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Need To Sell Your Home This Winter?

Categories: Homeowner News, Homeowner Tips, Pittsburgh custom homes | Posted: November 1, 2019 | Comments Off on Need To Sell Your Home This Winter?
Winter Home Sales

Winter Home Sales

If you are currently in the market for a Pittsburgh custom home or know that is on the horizon for you this upcoming winter season, many homeowners hesitate to list their current home for sale during the winter months. The winter season is typically looked down upon for putting homes on the market and most realtors may even recommend you wait until spring. However, Parry Custom Homes shares why a study by Redfin indicates that selling your home in the winter months might actually be to your benefit.

While spring may be the home-shopping season for many, listing your home for sale in the winter can give you the upper hand in a lot of cases. When buyers are shopping for homes in the winter, they tend to have more of a sense of urgency. Redfin, an online brokerage, found that the average seller nets more than asking price during the months of December through March, than they do from June through November. Homes listed in winter also sold faster than homes listed in the spring, surprisingly enough.

These findings may have many people in a rush to put their home up for sale before spring, but timing for home sales is always based on supply and demand. The best way to determine this is to check your area to see when might be the best time for you to sell your home, if you aren’t on a time crunch.

Check the number of days on the market for your city and the recently sold listings. If most homes are sitting for more than 60 days, it will be safer to hold off until spring when more buyers enter the market. However, if properties are selling quickly, then you can take that as a green light to list your home.

A few tips to help your home sell fast are:

1.) Schedule a tune-up. Be sure the main issues buyers look at like heating and maintenance are up to speed, as well as clean gutters, air filters, and clean windows are in place. A well kept home is a home that will sell much faster.

2.) Price Your Home Right. If homes are going on the market as quick as they are going off, then you have the flexibility to test the market and price it higher. However, if it is the dead of winter and the market is not as bust, it’s best to price it reasonable to draw in buyers.

3.) Brighten your home. Often times, the winter months are gray and gloomy. Be sure to make your home warm and inviting from the minute the buyer drives up. Warm up your curb appeal with clean landscaping and cool-weather plants, and make sure chipped paint and cracked window seals are taken care of. A welcoming house will sell, even in the winter months.

Putting this knowledge to use when listing your home this winter may have you selling your home quicker than you imagined, especially if inventory in your area is already low this winter season!



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Want to Redecorate From Your Couch?

Categories: Custom Home Builders in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh custom homebuilders, Pittsburgh custom homes | Posted: September 13, 2019 | Comments Off on Want to Redecorate From Your Couch?

New tools like virtual reality measuring apps and online mood boards are using augmented reality and virtual reality technology to help homeowners find easier and quicker ways to decorate their homes. These new tools let homeowners envision new wall colors, furniture and curtains without having to take them home. That means no more buying extra paint for samples or paying return fees on a chair that turns out to be too big for the room. If you are in the market for a Pittsburgh custom home or if you’ve recently moved into your new Parry Custom  Home, try these tips before doing any actual decorating to prevent any mishaps.

A great online home retailer to try is They are digitizing their catalog and testing augmented reality and virtual reality apps as well as 3D models of its products. The company is set to release an augmented reality app for Google Tango, which uses software and sensors to track motions and size up the contours of rooms.

The Wayfair tool lets people see how pieces of furniture and decor will look and fit in their homes through the display on a smartphone. Shoppers use headgear like an Oculus Rift that allows them to customize a room by setting the model, material and layout of the furnishings.

Most buyers might be familiar with the all-in-one site, which not only helps shoppers get inspiration and narrow their choices down from its more than five million products from over 10,000 sellers. In addition, it also helps people find local professionals to install items they may have bought for their new home.

Houzz company recently launched an augmented reality app called “View in My Room” that allows shoppers to experiment with home decor options by virtually placing products from its online store into their home before you buy. The goal of this is to convert browsers into buyers.

Home Depot has an app that lets customers upload a picture of the room and thumb through thousands of paint and stain colors until they arrive at one that’s right. The app can detect the lighting, shadows and other variables in the space or project and adapt the color to fit.

Ikea has an an augmented reality option within its app that interacts with their seasonan catalogs.

