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New Years Resolution: How To Make Your Home Healthier in 7 Days

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Healthy Home Tips

Healthy Home Tips

A New Year is right around the corner and if you have been thinking about New Years Resolutions to make for the New Year, Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh custom builder, shares how you can make your home and family healthier in 2020…in just one week!  Although new homes may be healthier because they come with the latest in design, materials and technology, it is still a good idea to put seven weekly habits in place to keep your home healthy for your family in the long run. A recent article from BrightNest highlights these seven habits to put into motion that will keep your home and family healthy.

Make Sunday your day for washing your pillows and sheets in hot water. The hot water will both kill the germs and reduce the dust.

On Monday, do a fridge check for the week and do an audit on perishable items. The most common things to check are things like meat, dairies, veggies and fruits or anything else that will perish quickly. Also, be sure that leftovers that are over four days old make their way to the trash. four days is the maximum amount you want to leave leftovers.

On Tuesday, take all your sponges and put them in the dishwasher. Then, wash them on your hottest cycle to disinfect them, without wasting them.

On Wednesday’s agenda, give your toothbrush a bath in boiling water to kill any germs and bacteria. Also, a good rule of thumb is that if you are just getting over being sick, throw away your toothbrush and get a new one. It’s better safe to keep any lingering germs in the trash.

On Thursday, use a disinfectant spray and wipe down your fridge and microwave handle, as well as the light switches. This is also anther great tip to keep germs from spreading if there are any sick ones in the house.

On Friday, celebrate the weekend and do a random favor for your neighbor or someone in your home. It will not only make them feel better, but you as well! Nothing beats a starting off the weekend in a good mood!

On Saturday, shift the focus back to you and keep your positive mood going. Be sure to open your shades and let any or all-natural light into your home. This helps boost you and your family’s mood!

These small tips can be done each day of the week and will make a big impact on your health and the health of your family over time.



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8 Smart Things To Do with Your Money in Your 30’s

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8 smart things to do with money in your 30's

8 smart things to do with money in your 30’s

As a new year approaches, many people find themselves thinking about areas in their life they would like to improve on for the new year. For many it may be to exercise more, lose some weight, or do more reading and less screen time. If you are in your 30’s or nearing them, have you considered making it a goal to focus on what you do with your money? If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh new new homebuilder, chances are you should read on to make sure your money is going where it should. Parry Custom Homes has some great tips for financial advice from TIME for those in their 30’s.

Normally financial advice is given to college or post-college students as they enter their careers. However, by the time most hit their 30’s, chances are they are at a more secure position financially than in their 20’s.

When you are no longer living from paycheck to paycheck, what are the best things to be doing with your leftover money? According to Solari Financial Planning, making savings goals a priority is first. The 30’s tend to be a time where you will need extra savings as you embark on a new home, kids and a car.

Mint and You Need A Budget are two great online tools that allow you to create savings goals and check your progress. If you are planning to buy a new home, it is ideal to have 20% to put down towards that new home. If you don’t have the 20%, you will have to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI), which can add to your monthly payment for your new home.

It is best to take a look at how much you need to save to put down 20% and then see how to make sure you’re buying a home you can afford.

Another shocking figure if you are planning to have children- the average cost to raise a child is $245,000 and that doesn’t include college expenses. The best way to prepare yourself for these expenses is to start setting aside money as soon as possible.

Insurance in general such as life, heath, home and disability often gets put on the back burner for savings but it is very important to make this a part of your plans to protect not only yourself, but your families’ well-being as well.

If you take all of these tips into consideration, you will be well prepared to take on your 30’s this New Year and for many years to come!



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Considering the switch to LED bulbs?

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LED lights in your home

LED lights in your home

If you have begun putting up your holiday decorations, you may have switched over your holiday decor lighting to an LED option, to prevent having to re-string your garland so often. Over the past couple of years, LED bulbs have been the all of the rage when it comes to home lighting. Known for their versatility, long life and cost effectiveness, it is easy to see why they would be an attractive option to switch to in your home. However, all LED lights are not created equal. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, has what you need to know before you head out to the store to buy new lights for your entire house.

