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New Years Resolution: How To Make Your Home Healthier in 7 Days

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Healthy Home Tips

Healthy Home Tips

A New Year is right around the corner and if you have been thinking about New Years Resolutions to make for the New Year, Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh custom builder, shares how you can make your home and family healthier in 2020…in just one week!  Although new homes may be healthier because they come with the latest in design, materials and technology, it is still a good idea to put seven weekly habits in place to keep your home healthy for your family in the long run. A recent article from BrightNest highlights these seven habits to put into motion that will keep your home and family healthy.

Make Sunday your day for washing your pillows and sheets in hot water. The hot water will both kill the germs and reduce the dust.

On Monday, do a fridge check for the week and do an audit on perishable items. The most common things to check are things like meat, dairies, veggies and fruits or anything else that will perish quickly. Also, be sure that leftovers that are over four days old make their way to the trash. four days is the maximum amount you want to leave leftovers.

On Tuesday, take all your sponges and put them in the dishwasher. Then, wash them on your hottest cycle to disinfect them, without wasting them.

On Wednesday’s agenda, give your toothbrush a bath in boiling water to kill any germs and bacteria. Also, a good rule of thumb is that if you are just getting over being sick, throw away your toothbrush and get a new one. It’s better safe to keep any lingering germs in the trash.

On Thursday, use a disinfectant spray and wipe down your fridge and microwave handle, as well as the light switches. This is also anther great tip to keep germs from spreading if there are any sick ones in the house.

On Friday, celebrate the weekend and do a random favor for your neighbor or someone in your home. It will not only make them feel better, but you as well! Nothing beats a starting off the weekend in a good mood!

On Saturday, shift the focus back to you and keep your positive mood going. Be sure to open your shades and let any or all-natural light into your home. This helps boost you and your family’s mood!

These small tips can be done each day of the week and will make a big impact on your health and the health of your family over time.



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8 Smart Things To Do with Your Money in Your 30’s

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8 smart things to do with money in your 30's

8 smart things to do with money in your 30’s

As a new year approaches, many people find themselves thinking about areas in their life they would like to improve on for the new year. For many it may be to exercise more, lose some weight, or do more reading and less screen time. If you are in your 30’s or nearing them, have you considered making it a goal to focus on what you do with your money? If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh new new homebuilder, chances are you should read on to make sure your money is going where it should. Parry Custom Homes has some great tips for financial advice from TIME for those in their 30’s.

Normally financial advice is given to college or post-college students as they enter their careers. However, by the time most hit their 30’s, chances are they are at a more secure position financially than in their 20’s.

When you are no longer living from paycheck to paycheck, what are the best things to be doing with your leftover money? According to Solari Financial Planning, making savings goals a priority is first. The 30’s tend to be a time where you will need extra savings as you embark on a new home, kids and a car.

Mint and You Need A Budget are two great online tools that allow you to create savings goals and check your progress. If you are planning to buy a new home, it is ideal to have 20% to put down towards that new home. If you don’t have the 20%, you will have to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI), which can add to your monthly payment for your new home.

It is best to take a look at how much you need to save to put down 20% and then see how to make sure you’re buying a home you can afford.

Another shocking figure if you are planning to have children- the average cost to raise a child is $245,000 and that doesn’t include college expenses. The best way to prepare yourself for these expenses is to start setting aside money as soon as possible.

Insurance in general such as life, heath, home and disability often gets put on the back burner for savings but it is very important to make this a part of your plans to protect not only yourself, but your families’ well-being as well.

If you take all of these tips into consideration, you will be well prepared to take on your 30’s this New Year and for many years to come!



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Simple Garage Updates to Create More Storage

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Creating more garage space

Creating more garage space

Now that it is officially Fall, many homeowners are getting caught up with home organization projects before the winter months roll around. For most, the space in the garage is simply not enough to store everything you need to over time, while still having room for cars. Many homeowners would never let sports gear, tools and yard equipment clutter up the front hall where it’s the first thing guests see. But they’re willing to clutter their own entrance into the home with a garage stuffed with those things, plus patio furniture, bikes, holiday decorations and more. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares simple tips that will help you maximize the space you already have in your garage, that you may not be utilizing to its full potential.