With all of the apps and interactive tools out there to help homeowners decorate their home before actually buying and paint or décor, it is worth trying out to save yourself extra trips to the paint store or wasted money on items that you might not actually like once they are in your home.




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How to negotiate repairs after a home inspection

Categories: Buying a Home, Pittsburgh custom homes | Posted: July 19, 2019 | Comments Off on How to negotiate repairs after a home inspection


If you are like most buyers and sellers in the market, you probably are under the impression that the deal you get on your new home is done at the signing of the contract. However, there are often several places throughout the home buying process where you can make deals and save money, if you know where to negotiate and when. Parry Custom Homes, a local homebuilder for Pittsburgh custom homes, shares what to look for during the process of buying your new home and opportunities you may have to save money throughout the process.

The most common issues that arise in the home buying process are during the inspection process, because these issues normally result in another round of negotiations for credit or fixes that will need to be done to the home. Below are some tips you can use if you run into this issue when buying a home.

The first step you will want to take is to ask for a credit for the work to be done to your new home. Most of the time sellers are interested in moving out of their current home and into their new one, and sometimes repairs and slow down the process or just be a burden with so many other things on the plate of both parties.

This is also a benefit because you will have control over who does the repairs and what is done. The sellers might not choose the company or be as diligent in the repairs as you will. So it will be a benefit to you to include that cash-back credit at the close of escrow so you can use that money to complete the repairs that need to be done on your own after you move in. Doing it this way also saves a lot of time as well, if you are in a time-sensitive situation.

Be sure to think about your new home in the big picture. If a bathroom needs to be renovated or there is a leaky faucet or there is some damage on the floors that you will want to fix down the road, also take those into the negotiating room as a credit to fix this issues and help you offset some closing costs.

The next thing you will want to keep in mind is to keep your plans to yourself when it comes to doing your home inspection with your agent and the inspector. If your listing agent knows your comfort level and your intentions, that could come back against you in further negotiations. So play it say and keep plans to yourself during the inspection process.

Lastly, keep your eyes wide open when it comes to your original contract. Never agree on a contract price if it will be negotiated down after inspection. If your property inspection comes back without flaws, you will have no leverage to negotiate the cost down especially in a competitive market. When the market is as competitive and busy as it is now, attempting to negotiate after the initial agreement when no issues have been found can have the sellers looking to move on to the next buyer.

So be sure to go into escrow with your eyes open during the entire process. Your new home won’t officially be yours until money changes hands and the deed is transferred. So, stay on your toes from the beginning and negotiate where and if you are able. Taking these tips into considering during the buying process will help you less likely walk away with buyer’s remorse.




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DIY home updates to increase your home’s value

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Regardless if you are planning to move this spring, down the road or aren’t even sure how long you will be in your current home, it is always good to invest in updates to your home each year. When the time does come to sell, your home will already have the updates needed in order for it to be ready to put on the market and allow you to avoid the time and money for a costly remodel all at once before you move. Parry Custom Homes, a premier builder for Pittsburgh custom homes, shares DIY updates you can do it your home today, that will increase its value in the long run.

A nice kitchen is one of the main things buyers look at and look for in a new home, so making some upgrades to your kitchen can pay off in the long run. However, why not enjoy the upgrades you make for your kitchen yourself while you are still living in and enjoying your home?

A great do it yourself project for your kitchen that will also add some resale value, is to add some adhesive backsplash tiles. Not only is this a relatively mess-free project, but one you can easily do yourself. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, so get creative and add a real touch of modern elegance that can automatically give new life to your kitchen.

While you don’t need to replace all your kitchen cabinets at the same time, it might be a good idea to address them as well. Try painting all your cabinets to go along with your new backsplash. This can lead to a complete transformation in the overall look of your kitchen and look like you spent a fortune, when it isn’t a costly upgrade to do at all.

Another easy project you can do if you want to start small, is a simple upgrade that can be made to any room in your home. What is this simple and easy upgrade? Add crown molding! Your bedrooms, especially a master bedroom are the perfect place to add some elegant crown molding that will automatically make the room look much more finished and give it a more expensive look. You can purchase and choose the crown molding style of your liking and pick up all the supplies to install it at your local home improvement store. They can even give you tips on how to install it and the tools that you will need.