A common misconception when it comes to wattage is that the number of watts will determine how bright the bulb is. This is actually false. The number of watts refers to how much energy the bulb draws. For incandescent lights, this is an accepted correlation between watts and the brightness of the bulbs. However, LED lights are much different. A 60-watt incandescent light would be comparable to an LED light that is just 8 to 12 watts.

Because there are so many varieties of LED lights, it will not be the same as going to the store and picking up an incandescent light like you have been use to in the past. When shopping for new LED bulbs, you will no longer be looking at the watts of the bulb, like you are accustomed too.

However, don’t worry about having to go into a light store and do the math. There is a uniform way to convert incandescent watts to LED watts. Lumens is the new form of measurement for LED lights.

The Lumen (lm) is the true measurement of brightness provided by a light bulb and this is the number you will want to look for when you go out shopping for your LED lights. An incandescent light can draw up to five times as many watts for the same number of lumens.

LED lights also come in a wide variety of colors. A traditional iridescent light has a warm, yellowish hue. However, when you switch over to LED bulbs, you will have a choice in what color you prefer.  The most popular colors of LED bulbs are warm white, soft white or bright white.

The warm white and soft white LED bulbs will be the most comparable in color to your traditional incandescent bulbs, while the bright white color option will produce a brighter light that will be similar to daytime light or the light you see in retail stores.

If you want to get really specific with the color, the color of an LED light (which is actually the temperature) is measured in kelvins. The lower the number, the more yellow the light will be. A typical incandescent light is between 2,700 and 3,500k in comparison.

These simple tips will make selecting the new LED lights in your home a breeze!




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Need To Sell Your Home This Winter?

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Winter Home Sales

Winter Home Sales

If you are currently in the market for a Pittsburgh custom home or know that is on the horizon for you this upcoming winter season, many homeowners hesitate to list their current home for sale during the winter months. The winter season is typically looked down upon for putting homes on the market and most realtors may even recommend you wait until spring. However, Parry Custom Homes shares why a study by Redfin indicates that selling your home in the winter months might actually be to your benefit.

While spring may be the home-shopping season for many, listing your home for sale in the winter can give you the upper hand in a lot of cases. When buyers are shopping for homes in the winter, they tend to have more of a sense of urgency. Redfin, an online brokerage, found that the average seller nets more than asking price during the months of December through March, than they do from June through November. Homes listed in winter also sold faster than homes listed in the spring, surprisingly enough.

These findings may have many people in a rush to put their home up for sale before spring, but timing for home sales is always based on supply and demand. The best way to determine this is to check your area to see when might be the best time for you to sell your home, if you aren’t on a time crunch.

Check the number of days on the market for your city and the recently sold listings. If most homes are sitting for more than 60 days, it will be safer to hold off until spring when more buyers enter the market. However, if properties are selling quickly, then you can take that as a green light to list your home.

A few tips to help your home sell fast are:

1.) Schedule a tune-up. Be sure the main issues buyers look at like heating and maintenance are up to speed, as well as clean gutters, air filters, and clean windows are in place. A well kept home is a home that will sell much faster.

2.) Price Your Home Right. If homes are going on the market as quick as they are going off, then you have the flexibility to test the market and price it higher. However, if it is the dead of winter and the market is not as bust, it’s best to price it reasonable to draw in buyers.

3.) Brighten your home. Often times, the winter months are gray and gloomy. Be sure to make your home warm and inviting from the minute the buyer drives up. Warm up your curb appeal with clean landscaping and cool-weather plants, and make sure chipped paint and cracked window seals are taken care of. A welcoming house will sell, even in the winter months.

Putting this knowledge to use when listing your home this winter may have you selling your home quicker than you imagined, especially if inventory in your area is already low this winter season!



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4 simple ways to make your new house feel like home

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House to home

House to home

If you are getting ready to move into your new Parry Custom Home or are currently on the search for a Pittsburgh on your lot builder, turning your new house into a home is always key once you finally move in. An article in The Huffington Post shares four simple tips on how to make your new house feel like home once you move in.

The first way to turn your new house into your new home is to figure out how you can customize the space you have, and optimize it at the same time. Builders do their best to construct homes to have the most livable floor plan that makes sense for everyday life, but until you are actually living in the home it can be hard to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Another great tip to give your house the “homey” feel that you’re after is to incorporate some plants into your home to give it that relaxed and alive feel. If it is hard to keep plants alive in your home, try just adding a nice floral arrangement to the centerpiece of the table to still give off that warm vibe.

