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Tips When Purchasing A New Home

Categories: New Homes in Pittsburgh | Posted: March 13, 2020 | Comments Off on Tips When Purchasing A New Home

New Home in PittsburghIf are considering purchasing a new home in Pittsburgh this spring or summer, you might find yourself on the fence due to the unknown of what is going to happen to interest rates in the coming few years since they are currently at record lows. Odds are over the next few years, home prices will continue to increase and  you might very well look back and wish you had bought your new Parry home when you first thought about it.  Here are some things to know when you consider buying your Parry Custom Home.

The first tip is to not buy a home if you can’t stay put.  If you can’t commit to a least three years at minimum, you may end up losing money if you sell your Parry home sooner, even in a rising market.

The next tip if you are at a place where you can stay put for a while is to start shoring up your credit or make sure it is in good standing before you set to purchase a new home.   Make sure your credit history is as clean as possible.  A few months before you purchase your new home, get copies of your credit report.  Make sure the facts are correct and fix any problems you discover.

The next tip is if you can’t put a large sum of money down for  a down payment, you may still qualify for a loan.  There are a variety of public and private lenders who, if you qualify, offer low interest mortgages that require a small down payment on a home.

The next tip is to choose carefully between points and rate.  When picking a mortgage for your new Parry home, you usually have the option of paying additional points, which is a portion of the interest that you pay at closing, in exchange for a lower interest rate.  If you stay in your Parry home for a long time, it is usually a better deal to take the points.  The lower interest rate will save you more in the long run.  Check with you financial adviser to help you decide.

Lastly before you even choose your Parry home, make sure you get pre-approved.  By getting pre-approved you will know how much house you can afford and put you in a better position to make a serious offer when you find the right Parry model home for you and your family.  Don’t confuse this with pre-qualification, which is based on a brief review of your finances, pre-approval from a lender is based on your actual income, debt and credit history.

If you decide to take the step of purchasing a Parry home, we hope this has helped you as you lay out your future as a homeowner in Pittsburgh and would love to help make your new home dreams a reality with one of our beautiful new homes!


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Community Spotlight: The Trails!

Categories: New Homes in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh on your lot builder | Posted: March 6, 2020 | Comments Off on Community Spotlight: The Trails!
The Villas at The Trails

The Villas at The Trails

Are you in search for a Pittsburgh on your lot builder? If so, consider the local family owned Parry Custom Homes to make your dream home a reality! We make the home buying process easy for our buyers and help them from start to finish. The perfect home starts with the perfect location, and we are here to help you find the perfect place to build your new home.

If you are looking for a new home in Penn Township area, or would like your children to attend the Penn Trafford School District, we have the perfect community for you!

The Trails is a wonderful small new home community with lots suited for a daylight basement. The Trails is located in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, off of Route 130 in Westmoreland County.

Located just minutes from Monroeville and Murrysville, this great community is in close proximity for access to Route 30 and Route 22.

The Trails offers its residents private home sites that slope to the rear and have a beautiful scenic view of wooded rear yards.

This small private neighborhood is perfect for those buying their first home, starting a family, or an empty nester looking for a great place to relax and downsize into a quite and comfortable location.

For those of you who like basements, there are daylight basement homes on lots available as well in this great community.

To get to The Trails, take Route 130 to McWilliams road or take a right on Murrysville road, a left on Meadowbrook road, a right on McWilliams road and then a right on Old Trail Court.

For more information, call or email us anytime! If you would like to visit our Irwin Showroom, call 724-863-0199 for more information. The showroom hours are 10am-5pm.


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

Decorate your home for Spring – On a Budget!

Categories: New Homes in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh on your lot builder | Posted: February 28, 2020 | Comments Off on Decorate your home for Spring – On a Budget!

After the cold, dreary months of winter, is there anything more exciting than March on our doorstep and Spring right around the corner? The warner temperatures bring vibrant colors, cool breezes, and much needed sunshine. What better way to usher out the snow and welcome the season with an indoor makeover? Get your home ready for the spring season with these budget-friendly indoor decorating tips.

Fresh flowers. Flowers add a pop of color and life to any room. But not everyone has a green thumb or the garden space to plant a variety of flowers. Visit your local supermarket for fresh and pre-arranged bouquets to liven up any room in your home. To keep flowers looking fresh longer, use room temperature water and cut the stems (about 1 to 2 inches) before putting them in a vase. Look for flowers at your local grocery store, co-op, or farmer’s market.

De-clutter your home. During the winter, homes tend to accumulate a lot of extra stuff. Holiday decorations, cold-weather gear like boots and hats, and extra blankets can make your home feel small and cluttered. Now that the spring season is arriving, it’s time to de-clutter these spaces and simplify things. You can also try for a monochromatic feel with soft whites and light colors. Your home will feel bigger and brighter with that extra space.