Next, the laundry room is often a very over-looked room in the home but with a few simple DIY improvements, it can be a real highlight in your home when it comes time to sell. Start by removing any of the basic wire shelving in the laundry room and put up attractive wood shelving options or cabinets in its place.

Painting the room can also make a world of difference as well as improving the storage space and what storage solutions you have in the room. Adding some hooks on a nice wooden platform can add both a nice design piece as well as functional piece to the laundry room. Don’t be afraid to add some décor on the walls as well. If you need some quick, easy and inexpensive laundry room wall décor, check online or on Pinterest for a lot of inspiration for your home.

Your lawn is another place on the exterior of your home that can make a dramatic difference and be done on your own. You can add some greenery around your walkways, add some stone siding to your walkway or front lawn area around a flower bed, as well as add some drought-friendly plants. Perennial plants are an excellent option since they will come back year after year, so you can essentially set them and forget them in terms of maintenance.

Some other quick fixes you can do on your own for your home include: painting the front door, updating your window treatments, power washing your deck and sidewalks, and cleaning your gutters as well as replacing any old ones that may not be performing to their full potential.

These simple ideas can have your home looking more updated while adding value at the same time.




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Should you have a locksmith rekey your house?

Categories: Homeowner Tips, Pittsburgh custom homes | Posted: June 26, 2017 | Comments Off on Should you have a locksmith rekey your house?


If you have recently moved into a Pittsburgh custom home, you may be wondering if you need to have new locks put on your home that are different than the ones that came on the home you purchased. However, there are several other reasons to consider having new locks put on your home other than when you just move in. You may have lost your home keys, had a lot of contractors or service people in your home, or possibly even had your home broken into recently. There are many reasons why it might be a good time to get the locks changed in your home. Parry Custom Homes shares when you might need a locksmith and when you can do it yourself.

The best reasons to call a locksmith will come if a new hole is needed in your door. In most cases, a hole saw will be needed to adjust the size of the key hole portion of your door and that is often not a tool most homeowners have in their home. Even if you happen to have a hole saw on hand, it is not an easy task to line up the saw straight enough to go through the door and have it line up correctly without and angling that will cause issues. A locksmith can easily take care of this for you and leave you to not mess with the hassle.

If your lock itself is in good shape, you might be able to simply be able to rekey the lock instead of replacing it. If you have the option between the two, a locksmith can rekey your lock for significantly less cost than replacing it.

In cases where your can DIY the changing of your locks, checkout some of the rekeyable locks that are on the market now and can often be found in your local home improvement store. These rekeyable locks will come with two standard keys plus a reset key. This way when you insert the reset key, the pins inside go to a neutral position and then are reset to a new configuration with the new house keys from the same manufacturer.


No matter if you choose to hire a locksmith or do it yourself when it comes to changing the keys to your home, it is always a great idea and never hurts to keep your home and family safe.



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Math myths for renting vs. buying

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If you are currently one of the many Americans debating between buying a new home or renting, monthly cost is probably what your main driving force is for the end decision. However, buying versus renting doesn’t just come down to the monthly payment , rather it comes to the total equation and what is best for you. Parry Custom Homes Homes, a premier Pittsburgh custom builder, shares important factors to consider when making the decision to rent versus buy.

Owning a home is typically the building block of household wealth, considering the fact that home owners have a median net worth of $200,000 on average, while renters of homes have just over $5,000. A stark difference in comparison.

In the U.S., currently, there is over 13 trillion dollars in home equity among all the homeowners across the U.S. This equates to about $175,000 per household that owns their home, according to the Federal Reserve across about 75 million homeowners.

Paying money towards your mortgage each month will help you produce more wealth by freezing payment amounts and building equity through forced savings.  While you do have to have money to put down on a home and be able to qualify to purchase one, the loan options available to those wanting to buy a home are much more flexible than they have been in years past, making home ownership more attainable for many.

While the prices of homes are rising along with interest rates, the main thing to consider is when buying a home, you have yourself on a forced savings plan. Over the life of your loan, you begin to pay down and pay off the interest and begin to pay towards the equity.