Changing aspects of your home to suit your day to day live doesn’t have to mean renovation projects on your brand new home. It can be as simply as changing the color in a room to a brighter shade to help a room out that doesn’t have much natural light. Or if might be nice to divide up your open concept spaces with well-placed shelving that can also add an additional layer or storage or display to your new home.

The third tip to help turn your house into a home is to add some art to your home. Adding artwork to your new house will allow your personality and taste to shine through and immediately give your home another touch of who you are. Different ideas of art to bring in can be paintings, drawings, sculptures, even antique pieces or furniture or accessories that might have been passed down or have importance to you are another great option to add to your home.

Lastly, the quickest and easiest way to make your house feel like home is to represent your family in your new home. Displaying photos of your family and loved ones throughout your home automatically give it the feeling of being yours. You can check out places like Pinterest for ideas on how you can create a gallery wall in your home. This has become a recent trend that incorporates family photos with other décor to add more interest and design appeal.


These 4 simple ideas will quickly turn your new house into a home in no time!



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Simple ways to refresh your home décor for Fall

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Fall Decor for your home

Fall Decor for your home

If you haven’t yet decorated your home the fall season but plan to have get-togethers or even host Thanksgiving this year, you may be tempted to add some fall inspiration into your home before friends and family visit. All of the pumpkin inspired treats and Fall leaves may have you scratching your head for ways you can incorporate Fall décor into your own home. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, has some home décor tips on simple ways you can bring the essence of Fall and Thanksgiving inside your home.

First, a great simple way to bring Fall into your home is to incorporate Fall colors into your home. Maroon, mulberry, camel, eggplant, navy and olive are wonderful fall shades that will have your home looking like Autumn in no time. If you are not ready to commit to a new paint color, changing up your pallet and adding a fall colored rug in a great deep Fall shade or switching out your standard sofa pillows for some darker ones in cool Fall shades.

Consider adding the “cozy” factor to your home by including some scented candles on your fireplace mantle, stacks of books or fall magazines, and some seasonal botanicals. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, emulate a cozy space by adding a rug, cozy char and a bookshelf in a corner to create the perfect place to cuddle up with a good book and a warm cup of tea this fall.

Gold always evokes the holiday season and can easily add a Fall flare to your home as well. You don’t need to go crazy when incorporating gold into your home, it can easily be done with accent pieces such as gold candlesticks, lamps with gold bases and silverware. Mixed metals are on-trend this season, so don’t shy away from also incorporating brass or copper metals as well.

Lastly, knits and furs aren’t just a stylish accessory that can be added to any room of your home, they also come in handy once the temperatures drop during the Fall! Try tossing a chunky knit across your bedspread that will look great and come in handy on the chiller evenings.

For your main living areas, toss some shearling throws over living room chairs, couches or dining room chairs. Consider adding some rustic charm with sheepskin rugs that can be easily added in multiple rooms in your home.

Get creative this weekend and see what you can come up with on your own using the ideas shared above. You can have your home looking like Fall in no time!



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How to tackle your first home improvement project

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If you have recently moved into your first home, you may be faced with the task of tackling your first home improvement project. Depending on what your expert level is in home improvement projects, it may be a daunting task that leaves you confused on where to start. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares tips on where to start on your first home improvement project.

The first thing you will want to do is prioritize your DIY or home improvement task list. Take inventory of the projects you would like to see done around your home and separate them out into tasks you can do yourself and tasks you will need to hire a pro to do.

Next, decide what projects are the most important to get done. The tasks that are the most important might not be the ones that are most exciting, but it is best to just get the ones you need completed done first to make sure they don’t fall too far down the to-do list or have you run out of budget before you can get to them.

You will then want to be aware of your skill level (and be honest about it!) It is best to start out with projects that fit your comfort level and then progress to more difficult projects as you get more comfortable with your handiwork around the house.

It is a good idea before you start any project to know all the steps, tools and time that it will take to achieve the project. If you aren’t sure, do your research before starting the project. YouTube is a great resource for videos and step-by-step guidelines, as they often have professionals or professional companies helping with how-to videos.