Create an edible centerpiece. Spring brings with it a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This produce is beautiful on its own, so why not use it as a centerpiece? Find your favorite serving bowl, or go shopping for one, and fill it with bright oranges and fresh apples. The best part about this decorating tip? You can eat it!

Buy or make pillow covers. Pillows are an excellent way to decorate on a budget. You can instantly change a room by switching up a pillow cover, which is an easy cost to manage. This has to be one of the easiest ways to decorate a room – no fussy arrangement needed. Just throw a few pillows onto your couch, chair, or bed for a new look. These covers aren’t expensive to buy or make, and storing them takes almost no room at all.

Swap out or put away throw blankets. In the fall and winter, there’s nothing better than curling up under a fuzzy blanket. But we’re saying goodbye to cold weather, so it’s time to put away or swap out those thick, dark-colored blankets. Look for thinner blankets in vibrant colors, like pastel blues or yellows, to give a lightened up look to your living room. For an even more budget-friendly option, repurpose leftover light-colored fabric and drape it over your couch. You’ll be surprised how much this simple action changes the entire feeling of a room.

Faux plants or flowers. Fresh flowers are relatively affordable, but maintaining the look can be a hassle. Faux plants or flowers have only an upfront cost and can add a nice natural look to your home. You can change the pot or vase for a fresh décor and never have to worry about cleaning up wilting or dead flowers left out too long. Craft stores often carry these plants and flowers at an affordable rate.

These easy options help your home look brighter and more vibrant without breaking the bank. Preparing your house for Spring will help you bring in the new season and transition from the darker months with ease. Brighten up your home with flowers and new fabrics, and enjoy the sunshine.


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Tips

Categories: Homeowner Tips, New Homes in Pittsburgh, On your lot builder Pittsburg | Posted: February 21, 2020 | Comments Off on Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Tips


Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

As we creep closer to March and the promises of spring, many people find the itch for spring cleaning setting in. It is always good to keep up on your home maintenance year round, so that your home always stays in good condition and you can preserve the value of it over time. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares the best home maintenance tips to put into play this spring.

No matter the age or size of your home, it is just like your car and needs to be maintained in order to run efficiently over the long haul. Keeping up on how your home ages, needs to hit the main spots of a “dry, clean, well-ventilated, free from contaminants, pest-free, well-maintained and overall safe” home.

Water leaks are a big thing that many homes suffer from, no matter how small. Even though your leaky faucet may not seem like a big deal now, one faucet that drips equates to $20 a year and 10,000 gallons of water. The most common offenders in your home for this type of thing will be toilets that run, and faucets or shower heads that drip.

Most of these issues are also easily fixable! If you have a wrench and a screwdriver, most leaks you will be able to fix yourself.

Other than leaks in your home, these items should be on your home maintenance to-do list:

Clean your stove vent screen and check for build-up on the inside of the vent every couple of months.

Clean the lint trap and outside dryer exhaust.

Check for signs of pests in your home.

Test all GFCI outlets in the home (with the button in the middle.)

Vacuum under and behind the fridge- a must once you realize what is behind there!

Lastly, be sure to change out the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year and make sure they are working. Also, be sure to clean your gutters in the fall and in the spring once the tree blooms are gone.

Whether you plan to stay in your home forever, or just plan to be in your home until you outgrow it, keeping up on the maintenance of your home will save you big in the long run. Keeping your home up to par will preserve the value and allow you to ask for top dollar, when it comes time to sell.



Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

Design Basics For Your Parry Home

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Pittsburgh new home

Most of us generally evaluate by things by sight and appearance. Our homes are no different. The style of your Pittsburgh custom home is more than just design. It describes your personal style, so it important to think what is the best way to set up your home that shows who you are.   Here are some tips that can be used to show your new Parry home at its best.

When selecting a paint color for the rooms of your new home, don’t forget the ceiling. It may seem a little unconventional to you to paint your ceiling anything but white, but today the ceilings are being treated as a fifth wall. Go two to three shades lighter or darker than the color you choose for your walls. This brings warmth to the room of your home and once you see a difference it makes in the room, you will never have white ceilings again.

To add personality to the room of your home, add good art pieces. You may not have invested in good art pieces before, but you will be surprised at how it can transform a room. A beautiful painting is something that can add color and life to any room.

To make the rooms of your new feel spacious, don’t overload the room with furniture. Choose the appropriate size of furniture for the room. Same goes for the bedrooms, makes sure that the beds aren’t too large for the space. This only makes the room appear smaller and takes away the space next to the bed for side tables. If you are not sure on what furniture would work best in your home, you can use resources like online layout apps or websites. You can also make it easy and hire an interior designer to help you come up with a game plan for the furniture in your room. Many furniture stores now have an on-staff interior designer that can help you make the best selections for your new home.

