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Lightening Up Your Parry Home

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Lighting is a key element of any home. In addition to enabling you to move around safely at night, it also gives atmosphere to the rooms of your Parry home. Choosing the right lighting for your new home is as important as choosing the right furniture. Lighting has a lot to do with the mood of a room, but it is the most neglected design feature. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares some things to consider as you plan the lighting for your new home.

As you plan each room of your new home, ask yourself how are you going to use the room? Will it be used for leisure or for reading? Do not try and use the same lighting throughout your entire home. There is different lighting for different needs in each room. Chandeliers are normally used in the dining area, kitchen and bedrooms. They not only provide a different look to rooms, but also add style to your home. Task lighting is great for the kitchen and ambient lighting will bring the light down lower in the room of your home.

Some of the choices for ambient lighting are table lamps, which is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Table lamps add warmth and depth to the room of your home. Floor lamps are ideal for living rooms and studies. Sconces are best used for indirect soft light that washes across the walls of your home. They can be used in hallways, stairways and the dining room of your home.

Just as different lights have different effects the same goes for the bulbs that you choose to use in the light fixtures of your home. Halogen bulbs give off a bluish white effect, which is best used for reading and task lighting. They are also cost effective to use. Luminescent lights give a yellow hue, which is great for your ambient lighting that gives a warm glow.

Because lighting makes such a statement in the room of your Parry home, it should be incorporated into a design scheme from the beginning and not left as an after thought.



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How Color Can Perk Up The Rooms Of Your Parry Home: Part Two

Categories: Custom Home in Pittsburgh | Posted: January 4, 2019 | Comments Off on How Color Can Perk Up The Rooms Of Your Parry Home: Part Two

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Last week we touched on some colors that you may enjoy in your new Parry Custom home. We will continue where we left off with finding the perfect color for your new custom home in Pittsburgh and to help create an inviting space.

Pink: Pink is a great color for a north facing room because unlike white, pink can add warmth to the room. It is a color that recedes from the sight, so it is good for creating an illusion of false space. Unfortunately pink is often thought of as a color for a girl’s rooms. Try introducing pink as a part of a pattern or alongside dark neutrals can take away the feminine quality of the color.

Lavender: Lavender when blended with other tones of purple creates a plush feeling. It looks great in a bedroom or bathroom and can make the space feel special apart from the rest of your Parry home. Combined with light neutrals, lavender can create an atmosphere of relaxation, sophistication and being a sanctuary. In order to ensure that you use this color successfully in your new home, team it up with different tones and add contrasting textures. Linen, cotton and leather all do a great job. Try adding metallic accessories that add a subtle shimmer to the room of your home. In order to perk up a light neutral scheme, try to incorporate a pattern. For instance, you can go for wallpaper or soft furnishing with graphic or tailored designs that work perfectly and add interest to the room.

Black and brown: These colors will create a subtle atmosphere in the rooms of your home. They are great for adding a dramatic feel to the scheme. Dark neutrals have the capability of making the rooms in your Parry home appear smaller, so it is worth keeping that in mind. It is better to think of these colors as accents colors, rather than using them over large areas in the rooms of your home.

Gray: Gray is the hot color this year. It is an excellent selection to create a more modern living space. Try using gray as a feature wall or for furniture. The color gray is a toned down color, but it still adds a lot of interest.


Hopefully this has helped you gain insight on what colors you will choose for the rooms of your new Parry Custom home to make it inviting and a place you love to spend your time!


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