Over time, your mortgage payments will go towards the equity and your home will become an asset of savings that you will be glad to have 20 or 30 years from now, especially since the values of homes tend to go up dramatically over that long a period of time.

Take the renting scenario. What you are paying to rent a home now will probably not be what it will cost to rent the same home 5, 10 even 15 years from now. The amount will only go up as time goes on and as costs do with everything. However, if you have a 30-year fixed mortgage, you can plan for a set amount on your home and give you a more affordable path down the road through the life of your loan.

So, when making the decision to rent versus buy, consider the longer-term goals you might have for yourself and your family financially. If owning a home is out of reach now, take the steps you need now to make home ownership the option you can choose in the coming years. In the long run, you will be so glad that you did.



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How to detox your bedroom

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Spring is on our doorstep and with the warmer temperatures often comes the time of year where people want to focus on getting in shape for summer. While you may be used to hearing about detoxing your body and the health benefits associated with that, have you ever considered detoxing your bedroom? Parry Custom Homes, a premier homebuilder for Pittsburgh custom homes, shares how you can detox your bedroom for the new spring season.

Your bedroom is your haven and a place you spend an average of 200,000 hours of your life! So, you want the place you go to rejuvenate yourself each night to not only be comfortable but also to be clean.

There are a few areas of your bedroom that if you don’t pay attention too and clean often, can easily get germy and collect dust very fast. If you disinfect these areas often, you can help prevent catching a cold while you catch up on your Z’s!

These are the four items in your home you will want to focus your detoxing efforts on:

  1. Most people are used to washing their bedsheets and linens on a weekly basis, but what about your pillows? Pillows often get neglected and if you don’t wash them regularly, your pillows can be the gatekeepers of germs and bacteria right under your nose without you even realizing it.

So how is best to clean your pillow? You will first want to make sure that your pillow can be thrown in the washing machine. If the pillow isn’t machine washable, don’t attempt to wash it anyways as it will most likely explode in the washing machine.

You will want to put two pillows in the washing machine at a time. This will allow the machine to stay balanced as it spins. Use a mind liquid detergent, as a powder detergent will leave residue on your pillows.

Then, run your pillows through the rinse cycle twice to make sure the detergent is out of the pillow. Lastly, throw the pillows in the dryer and add in 2 or 3 tennis balls that are wrapped in socks. This will help you fluff your pillows without the work!

  1. The next place in your room you will want to keep an eye out to keep clean will be the curtains in your room, if you have them. The best way to keep mold out of your bedroom is to open your shades and let the sunshine overpower any mold that may be growing in your bedroom. The sun helps remove excess moisture that make be hanging out. Get in the rhythm of opening your curtains in the morning and let the sun shine in all day long.

As an added bonus, pull back your duvet cover and let the sun beam down on your pillows and sheets as well.

  1. The paint in your room will be the next area you want to check out and even consider putting a fresh new coat up for spring. If the paint in your bedroom is not a low or non-VOC paint, purchase one that is and give your bedroom a nice new coat of much healthier paint to be in your atmosphere. Paint with VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds, causes a big source of indoor air pollution and even is linked to risks of cancer, liver and kidney damage.
  1. Lastly, if you have trouble falling asleep at night try taking a break from electronics at least an hour before you hit the hay. Electronics can disrupt your natural sleep habits, so limiting any screen time with any device an hour before bed can have you drifting off to sleep much quicker and easier.



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Online budgeting tools that can help you save

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If you are currently saving up for a Pittsburgh custom home, or even saving up for a car or a big trip you want to take, it can seem daunting to take on the task of trying to save up big for something you want. However, with some great online budgeting tools, the task of saving money can be made much easier. Parry Custom Homes shares some of the top online tools that you can use, to get you where you want to be in your savings.

Mint is among one of the most popular online budgeting tools and one you may have heard of before. You can download the Mint app directly on your phone, so you can budget what you spend from anywhere and on the go. This will help you track your purchases by setting up different spending categories. This app can connect with your bank account to track your spending patterns, investments and so much more.