Your next step will be to plan the prep that is needed for the first project you plan to tackle. First, take into consideration the amount of time your project will take. Will your project be a quick weekend project, take a couple of weekends or will you need to take some time off work to complete the project over a long weekend or week?

Once you have the timeline figured out, the next thing you will want to do is allocate the budget you have to spend on this project and then add 10 percent to what you plan to spend. Most projects will add up to about 10 percent more than you plan for them to be, so building in that wiggle room for your budget will ensure that you can get it done and have the money to complete it. The last thing you want to do is to get 90 percent of the project done and run out of money to finish.

Lastly, prep the space in your home where you will be tackling your project. Move all the furniture you will need either out of the room or in the interior of the room and covered. If you’re doing any work around counter space, be sure to cover and seal it well, along with carpet or flooring that might need to be covered also.

The final (yet most import­ant) task will be beginning and following through with your first home improvement project. The best tips for a successful DIY home project is to start at step one, take your time, take breaks, step back and look at the whole project once you near the end, and then clean up and celebrate!

As with any current or future home improvement project you may encounter, remember that there may come time where you need to call in the pros to help you finish a project. Whether a project is simply taking more time than you can dedicate to it or you run into issues that you aren’t sure how to correctly tackle on your own, as long as the project is done correctly and leaves you with the end result you desire it doesn’t matter how it is accomplished in the end.




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Simple Garage Updates to Create More Storage

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Creating more garage space

Creating more garage space

Now that it is officially Fall, many homeowners are getting caught up with home organization projects before the winter months roll around. For most, the space in the garage is simply not enough to store everything you need to over time, while still having room for cars. Many homeowners would never let sports gear, tools and yard equipment clutter up the front hall where it’s the first thing guests see. But they’re willing to clutter their own entrance into the home with a garage stuffed with those things, plus patio furniture, bikes, holiday decorations and more. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares simple tips that will help you maximize the space you already have in your garage, that you may not be utilizing to its full potential.

It is no secret that families today have more stuff than previous generations did. They decorate for more holidays, have dishes that they only use on special dinners, and keep photos and sentimental items with the intent of making scrapbooks. To hold on to these items in an organized way, try making a few simple upgrades to your garage.

First, realize that with cabinetry and shelving to flooring and overhead storage, there are many new ways to turn a garage into an organized and attractive space for storage, entertaining or exercising.

To help with organization, many homeowners have added cabinets to store shoes, sporting equipment and tools. There are cabinets designed specifically to hold power tools. Other storage products may include wall-mounted panels with slots that can hold everything from pliers to bikes to motorized lifts for hanging golf bags and kayaks.

Upgrading a garage with epoxy flooring, an easy-to-clean coating, can give your space a clean look and turn it into a space that you can enjoy. Other homeowners have added a nice flooring and created a work bench to do crafts or pot flowers.

There are several DIY websites you can find and ideas on Pinterest and Houzz on what storage options might work best for your space, and many you can even make yourself. Adding extra storage doesn’t have to cost a lot of extra money. With some research and creativity, you can add more storage to your garage than you may have never thought possible.

A small investment can help turn your cluttered garage into a space you can enjoy, without tripping on your way into the house.




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Eco-friendly ways to heat your home

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Fall will soon be in full force and cooler temperatures will also be making their their presence known. When you need to turn on your heater for the first time this upcoming Fall season, you don’t want to have to worry about your HVAC going out. Whether you need to replace the heating system in your home for this winter or you are in the process of building a new home, there are some eco-conscious ways to heat your home that you may not be aware of. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares options you have in opting into an eco-friendlier heating system for your home.

Heating and cooling make up 40 percent of residential energy use, so the colder months offer the perfect opportunity to cut back on your fuel consumption. During the winter when your heater is running what seems to be constantly for months on end, a few minor inefficiencies in your homes sealing or heating equipment in your home can add up to a lot of waste and wasted heat, which is also bad for the environment. Below are a few ways you can consider making your heat greener this winter or for winters of the future in your home.