It is no secret that families today have more stuff than previous generations did. They decorate for more holidays, have dishes that they only use on special dinners, and keep photos and sentimental items with the intent of making scrapbooks. To hold on to these items in an organized way, try making a few simple upgrades to your garage.

First, realize that with cabinetry and shelving to flooring and overhead storage, there are many new ways to turn a garage into an organized and attractive space for storage, entertaining or exercising.

To help with organization, many homeowners have added cabinets to store shoes, sporting equipment and tools. There are cabinets designed specifically to hold power tools. Other storage products may include wall-mounted panels with slots that can hold everything from pliers to bikes to motorized lifts for hanging golf bags and kayaks.

Upgrading a garage with epoxy flooring, an easy-to-clean coating, can give your space a clean look and turn it into a space that you can enjoy. Other homeowners have added a nice flooring and created a work bench to do crafts or pot flowers.

There are several DIY websites you can find and ideas on Pinterest and Houzz on what storage options might work best for your space, and many you can even make yourself. Adding extra storage doesn’t have to cost a lot of extra money. With some research and creativity, you can add more storage to your garage than you may have never thought possible.

A small investment can help turn your cluttered garage into a space you can enjoy, without tripping on your way into the house.




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Want to Redecorate From Your Couch?

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New tools like virtual reality measuring apps and online mood boards are using augmented reality and virtual reality technology to help homeowners find easier and quicker ways to decorate their homes. These new tools let homeowners envision new wall colors, furniture and curtains without having to take them home. That means no more buying extra paint for samples or paying return fees on a chair that turns out to be too big for the room. If you are in the market for a Pittsburgh custom home or if you’ve recently moved into your new Parry Custom  Home, try these tips before doing any actual decorating to prevent any mishaps.

A great online home retailer to try is They are digitizing their catalog and testing augmented reality and virtual reality apps as well as 3D models of its products. The company is set to release an augmented reality app for Google Tango, which uses software and sensors to track motions and size up the contours of rooms.

The Wayfair tool lets people see how pieces of furniture and decor will look and fit in their homes through the display on a smartphone. Shoppers use headgear like an Oculus Rift that allows them to customize a room by setting the model, material and layout of the furnishings.

Most buyers might be familiar with the all-in-one site, which not only helps shoppers get inspiration and narrow their choices down from its more than five million products from over 10,000 sellers. In addition, it also helps people find local professionals to install items they may have bought for their new home.

Houzz company recently launched an augmented reality app called “View in My Room” that allows shoppers to experiment with home decor options by virtually placing products from its online store into their home before you buy. The goal of this is to convert browsers into buyers.

Home Depot has an app that lets customers upload a picture of the room and thumb through thousands of paint and stain colors until they arrive at one that’s right. The app can detect the lighting, shadows and other variables in the space or project and adapt the color to fit.

Ikea has an an augmented reality option within its app that interacts with their seasonan catalogs.

With all of the apps and interactive tools out there to help homeowners decorate their home before actually buying and paint or décor, it is worth trying out to save yourself extra trips to the paint store or wasted money on items that you might not actually like once they are in your home.




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Components of a mortgage payment

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What's in a mortgage?

What’s in a mortgage?

If you are currently shopping for a Pittsburgh custom builder this Fall or are considering a new home in the New Year, you may not be aware of all that makes up your mortgage payment. Many new homebuyers aren’t familiar with the process of getting a mortgage, let alone what goes into the mortgage payment itself. Parry Custom Homes shares an insight on what you can expect your home mortgage to be made up of, so you can be educated in knowing what to expect for your new home.

The importance of understanding the dynamics of what goes into a mortgage payment can help you acquire bigger loans with fewer drawbacks. There are four components that make up your mortgage payment that you will want to be aware of.