If you have children, consider slipcovers to protect your furniture. Slipcovers have come a long way in style and fit, if you haven’t checked them out in a while. It also provides you with an opportunity to change design styles whenever you desire.

If you like the challenge of designing your own space in your home, then we hope these tips have been useful. If you need a second opinion, hire a professional who can help steer you in the right direction and style your for home exactly as you envision it!


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

Savvy Gardeners Understand Climate and Weather

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Spring Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring may still be a few months away, but dreaming of warmer temperatures may have you ready to get in your garden. Spend the next few months studying up on what plants will work best in your environment. Savvy gardeners keep one eye on the sky and the other on their plant beds. They give nature a nudge by understanding the climate, learning how to read the weather and then creating a landscape that fits. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares information on how to grow the best garden possible this spring!

It’s good to know what the weather is doing, why it’s doing it and what it will do next. If you go with your climate and soil, your garden will be much more successful and if you choose the appropriate plants and tend to them well, you’ll save money because there’ll be fewer failures.

Learning how to read clues about upcoming weather can result in a more productive garden.

You can predict whether there will be a frost by noting the temperature and the rate it changes at dusk, can predict whether dew will form. Calculate the atmospheric humidity and you’ll know how likely it is to rain or snow. Watch the clouds for approaching weather fronts and gathering storms.

Soil and climate are closely linked. At the extremes, desert soils are sandy while tundra soils are low in nutrients because vegetation is so limited.

The more sand you have, the faster it will drain, so you might need to irrigate. Clay retains water and is very fertile because it stays wet it tends to be cold in spring, so you can’t work it or plant it early in the year.

Silt is very fertile. Loamy soil, which is best of all, has approximately equal parts of clay, sand and silt.

Then there are microclimates, which can vary depending on the size and shape of your property.

Lower terrain may have lower temperatures than higher terrain. Exposure to sun and wind can create a dry microclimate even in areas with adequate rainfall.

When you have a few days of unexpected 65-degree weather come February or March, people may think they can plant. But nature has a way of getting even and it’s best to stay with the tried and true. Things aren’t what they used to be, but nobody can be certain what the weather is moving toward.



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Kitchen Design Tips for your Parry Custom Home

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Parry Home kitchensThe kitchen is a great place to add in unique and cool appliances or colorful statement pieces like a fire engine red mixer or cobalt blue toaster to liven up the counter of your new home in Pittsburgh. Your backsplash can easily be one of the biggest design statements of your kitchen. Take advantage of its dominance and play it up with beautiful glass tiles or accent pieces. Backsplashes can be functional, but it also a great place to easily make a statement without re-designing your whole kitchen.

Kitchen appliances can be just as beautiful as they are functional. There are so many options available to you for your new home than just refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers.

Dishwasher drawers are half the size of a standard dishwasher. They are great energy savers as they use fifty percent less water and electricity than the conventional dishwashers that consumers are so used to. The dishwasher drawers are great for small households, bar areas or theater rooms.

Refrigerator drawers are a great option that can be configured the same as drawers. The refrigerator and freezer can be included as part of a full fridge or separated into smaller drawer units for easy access for children. They are available in a stainless finish and can be integrated into your kitchen cabinetry.

Ice makers are one those items that once you have them, you don’t ever want to live without them. You never have to fill an empty ice tray again. Some ice makers require a gravity drain and a water line, but installation is minimal.

For those of you who are avid wine collectors or a wine drinker, a wine fridge is a wine lovers dream come true. They maintain a proper and stable storage environment for your wines and are available as free standing or under counter units. Some models offer multi temperature zones and have various or contained storage options.

A warming drawer would be a welcomed addition to your new Parry home. It allows you to keep dishes warm if you timing is a bit off when entertaining in your home. Moisture control keeps food from drying out and helps retain crispness.

Don’t leave your countertops void of personality. Remember the rule of multiples when accessorizing your counter space in your kitchen. Always group items in odd numbers, it is always more pleasing to the eye. Accessorize with functional elements you need and use every day. Kitchen gadgets and small appliances are stylish and can be treated as more than just kitchen tools in your home.


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

 Winter is Coming! Home Heating Tips For Your Home

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Home Heating Tips

Home Heating Tips

As the winter season approaches this holiday season, you may feel like the furnace in your home never stops running. Did you know there are common mistakes many homeowners make when it comes to heating their home? Who knew there were so many common faux pas to home heating? Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares the top five heating mistakes you might be making in your home that can be costing you more money than you realize.

First, be sure not to abuse your thermostat. If you come in from outdoors and you’re chilled and want to warm up fast, the key is not to crank up your thermostat. In fact, no matter how high your temperature is set on your furnace, the heat isn’t going to come out any faster or warm you up any quicker. So, keep your heat at it’s normally temperature and just warm up with an extra blanket or sweatshirt until your body catches up!

