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Clean your house with an unexpected item in your refrigerator

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Now that summer is winding down into fall, you may find yourself finally getting around to some home cleaning projects now that you will be inside more this winter. However, did you know you might have some of the best cleaning agents already in your home? If you go check your fridge, chances are you may have some cans of Coca-Cola ready for the next movie or pizza night with the family. Did you know one of our favorite drinks can double as a home cleaning agent? Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares why you may be grabbing for more Coca-Cola at the grocery store on a regular basis.

Coca-Cola Classic has carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids in it that make it a great cleaning product for certain tasks in your home.

If you have any pesky rust rings in your toilet, the easiest way to get rid of it is to pour a full can of coke around the rim and have it full coat the bowl. Let the coke sit for at least an hour so the acids can break down the stains. Once you have let it sit for an hour or more, scrub the stains with a toilet brush and then flush. Voila! Just like that you will have a clean toilet bowl.

If you have smaller items with rust on them, you can place them in a full bowl of Coca-Cola overnight and they will be clean by morning!

Next, if you have pots and pans that have gunk built up on them or food that was burned on them, it can leave for a lot of scrubbing and frustration to get them clean again. What you want to do is place the cookware on your stove at low heat for an hour. Pour soda in the pan and let it sit. The soda will break down the grime and allow for any pot or pan to be much easier to clean. Wash your pot or pan as you normally would after you have allowed it to sit for an hour and it will be grime-free!

Lastly, you will very much appreciate having Coca-Cola handy if you get any grime or grease on your clothes from the kitchen or garage. It may have been impossible to remove in the past, but pour an entire can of Coca-Cola into a load of laundry along with your usual laundry detergent. Set your washer to the normal cycle and wash your grease-stained clothes as usual. Once the wash is done, grease stains will be gone!

If you are a mom with kids in sports, you can also use this same washing technique with sport uniforms or clothes with blood stains on them.


These simple tips will have you reaching for Coca-Cola Classic every time you run out!




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