The first component of a mortgage payment is the Principal. This is the total value of the loan that you borrow from the lender, minus the interest. At the onset of paying off your mortgage, the principal portion of paying off each monthly fee will be small and eclipsed by the interest portion. However, as time passes and you acquire more equity in your home with each portion of the loan reimbursed, the final stretch of your mortgage term will be largely composed of principal installments.

The second component of your mortgage will be the Interest portion, which is the one most people are aware of the most. The interest will be the expense that the lender charges you for the ability to borrow their loan for your home. The interest rate will directly influence the size of your loan as higher rates turn out smaller loans.

Your credit score will determine what type of interest rate you are offered on a home loan and the better your score, the lower the interest rate that you will be offered. This is why it is critical for people to work on having good credit scores before going to try and purchase a new home.

Your lender, when you choose one, will write up  a loan agreement with the period of time in which you have to pay off the mortgage. Most homebuyers favor 30-year contracts, as their monthly payments are smaller. However, if you are looking for a lower interest rate for your home, consider a 15-year home loan which typically will come with a lower interest rate.

Taxes are the third component that will make up your home loan. The taxes in our mortgage payment will refer to the property taxes that are typically gauged by local or municipal governing bodies based upon the value of the real estate in your area. You can pay your taxes through your loan office by setting up an escrow account. Each month the lender collects funds from your periodic mortgage payments to put into escrow. This will remain untouched until taxes are due. The portion of your monthly mortgage payment that is appointed to tax obligations equals one-twelfth of the yearly tax amount.

Lastly, Insurance will be the final pillar that makes up the four components of your mortgage payment. The insurance portion of your mortgage will cover your property insurance and private mortgage insurance. One way to cut down on your monthly payment some if you are able too, is to pay off your PMI up front when you sign for your home. This will cut out having to pay it off over time within the loan.

Knowing what comprises your mortgage payment will help you not only better understand where your money is going too each  month, but also ensure you get the best deal you can on your mortgage.



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Putting new construction at the top of your home search list

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New Home in Pittsburgh

New Home in Pittsburgh

If you find your weekend plans to include shopping for Pittsburgh custom homes this Labor Day weekend, chances are you may be looking at a mix of both resale homes and new construction homes. While it may not seem like a huge difference between the two as long as they meet your overall needs, Parry Custom Homes gives 11 reasons why new construction is the better way to go between the two options.

The first benefit of new construction homes is that you can find a home without feeling rushed. The median construction time for a new home is about five months, so you can take your time planning your move instead of having to rush as soon as you sign the sale papers.

Another benefit of new construction is that your closing will most likely be smoother and easier than with a resale home. Since builders have no personal attachment to the homes they build, you won’t have to deal with the sentiments that can drag out the closing process on a home.

There are 800,000 new single-family homes expected to be on the market this year, with this number rising by 50,000 in 2017 and 100,000 in 2018. You will have many more options in new construction homes on the market, as time goes on.

When buying your home, you are also buying the lifestyle in which you plan to live. Urban planners create diverse and sustainable community’s new schools, amenities and transit that older homes or neighborhoods might not provide as readily.

Buying a new home also allows you to lower your energy bill each month. New construction homes with the new energy innovations can increase your homes efficiency by 30%.

New construction homes also provide a safer atmosphere for your family, with better indoor air quality thanks to today’s low and zero VOC products, as opposed to older homes that weren’t built with these things in mind.

New construction homes are also worth considering because you might get an even better deal that you ever would be able to with a resale home. Ask builders if they have special offers like zero closing costs, upgrade credits or expanded floor plans.

New homes are also great because you can often put your personal touches on your new home. Typically, you will be able to pick your designs and finishes of your new home instead of having to go with or renovate the style of a previous owner.

A great benefit of a new home is that you will be protected from the get-go. New home warranties will protect your home for the first several years that you live in it so it will be a long while before you have to focus on shelling out money for repairs.

Another nice benefit of buying a new home now is that when the time comes for you to sell, you will stand out from other sellers since a home that is just five, seven or ten years old will attract more buyers than an older resale home.

