat hooks in your hallway, add a shelf above it to disguise them more and add books or decorations on top to actually add to your homes décor.

Storage option #2: Add some slim bookshelves to your hallways. Bookshelves don’t have to be used just for books, and now days are used more for decoration purposes anyways. You can add framed photos, and hide cleaning products or other items in cute bins so no one can tell they are actually being used as storage pieces.

Storage option #3: Add a bench with storage to your hallway, especially around the entranceway. This is a great multi-purpose furniture move as you can use the bench to take shoes on and off, and the underneath part of the bench can be used as additional seating when you have guests. If you get a bench with cubbies, you can fill it with shoes, pet gear, umbrellas or blankets for your living room.

Storage option #4: Opt for a wall organizer over a key ring holder. Not only does this help keep daily necessities handy and off the floor, but it can hold more things like mail, car keys, sunglasses, running gear and purses.


These easy hallway hacks can add plenty of extra storage to your home that you never knew you could have!


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