LearnVest is a great online tool that will help you save for your future goals. No matter how big or small your savings goal is, this downloadable app will have you start with three goals which consist of credit card debt, emergency savings, and retirement. After they have started with those goals in mind, they can move on to your own personal financial goals.

Personal Capitol is the final online tool that will give you a picture of your financial life in their simple app that allows you to analyze your portfolio and help you figure out what is the best plan for you financially.

Savvy Money is an online tool that is geared towards earning your person best credit score and rates. If you are wanting to work on or improve your credit in the process of saving, this is a great online tool to use for that. Based on your credit score, this online tool will show you how you can refinance your existing debt and even show you ways you can save your money.

Budget Simple is an online tool whose motto is to “Eliminate Debt. Build Wealth. Budget Simple.” This tool allows you to track where your money is going and help you to reduce your debt by saving. You can create your own personal budget and manage your money like you may never have been able to before.



Take a look at each of these online tools and apps to see which one will help you reach your savings goal the quickest and easiest.



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Why having student debt might not hinder your homeownership

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Home ownership data

Home ownership data

According to recent data from Fannie Mae, potential home buyers with student loans who received a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education, are 27 percent more likely to become homeowners than those who are high school graduates and didn’t attend college. Parry Custom Homes, a premier homebuilder for Pittsburgh custom homes, shares the findings in why having student debt might not be as big of a hindrance as you previously thought.

According to the Federal Reserve, total student debt in the U.S. has more than tripled in the last decade. In April, the number was $1.3 trillion in student debt. The U.S. homeownership rate is near a 48-year low at 63.5 percent, according to the Commerce Department’s report for the first three months of this year.

In Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey recent data report, potential homebuyers with student loans who have a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education, are 27 percent more likely to be homeowners than those who didn’t attend college after high school.

The issue of student debt is likely to affect the homeownership rates of certain groups of people more than others. An example of this would be for people who completed at least a bachelor’s degree without student debt were 43 percent more likely to be homeowners than high school graduates who didn’t attend college and have no student debt.

The report still shows that while student debt may delay homeownership, it doesn’t eliminate the idea all together. Renters between the ages of 22 to 44 were 28 percent less likely to buy rather than rent their next home compared to those without student loans.

While graduating debt-free makes owning a home easier, economists across the board agree over the importance of a college degree when it comes to unemployment and income levels.




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Why the U.S. Housing Marketing will remain hot in 2016

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2016 Housing Market

2016 Housing Market

Since the 2015 housing market calendar year was such a hot topic, many wonder if the home buying season quickly approaching will be of the same avail this year for the 2016 market. According to a recent article in Forbes, all signs point to another hot year of home sales. If you’re currently looking for a new home in Pittsburgh, or you’ve recently moved into a new Parry Custom Home, you are probably well aware how hot the market is still today.

If you are located in an area where the market isn’t as hot, you can still take some reassurance that the market as a whole is improving. Low interest rates and low inventory have helped the start of 2016 begin at a good pace when it comes to home sales this year.

Those living in Costal California can tell you that they’ve seen the housing market at it’s high there as well, with dozens of offers on a home just days after putting a for sale sign in the yard. If you are looking to sell your home in the hot markets this year, it is a good feeling knowing that chances are you wont have much trouble selling your home.

Home values have improved by over 5% at the end of 2015 compared to the previous year. The 20 large city index that is tracked by the S&P/Case Shiller index showed a higher climb in prices, closer to 6%. Inventories have been somewhat smaller than normal thus far this year, which have been driving home prices up. The closer the end of the school year gets,  more sellers are likely to emerge in the coming months to take advantage of higher home selling prices.

The housing crisis of 2008 has almost finished healing, leaving most everyone to take a huge sigh of relief. The huge amount of foreclosures has finally cleared and the prices of foreclosures are back to average prices. There is also less debt in the system, since distressed homeowners of years past had to sell and many shifted to renting instead of owning.  Since there is less leverage in the system, we can expect less turmoil induced by a cyclical slowdown in the economy.

The biggest positives for the housing sector to remain ongoing are gains in employment and income and very low mortgage rates. Despite the overall recovery in the economy that has incused the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates, long term rates still remain very low and mortgage rates are still down at historic lows.



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