Lastly, buying a new construction home saves you time and money when you consider the upkeep of a home. Resale homes will have you busy with projects each weekend or with unexpected costs when things break. When you buy a new home, you won’t have to worry about projects and you will have the benefit of everything being brand new.



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8 Secrets of Happy People

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Improve Your Happiness

Improve Your Happiness

We all know at least someone who always seems to be cheerful and upbeat. These people can be all shapes and sizes, of any income level or occupation. So what is the secret of people who always seem to be happy? Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares how you can become one of these genuinely happy people too!

As it turns out, being happy doesn’t happen because you have a lot of money, a perfect body, perfect home or job. Becoming a happier person starts with making time for healthy, fulfilling feel-good activities.

Here are eight simple ways you can improve your mood and overall happiness in your life.

  1. Give thanks. No matter how big or how small, be sure to appreciate the good things in your life. Even during rough times, being thankful for the good things in your life can give you a happiness boost. Take moments to be thankful for a good co-worker, spend time with your pet, or even be thankful for a really good hair day! It may seem silly, but appreciating the small things adds up to an overall happier outlook. Be sure to make this a habit. Consider writing in a gratitude journal all of the things you are thankful for and is right in your world.
  2. Nurture Social Ties. It is hard to sometimes make time for our friends or family when we get so tied up in the day-to-day grind of life. It is important to take time to connect with at least one friend or loved one each day, to keep your connections strong. If you rely on texting and social media to stay in touch, remember that nothing beats face-to-face time.
  3. Talk nicer to yourself. Start to pay attention to your internal self-talk. Many people are surprised at how poorly they talk to themselves and would never talk to someone else the way the do to themselves. The next time you notice yourself partaking in negative self-talk, question and counteract that thought. Research shows that making positive shifts in your thinking actually changes your brain to think differently.
  4. Find joy in moving. Exercise is a proven way to get feel-good hormones moving in your body. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety. Find any activities that you enjoy, that keep you moving and do them frequently. Even 10-minute walks are proven to boost your mood.
  5. Create and play. Yes, even if you aren’t a kid you still need to make time for activities you enjoy. Whether it’s playing a board game, double Dutch with your kids, or playing games of air guitar, encouraging your silly side will bring you joy.
  6. Get enough rest. You hear it all the time, which you need to get more sleep. The reason being is that it is true! People are happier when they are well rested. Getting quality sleep also helps to reduce the risk for anxiety and depression. Aim for a good seven to nine hours of sleep, for better overall heath and happiness.
  7. Look on the bright side. The next time you are faced with a negative situation, look for the silver lining. By focusing on the brighter side of the problem, you will shift your focus and not get down in the negativity. Did you manage the situation okay? Did you learn something new? Focusing on the good instead of bad can make tough times more manageable.

Life is made up of choices. Find your own happiness by choosing what brings the most meaning to your life and there is no doubt you will end up as one of those happy people!



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U.S. housing starts for 2016

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2016 housing starts

2016 housing starts

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the housing market continues to be on the increase as we saw in 2015. After a slow first quarter in the 2016 housing market, many wondered if the new year would not bring as busy of a home buying market as 2015 did. However, single-family housing starts went up 16.8 percent for the first four months of 2016, compared with the same timeframe in 2015. There was an increase in 6.6% of housing starts during the month of April alone. If you have been looking for Pittsburgh custom builders to build your new home this spring, or already purchased your new Parry Custom Home, you may have noticed that the spring months were quite busy in the housing market as you searched.

The churn of new housings starts was given a jump in the Midwest, and with a pickup in multifamily construction. Demand for housing has been steady since 2015 as the interest rates continue to stay low and the ongoing job creating seems to be taking place in the economy to boost home sales.

The housing starts rose 6.6 percent from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.172 million in April of this year.

Single-family homes account for two-thirds of new construction, and rose 3.3 percent in April. Multi-family buildings with five or more units rose 10.7 percent to 373,000. This includes apartments and condominiums combined.

