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7 Places Sellers Forget To Clean- Part 2

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7 Things Sellers Forget To Clean

7 Things Sellers Forget To Clean

Last week, Parry Custom Homes shared the first 3 tips in how to make your home looking move-in ready before you place it on the market, in hopes to move into your new Parry Custom Home as soon as possible! Here are the final 4 things to make sure you cover in your home, before putting it on the market.

The fourth item that is often forgotten about by sellers is light bulbs. Most know that dusty lights are off-putting in general. However, it’s good to remember to clean the bulbs in the house to make your home seem brighter and more appealing overall. All you have to do to clean your bulbs is turn off the fixtures, let the bulbs cool and dust them when they are cool with a dry cloth.

The fifth item that should be on your list is the ceiling fan. Buyers are going to not only flip the lights on and off in your home, but test out the ceiling fans as well. Make sure your ceiling fan is a cooling tool and not a wobbly mess. Also, be sure to dust it thoroughly so there is no dust or allergens coming down.

The sixth item to be sure to check is your washing machine, especially if you have a front loading machine that tends to seal so well that it can become breading ground for bacteria. Don’t let a buyer’s excitement over a new washer-drier set get slammed quickly by the smell of mold. To clean your machine, leave the machine door ajar between loads to air it out. After each cycle, wipe down the door and rubber gasket with a clean microfiber cloth. Clean the detergent dispenser the same way, but just twice a month.

The seventh and final thing to make sure you clean before putting your house on the market? The kitchen trash can. Taking the trash out before a showing is obviously ideal, but make sure the smell of the trash can goes with it. Empty the trash can, rinse it out outside with a garden hose and then spray the inside and outside with disinfectant spray and rinse again.


Hopefully these tips help complete your home to be market-ready so you can move into your new Parry Custom Home as soon as possible!

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