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Putting new construction at the top of your home search list

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New Home in Pittsburgh

New Home in Pittsburgh

If you find your weekend plans to include shopping for Pittsburgh custom homes this Labor Day weekend, chances are you may be looking at a mix of both resale homes and new construction homes. While it may not seem like a huge difference between the two as long as they meet your overall needs, Parry Custom Homes gives 11 reasons why new construction is the better way to go between the two options.

The first benefit of new construction homes is that you can find a home without feeling rushed. The median construction time for a new home is about five months, so you can take your time planning your move instead of having to rush as soon as you sign the sale papers.

Another benefit of new construction is that your closing will most likely be smoother and easier than with a resale home. Since builders have no personal attachment to the homes they build, you won’t have to deal with the sentiments that can drag out the closing process on a home.

There are 800,000 new single-family homes expected to be on the market this year, with this number rising by 50,000 in 2017 and 100,000 in 2018. You will have many more options in new construction homes on the market, as time goes on.

When buying your home, you are also buying the lifestyle in which you plan to live. Urban planners create diverse and sustainable community’s new schools, amenities and transit that older homes or neighborhoods might not provide as readily.

Buying a new home also allows you to lower your energy bill each month. New construction homes with the new energy innovations can increase your homes efficiency by 30%.

New construction homes also provide a safer atmosphere for your family, with better indoor air quality thanks to today’s low and zero VOC products, as opposed to older homes that weren’t built with these things in mind.

New construction homes are also worth considering because you might get an even better deal that you ever would be able to with a resale home. Ask builders if they have special offers like zero closing costs, upgrade credits or expanded floor plans.

New homes are also great because you can often put your personal touches on your new home. Typically, you will be able to pick your designs and finishes of your new home instead of having to go with or renovate the style of a previous owner.

A great benefit of a new home is that you will be protected from the get-go. New home warranties will protect your home for the first several years that you live in it so it will be a long while before you have to focus on shelling out money for repairs.

Another nice benefit of buying a new home now is that when the time comes for you to sell, you will stand out from other sellers since a home that is just five, seven or ten years old will attract more buyers than an older resale home.

Lastly, buying a new construction home saves you time and money when you consider the upkeep of a home. Resale homes will have you busy with projects each weekend or with unexpected costs when things break. When you buy a new home, you won’t have to worry about projects and you will have the benefit of everything being brand new.



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