Second, don’t let your windows leak! If a drafty window is left alone it can consume up to 30 percent of your home’s energy usage! If you have older windows and feel like your energy bill is higher each year, this is the culprit. Check your windows by putting your hand around the perimeter of each window. If you can feel cold air seeping in, it means that your heat is leaking out! If locking your windows doesn’t stop the draft, seal the leaks with caulk along your window’s seal.

The next is to not leave your bathroom air exhaust fan on for too long. Leaving this fan on for too long will take the warm hair from inside and pump it outside. Not what you want in the middle of winter! The best use for your exhaust fans is best to use them after a steamy shower to prevent mold and mildew growth.

The fourth tip for your home (and commonly made) mistake many homeowners make, is closing vents in unused rooms. It may seem like a logical thing to do, but blocking heat access by closing vents is actually less efficient than heating unused rooms and won’t save you any money. To add to it, doing this can actually imbalance your home’s energy system which intern, strains your furnace and creates the cold room effect. The best rule of thumb is to leave vents and doors open and allow your homes HVAC system to circulate evenly.

Lastly, using a dirty air filter will be a major no-no you’ll want to correct. Dirty air filters reduce the airflow in your home, forcing your furnace to work harder. Plus, it creates more dust and increases the air pollution in your home. Check and replace your air filters on a regular basis so you can help the heat in your home run as efficiently as possible.

These simple tips will not only keep your home energy running efficiently but keep you warm no matter the time of year you need it!



Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

How To Make Old Things New In Your New Parry Custom Home

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Parry Custom HomeYour have made the decision to move to your new Parry Custom Home, but now you have just come to realize it‘s a totally different floor plan and your furniture will not be set up the same way and the accessories are not going to work like they did in your old home. Before you panic or run to the furniture store to purchase all new furniture and accessories, read on for some design tips on how to incorporate pieces from your old home décor into your new home in Pittsburgh.

You might have looked at everything in your old house with the accessories and furniture the same place for years and years, but now they can have a new home and purpose. Think of your décor the same way you think of your wardrobe. You mix and match old and new clothes and jewelry all the time, and your home décor is no different.

By changing up the furniture placement, accent pillows, artwork and accessories in a room, it will give the home a whole new feel. Just because you have always had a certain picture in the dining room at your old home, it doesn’t mean it has to be in the dining room in your new home. Maybe it would be perfect over the sofa in the living room now or in the office. You may find it easier when you move in your new Parry Custom Home, to group all similar items together (items like lamps, photo frames, candle holders, ect.) and this way you can take a visual inventory of everything that you have to work with.   Then start adding the accessories that coordinate together to each room.

Consider gathering 3 accessories and placing them together. Add a table lamp or a plant to direct your eye to details in the room that may not have stood out in your old home.

It’s best to keep your furniture neutral and add color to things that are easily changed, like pillows, picture frames or a throw blanket. The design possibilities are endless when you move using everything you already own, only displaying them in a whole new way.

Let your creativity flow. Remember, nothing is nailed down. If you don’t like it, you can move it. The options are limitless in creating your new space in your beautiful new Parry Custom Home.


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information.

Is Concrete Stain Right For Your Parry Home’s Patio?

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New Home In Pittsburgh


Looking for a bit of flair to add to the patio of your new home in Pittsburgh that is different from other homes in your neighborhood? Concrete stain is a fast, simple way to turn an ordinary patio into an extraordinary, colorful surface that will make the outdoor space of your new Parry home more inviting. The stain is nearly foolproof to apply and if you are not happy with the results to the patio of your home, you can go back and apply a second or third coat to enhance the color.

What is concrete stain? Concrete stain is a water-based product that coats the concrete and becomes a permanent part of the surface. The stains can fade and wear over time, but a sealer helps protect the stained concrete of your Parry home. Stained concrete is different from acid stains, which chemically reacts with minerals in the concrete to change the color. Acid stains have fewer colors to choose from for your patio and it requires more steps in applying than the stain requires.

With concrete stain there are unlimited design possibilities. Use multiple colors of stain to create a distinct border or design on patios or the sidewalk of your Parry home. Concrete staining is a project that can be done in one weekend. One day will be needed to prep the concrete and apply the stain and the next day it can be sealed.

Concrete stain is available at most home centers and the color is added just as it is with paint. For instructions, the Internet has an abundance of how to tutorials. You will want to keep in mind that the color you choose for the patio of your Parry home may look slightly different after it is applied. Each patio will accept the stain a little bit differently. However, the color will be close to what you see in the store. The stain is semitransparent. It will not completely cover the surface as paint would. You will see the concrete through the stain, especially if you are using a light color.


Concrete stain may give the patio of your home the look that you have envisioned for the outdoor space of your new Parry home that you can enjoy for many years to come!


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information.