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Community Spotlight: Bianca Rose

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Are you in the process this Spring or Summer of looking for a Pittsburgh on your lot builder to build your new home? If so, Parry Custom Homes can make your new home dreams a reality! Not only can we bring your dream home to life, but we also built in some of the most sought after locations around Pittsburgh!

If you are looking in the location of Murrysville, Parry Custom Homes is proud to be a featured builder in the beautiful Bianca Rose community.

Located just off of Route 22, Bianca Rose is highly sought after due to the great location and the fact that it is located in the desired Franklin County Regional School District.

What residents of Bianca Rose love most about this community, is the fact that they are close to the best shopping, restaurants, schools and major roadways, which still residing in a tucked away location, that is very private.

If you need to commute for work, you will appreciate the fact that this new home community is close to Route 22, Route 66, the Turnpike, the Parkway and Route 30. An ideal location when you want to get where you need to go, quickly!

Bianca Rose has been well known as the perfect location for homeowners who commute to Greensburg, Monroeville or Pittsburg on a daily basis.

Bianca Rose is a high-class neighborhood that could very well be the place you have been looking at to call home. Contact Parry Custom Homes today to learn more about this beautiful community, and how we can make your dream home come to life in the perfect location for you.

Imagine being able to enjoy summer barbeques, 4th of July get togethers and future holidays in the amazing community of Bianca Rose! You will have the perfect home and location for your family to enjoy many memories for years to come.




Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

Making Your Accessories Work in Your Parry Home

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Pittsburgh new home

Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, knows that purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting times for a buyer! However, it can also come with a great deal of stress not only getting to closing day, but then moving into your new home. The worst feeling for a new homeowner is getting moved into your new home, only to realize your new home has a completely different floor plan than your previous one, and your furniture will no longer work in the new home. The same often goes for accessories, often times in a new home plan they are not going to work like they did in your old home. However if you find yourself in this situation, before you let panic set in remember, this is actually a good thing. Your new Parry Custom Home is a clean slate! And no, it doesn’t mean you have to throw everything else out and start new.

You might have looked at everything in your old house with the accessories and furniture the same place for years and years, but now they can have a new home and purpose. When you purchase a new outfit, sometimes things you already own will go with it, sometimes they won’t. Maybe you will put something with it that you might not have thought of before and it looks great. Think of your décor the same way. By changing up the furniture placement, accent pillows, artwork and accessories in a room, it will give the home a whole new feel.

Just because you have always had a certain picture in the dining room at your old home, it doesn’t mean it has to be in the dining room in your new home. Maybe it would be perfect over the sofa in the living room now or in the office. You may find it easier when you move in your new Parry Custom Home, to group all similar items together (all lamps, photo frames, candle holders, ect.) and this way you can take a visual inventory of everything that you have to work with.

Then start adding the accessories that coordinate together to each room. Consider gathering 3 accessories and placing them together. Add a table lamp or a plant to direct your eye to details in the room that may not have stood out in your old home.

It’s best to keep your furniture neutral and add color to things that are easily changed, like pillows, picture frames or a throw blanket. The design possibilities are endless when you move using everything you already own, only displaying them in a whole new way.

Let your creativity flow. Remember, nothing is nailed down. If you don’t like it, you can move it. The options are limitless in creating your new space in your new Parry Home.


If you are moved into your new Parry Home this Memorial Day weekend, enjoy this extended time off of work to really have fun with decorating your new home, with your ‘old’ items! They will quickly feel like new again when they find the right place in your new home!


From our family at Parry Custom Homes to yours, we thank those who have served our country and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and unofficial start to summer!


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information.

Home Maintenance Tips for Spring Cleaning

Categories: Homeowner Tips, Pittsburgh on your lot builder | Posted: May 8, 2019 | Comments Off on Home Maintenance Tips for Spring Cleaning


Spring has arrived and warmer temperatures are finally setting in for the season after a long winter. Many homeowners find themselves ready to do some spring-cleaning around their home now that the weather makes them want to be outside and finally get some much needed fresh air! It is always good to keep up on your home maintenance year round, so that your home always stays in good condition and you can preserve the value of it over time. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares the best home maintenance tips to put into play this spring.

No matter the age or size of your home, it is just like your car and needs to be maintained in order to run efficiently over the long haul. Keeping up on how your home ages, needs to hit the main spots of a “dry, clean, well-ventilated, free from contaminants, pest-free, well-maintained and overall safe” home.

Water leaks are a big thing that many homes suffer from, no matter how small they may seem. Even though your leaky faucet may not seem like a big deal now, one faucet that drips equates to $20 a year and 10,000 gallons of water. The most common offenders in your home for this type of thing will be toilets that run, and faucets or shower heads that drip.

Most of these issues are also easily fixable! If you have a wrench and a screwdriver, most leaks you will be able to fix yourself.

Other than leaks in your home, these items should be on your home maintenance to-do list:

Clean your stove vent screen and check for build-up on the inside of the vent every couple of months.

Clean the lint trap and outside dryer exhaust.

Check for signs of pests in your home.

Test all GFCI outlets in the home (with the button in the middle.)

Vacuum under and behind the fridge- a must once you realize what is behind there!

Lastly, be sure to change out the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year and make sure they are working. Also, be sure to clean your gutters in the fall and in the spring once the tree blooms are gone.

Whether you plan to stay in your home forever, or just plan to be in your home until you outgrow it, keeping up on the maintenance of your home will save you big in the long run. Keeping your home up to par will preserve the value and allow you to ask for top dollar, when it comes time to sell.



Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information.

Mountain Ridge Estates: New Home Community in North Huntingdon!

Categories: New Homes in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Communities | Posted: May 2, 2019 | Comments Off on Mountain Ridge Estates: New Home Community in North Huntingdon!
Parry Custom Homes

Parry Custom Homes

When searching for new homes in Pittsburgh, just as important as the home you select is the community in which it is housed. Buying a new home is much more than just the home itself. The community in which you purchase your home needs to be equally as special and comfortable as the home you buy. Luckily, Parry Custom Homes not only builds the best of the best of Pittsburgh new homes, but we also build in the most sought after locations. One of the hottest communities in the Pittsburgh area right now, Mountain Ridge Estates!

Located within North Huntingdon Township in Westmoreland County, Mountain Ridge Estates is within the Norwin School District. Those of you with kids will be please to know that the Norwin School District is consistently high among the school rankings in Westmoreland County and across the state of Pittsburgh.

The name of this community plays a big part in the community itself! Sitting atop of the ridge of a mountain, you wont be able to get better views than at Mountain Ridge Estates.

Homes within this stunning community are situated within gorgeously wooded back yards and breathtaking views that you can enjoy each day. Can you imagine enjoying your coffee in the morning on your back porch while overlooking this picturesque scenery?

Mountain View Estates is one of  a kind in the fact it offers a community feel, within a wooden mountain atmosphere.

The location of this community is equally as amazing as the community itself. Imagine living in a community such as this yet still being within 15 miles from downtown Pittsburgh! Commuting to and from this community is easy as well, making your workday commute a breeze.

Another huge reason this community is so desirable? There isn’t a new home development located in North Huntingdon or Westmoreland County that is closer to Allegheny County and presents the ease of getting in and out of the city of Pittsburgh while still having the low Westmoreland County Taxes.

Mountain Ridge Estates is the ideal community for buyers who desire the privacy of a private lot, but want the amenities of a neighborhood.

Contact us anytime to learn about how you can make this amazing new home community your home!


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information.