The first eco-friendly heating option is to get your existing HVAC System in tip-top shape. Your heating system will only work as well as the parts that make it up, so if you have clogged filters or dusty burners, the performance of your furnace can be dramatically reduced. If it has been over two to three months since you have changed the air filters in your unit, make it a priority to replace those sooner than later. There are still several months until warmer temperatures will once again arrive and you will want to depend on a heater that provides all the heat you need, when you need it.

Another tip for improving the eco-consciousness of your homes heating system is to look for air leaks and drafts. A leaky duct or drafty window will sabotage your attempts to conserve energy. If all your heat is (literally) going out the window, your heating system will be running full force to keep the heat in your home and therefore use even more energy to do so.

Another benefit to changing out the air filters in your heater every two to three months is that it will improve the efficiency of your heating by 15 percent and will also extend the life of your HVAC, which is worth the time to invest in changing out those filters itself. If you keep your heating system operating at peak performance, you will be surprised how much less energy you use.

The best thing you can do to prevent this is to re-caulk window seals with silicone sealant and install weather stripping around your windows. This is also a good fall home-maintenance thing to check on each winter, to make sure your window seals and weather stripping is in good condition and ready for winter. Also, be sure to inspect your HVAC unit for damaged parts, which can be counterintuitive to conserving energy. It is also a good idea to invest in an HVAC professional to come out and do an audit on your system, to make sure it has been thoroughly checked.

The third thing you can do to conserve your homes energy this winter, is to turn down your thermostat when you are not home. You can shave 10 percent off your energy costs just by setting your thermostat down seven to ten degrees for at least eight hours per day. If this doesn’t seem like something you will remember or want to do daily before rushing off to work, consider investing in a programmable thermostat like Nest that you can set to turn up and down during the day on its own, as well as manage the settings while you’re out of town. It has quickly become a very popular tool to help homeowners save on their energy bill while being more eco-conscious at the same time.

To follow-up on the thermostat, be sure to not turn it up high at once if you come home to a cold house. It may seem like a good idea to push your thermostat up to 80 degrees to heat your home faster, but it won’t heat your home up any faster and will just waste money and energy.

Lastly, if you have space heaters in your home thinking that they will save you money on your energy bill and be eco-friendlier, you may be doing more harm than good. A standard space heater is fairly energy inefficient, but a ceramic convection heater can achieve much higher energy performance due to its more efficient design. So, if you are going to invest in a space heater be sure to go with a more effective option in the ceramic heater.



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Outdoor lighting ideas for your new home

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Outdoor home lighting

Outdoor home lighting

If you are in the market this spring or summer season for Pittsburgh custom builders to build your dream home, you may have many ideas floating around in your head of how you want your home to look. Something many homebuyers don’t think about until the end is the outside lighting that will make your home light up and have great curb appeal at the same time. Parry Custom Homes gives you some great ideas for outdoor lighting that you may want to add to your wish-list for your new home!

If you have ever shopped for a new home, you know that certain outdoor lighting can truly add to your home’s architecture and do much more than just add light to the front of your home. Too little light at the entrance of your home can leave it looking dark and dreary on cloudy days or at night. There are several options available for you to decide what the best option is for your home to bring more light to your entranceway!

Pendants and hanging lanterns are great options to enhance curb appeal and illuminate your front doorway beautifully as well.

Wall lanterns and sconces are great décor lighting pieces that give a source of indirect up lighting and down lighting that are typically utilized in pairs over outdoor seating areas and on either side of entry ways and windows.

For your landscape, it’s a great idea to add landscape lighting in the way of spotlights and well lights, to draw attention to the natural elements of a landscape like trees, shrubs, or flowers.)

A great way to light the end of your driveway are with post lanterns that provide lighting and give better street visibility.

If you plan to have fountains, statues or arbors outside of your new home, you will want to add flood, bullet or wash lights to highlight these beautiful pieces around your home.

Path lights are a must for many homes and light the walkway to your door for family and friends who may be visiting or leaving at night when it is dark. It is a great way to provide extra safety as well.

Cove lighting is a good idea to add and can be built into ceilings, walls, ledges and recesses to highlight architectural qualities like footpaths, water or landscape features.

And lastly, pool lights are a must if you have a pool in your backyard. The will add mood-enhancing color to the water and ensure a safer swim at the same time.


If you are in the market for a new home and confused at where to start, contact us today so we can help you make your new home dreams a reality!


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