New applications for building permits, which are a good indication for future construction, rose 3.6 percent to 1.116 million, which was previously going downhill at 1.077 million in March of this year.

The summer and fall markets to come will be a telling sign if 2016 will surpass the hot streak that 2015 started in new home starts and sales. If you are still in the market for a new home as summer approaches, contact Parry Custom Homes today to see how they can turn your new dream home into a reality.




Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

Be Mindful of Extra Airline Fees this Summer Travel Season

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Summer Travel

Summer Travel

It is no surprise to anyone who has purchased an airline ticket in the recent years, that the cost and hidden fees continue to keep on rising. It seems as if every time you fly, it gets more and more expensive for a none better travel experience. If you are in the market for a Pittsburgh custom home or recently purchased your new Parry Custom Home, chances are you will be wanting to watch the money you are spending with all of the new home purchases you will undoubtedly be making. Below are some tips and things to know when booking your travel for the coming summer months.

On the bright side, there is one airline provider actually removing a fee from their list of many. Delta is taking one of their many additional airline fees away. They will drop the fee for U.S. consumers who buy tickets over the phone or at a ticket counter to make things simpler for customers. Prior to this change, their phone fee was $25 and the fee for a ticket bought at an airport or other ticket counter was $35.

Most other major U.S. airlines still will charge for these fees. The additional fees are designed to encourage consumers to buy tickets online, which is cheaper for the airlines than maintaining big call centers.

If you fly American or United Airlines, both companies generally charge $25 for tickets bought over the phone and $35 at the airport in the U.S.

JetBlue charges $25 for purchasing a ticket over the phone or at a ticket counter and Alaska Airlines charges $15 for using their call center.

The major carriers don’t charge extra for online ticket purchases. Discount carrier Spirit Airlines does charge fees of $9 to $18 each way for tickets bought online or over the phone.

When it comes to booking flights for any summer vacations coming up, be sure to make not of any hidden fees or fees you can bypass, to keep the travel costs down as much as possible so you can spend your money on the vacation itself and not the ticket to get there.




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Why the U.S. Housing Marketing will remain hot in 2016

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2016 Housing Market

2016 Housing Market

Since the 2015 housing market calendar year was such a hot topic, many wonder if the home buying season quickly approaching will be of the same avail this year for the 2016 market. According to a recent article in Forbes, all signs point to another hot year of home sales. If you’re currently looking for a new home in Pittsburgh, or you’ve recently moved into a new Parry Custom Home, you are probably well aware how hot the market is still today.

If you are located in an area where the market isn’t as hot, you can still take some reassurance that the market as a whole is improving. Low interest rates and low inventory have helped the start of 2016 begin at a good pace when it comes to home sales this year.

Those living in Costal California can tell you that they’ve seen the housing market at it’s high there as well, with dozens of offers on a home just days after putting a for sale sign in the yard. If you are looking to sell your home in the hot markets this year, it is a good feeling knowing that chances are you wont have much trouble selling your home.

Home values have improved by over 5% at the end of 2015 compared to the previous year. The 20 large city index that is tracked by the S&P/Case Shiller index showed a higher climb in prices, closer to 6%. Inventories have been somewhat smaller than normal thus far this year, which have been driving home prices up. The closer the end of the school year gets,  more sellers are likely to emerge in the coming months to take advantage of higher home selling prices.

The housing crisis of 2008 has almost finished healing, leaving most everyone to take a huge sigh of relief. The huge amount of foreclosures has finally cleared and the prices of foreclosures are back to average prices. There is also less debt in the system, since distressed homeowners of years past had to sell and many shifted to renting instead of owning.  Since there is less leverage in the system, we can expect less turmoil induced by a cyclical slowdown in the economy.

The biggest positives for the housing sector to remain ongoing are gains in employment and income and very low mortgage rates. Despite the overall recovery in the economy that has incused the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates, long term rates still remain very low and mortgage rates are still down at historic lows.



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