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7 Places Sellers Forget To Clean- Part 1

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7 Things Sellers Forget To Clean

7 Things Sellers Forget To Clean

Are you looking for Pittsburgh home builders to build your new home and needing to sell your current home at the same time? If so, chances are you’re overwhelmed with trying to find a new home while trying to prepare your current home to be market-ready and sell fast. If this sounds like your current situation, then Parry Custom Homes is here to help. Not only can they build your new home just how you dreamed, but they also have helpful tips in making sure your home is in tip-top condition to sell fast.

There are 7 common areas of the home that many sellers forget to consider or don’t even think about cleaning before putting their home on the market. Don’t be one of the sellers that make these mistakes! Parry Custom Homes shares the top 7 tips to make sure your home shines the best it can and is the most appealing to buyers.

First, the bedskirt is one of the most commonly items left unclean when buyers go to sell their home. No one wants to see a dingy bedroom, let alone a dirty dust ruffle gathering at the bottom of a bedskirt. The solution? Throw this in the wash with the rest of the bedding, if washer safe. If you can’t wash it, consider purchasing a cheaper version for showings.

Second, invest in drawer organizers. When sellers are setting the table, they look for flatware and not crumbs. People are going to be opening drawers and cabinets as they walk through your home to see the storage they are working with and you don’t want to gross them out by what they see behind closed doors and drawers.

The third items on the list sellers forget to clean? The dishwasher. This may seem odd, but over time bits of food and residue can cut down on the machines overall effectiveness. Savvy buyers are often looking for outdated appliances. Help your cause by running the dishwasher on a rinse cycle, once a week without the dishes.

Check back next week for the final 4 tips in making your home market ready!



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