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Design A Home Office In Your Parry Home

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Whether you work from home daily or just tend to find yourself working from your home during the week, home workplaces are getting more popular. However, if you don’t have a formal office setup it may feel frustrating when trying to work from home. A workstation in your new Parry home should be created with several of things in mind. Some of the basic things to consider include the amount of space needed, the level of storage required and the essential tasks that will be undertaken within the limited space. There are unique ways to set up a home workplace with selected furniture and Parry Custom Homes shares some of the best ways to design a workplace in your new home in Pittsburgh. These are simple and easy tips that will help you design a home office to fit your specific taste and needs!

Workstation and cabinets: There are readymade and ready to fix units available for designing the home office in your Parry Custom Home. There are simple desks that can accommodate a computer, a few books and some stationery, while large workstations can take up a whole wall and have plenty of space for storage. From an L-shaped table to a U-shaped table, you can add open and covered shelves and cabinets to a complete workstation.

Corner work space: To make the most of an unused corner in a room of your Parry home, an L-shaped desktop could be put in to fit the corner of the room. This kind of table for your home office works best where there is not much need to store many things.

Corner tables with wall shelves: For the work stations in your new home you may need more storage than work surface. Shelves and cabinets in varied styles, sizes and storage options are available to handle all types of storage needs.

Workstations under the stairs: There are many homes with wasted space under the staircase. If this is the case in your home, there are creative ways to turn this unused area into the perfect work space. Depending on the space available in your Parry home, a desk, chair and file cabinet could be worked in.

Choosing the best material for the workstation in the office of your new Parry Custom Home is important. They can range anywhere from wood, wrought iron, plywood, aluminum and more. Find the material that will work the best for you and your family.



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Tips For Hosting a Housewarming Party

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Tips on throwing a housewarming party

Tips on throwing a housewarming party

If you are currently looking for new homes in Pittsburgh or have recently moved into a new Parry Custom Home, you are probably very excited to show it off to your family and friends! Especially with the holidays right around the corner, you might even be hosting the holidays at your home this year. Throwing a housewarming party is always a great way to show off your new home and get together with friends and family at the same time. Here are some great tips on how to celebrate your new home with a stress-free housewarming party.

First, keep it simple! When you first move in your home, your guests are not going to expect it to be fully furnished and immaculate upon their first visit. As long as it is set up to have a great time, they will be thrilled and you will be too.

If you haven’t unpacked your entire house, you can still throw a housewarming party. Just be sure your kitchen, living area and bathrooms are unpacked and fully stocked. This will give you and your guests space to celebrate comfortably, as you still settle into your new home.

Next, be sure to provide directions to your new home. A lot of new homes are in new communities and aren’t registered correctly in the GPS. Be sure to give them detailed turn-by-turn instructions so they can avoid getting lost, and you can avoid all of the “where am I?” phone calls.

If weather is nice, it is a great idea to take advantage of your outdoor space and take the party outside as well! Setup your backyard patio with chairs, tables, a string of lights and food as you enjoy the nice nights before cold weather officially rolls in.

When it comes to your menu, be sure to make it easy. Keep it simple while still keeping your sanity, by serving finger foods or family-style dishes. You can even just pick up frozen appetizers from the grocery store- no one will know the difference!

Next, make your guests feel at home by turning on lamps, lighting cozy candles and playing some music in the background. You can also setup an area for drinks so guests can easily help themselves. This is a party after all! Everyone, including yourself, should enjoy themselves.

Once your guests arrive at your house, take them all on a tour. Even if your home isn’t prepared in each room, your guests wont care and will be excited to see your new home. This is also a great way to get decorating and home improvement tips at the same time!

Lastly, be sure to invite new neighbors to your housewarming party. Not only will you get to know your new neighbors but also you will give a good first impression by this friendly gesture.


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Components of a mortgage payment

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What's in a mortgage?

What’s in a mortgage?

If you are currently shopping for a Pittsburgh custom builder this Fall or are considering a new home in the New Year, you may not be aware of all that makes up your mortgage payment. Many new homebuyers aren’t familiar with the process of getting a mortgage, let alone what goes into the mortgage payment itself. Parry Custom Homes shares an insight on what you can expect your home mortgage to be made up of, so you can be educated in knowing what to expect for your new home.

The importance of understanding the dynamics of what goes into a mortgage payment can help you acquire bigger loans with fewer drawbacks. There are four components that make up your mortgage payment that you will want to be aware of.

The first component of a mortgage payment is the Principal. This is the total value of the loan that you borrow from the lender, minus the interest. At the onset of paying off your mortgage, the principal portion of paying off each monthly fee will be small and eclipsed by the interest portion. However, as time passes and you acquire more equity in your home with each portion of the loan reimbursed, the final stretch of your mortgage term will be largely composed of principal installments.

The second component of your mortgage will be the Interest portion, which is the one most people are aware of the most. The interest will be the expense that the lender charges you for the ability to borrow their loan for your home. The interest rate will directly influence the size of your loan as higher rates turn out smaller loans.

Your credit score will determine what type of interest rate you are offered on a home loan and the better your score, the lower the interest rate that you will be offered. This is why it is critical for people to work on having good credit scores before going to try and purchase a new home.

Your lender, when you choose one, will write up  a loan agreement with the period of time in which you have to pay off the mortgage. Most homebuyers favor 30-year contracts, as their monthly payments are smaller. However, if you are looking for a lower interest rate for your home, consider a 15-year home loan which typically will come with a lower interest rate.

Taxes are the third component that will make up your home loan. The taxes in our mortgage payment will refer to the property taxes that are typically gauged by local or municipal governing bodies based upon the value of the real estate in your area. You can pay your taxes through your loan office by setting up an escrow account. Each month the lender collects funds from your periodic mortgage payments to put into escrow. This will remain untouched until taxes are due. The portion of your monthly mortgage payment that is appointed to tax obligations equals one-twelfth of the yearly tax amount.

Lastly, Insurance will be the final pillar that makes up the four components of your mortgage payment. The insurance portion of your mortgage will cover your property insurance and private mortgage insurance. One way to cut down on your monthly payment some if you are able too, is to pay off your PMI up front when you sign for your home. This will cut out having to pay it off over time within the loan.

Knowing what comprises your mortgage payment will help you not only better understand where your money is going too each  month, but also ensure you get the best deal you can on your mortgage.



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