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DIY Pest Control Options

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DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest Control

As the cooler temperatures of Fall settle in, right behind them will be the even colder winter months ahead. Cooler temperatures often bring a number of unwelcome critters that can find their way into your home in search of warmth. This fall and winter however, you can prevent unwelcome pests from making their way into your home with some easy do-it-yourself pest control techniques that can help rid your home of pests before the cold weather hits. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares simple things you can do yourself to help prevent pests this winter season.

The first place to start is your kitchen. Be sure to look in your kitchen cabinets and put your dry ingredients, such as pasta, cereal, cookies, etc. in air tight containers. Plastic or glass containers will be your best options since critters of all kinds can crawl through paper bags or boxes. It’s not a bad idea to keep your dry ingredients in air tight containers year round, as it helps prevent posts from getting into the foods at any point in time.

Another item in your kitchen you will want to address that you are probably doing right now, is removing any fruit that may be sitting out on your kitchen counter in a bowl. Although it looks nice, as fruit ripens it gives off a strong aroma that attracts seed-spreading critters. This is a great thing when the fruit is growing outdoors, but not so much when it’s in your home and something you plan to eat. It’s best to keep your fruit in your refrigerator, which will also slow down the ripening process and allow you to enjoy the fruit longer.

The next thing you will want to do is take a look at your trashcan. If it has room to breathe, that also means critters can catch a whiff of the scent and be lured in to check out what they are smelling. In order to avoid this, purchase a trashcan with a locking lid. It is also a great idea to invest in thicker trash bags that will help keep critters out as well.

The last stop for your kitchen will be to make it a habit to keep your stove, counters, cutting board and any other kitchen surface clean to prevent any insects from invading your kitchen. All it takes is a small spill to attract one, and then the rest of their colony will follow.

The next areas of your home you will want to address are bathrooms and areas where water is prevalent. Since water is essential to all forms of life, critters will be attracted to it just as much and multiply. Bugs in particular are attracted to damp environments, which is why bathrooms are target breeding grounds for them.

Be sure to clear clogged drains and address any leaking faucets or shower heads, as standing water will not be your friend when it comes to critters. Also be sure to regularly clean your toilet bowl and chemically treat the water to keep bugs away. If you take a long shower or bath and create a lot of humidity in your bathroom, run the bathroom fan afterwards to draw out the excess moisture aka breaking ground for bugs.

Make it a habit to habitually check the plumbing in your home for leaks. Under sinks and in cabinets is where roaches are most commonly found because of the dark and moist environment. Keeping these areas dry will keep those pests out of your home.

Lastly, if there is even the smallest opening, pests will invite themselves right into your home. Take the time while the weather is still nice, to examine your homes exterior and do a thorough examination of any cracks, openings, open seams and so on where critters might be able to crawl in.

Fill in any gaps, holes or cracks that you see along the foundation, as well as siding or your roof seam with weatherproof silicon caulking or flexible patching compound. This will include fissures along a window frame and any cavities where wires, cables, and pipes enter the home. If a screen is torn or missing from a door, window, exhaust vent, or air flow vent in the attic, replace it or use an aluminum screen patch for a temporary fix. Also be sure to seal off door perimeters with weather stripping.

Be sure not to forget about your roof, because it is a prime entry point for a range of critters, including rats, bats, possums, and raccoons, to enter the attic, where they will happily enjoy the insects that prematurely invaded the loft ahead of them. When inspecting the roof, check for loose shingles or weather-beaten portions that have become soft with moisture and mold, and replace these sections. Soffit and attic vents should be covered with insect screening and hardware cloth; hardware cloth, if properly installed with a staple gun, deters larger vermin from infiltrating the attic. Caulk any holes you see along the roof, and if you have a chimney, it is a good idea to consider the installation of a chimney cap.




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Example Home Pricing- have you heard?

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The Loretta

The Loretta

If you are in the market for a new home in Pittsburgh or are looking for a Pittsburgh on your lot builder to build your new home, chances are that budget is a driving force in your search for a new home. However, not all homebuilders are created equal and not all builder pricing comes with the same standards. Parry Custom Homes shares what makes their homes stand apart from other big box builders.

If you are not yet familiar with Parry Custom Homes, one of the things that you will be able to tell as soon as you talk with someone from their team is that quality is not something that is sacrificed in their homes.

The Parry Custom Homes team believes in providing their buyers with great overall value and homes that will last. You should not have a home beginning to fall apart before your kids head off to college.

Home pricing for Parry Custom Homes start in the 200’s, which is a tremendous offering for a brand new home. Most buyers may think they have to stick with resale homes in order to fit a budget in the 200’s, but that is not the case with Parry Custom Homes.

Because Parry Custom Homes is committed to quality, their buyers can rest assured their homes will not be built with cheaper materials or poor craftmanship to cut corners. Parry Custom Homes is able to provide a house at a low price, without sacrificing quality as a lot of buyers see with the larger production builders.

Did you know that some of the bigger box builders do not include things like ceiling lights and floor drains in the homes that they sell? Standard home features and elements are not something you are going to have to worry are missing or done on the cheap with a Parry Custom Home.

Parry Custom Homes also include their Smart Living Features in their homes, which would of course come extra with your larger builder options.

Take a look at some of the beautiful home plans Parry Custom Homes has to offer and call to make an appointment to talk with someone from the Parry team about how they can make your dream home a reality, all while fitting your budget and providing you with a home you can trust and love for a lifetime.


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Fall Home Organization Tips

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Fall Home Organization Tips

Fall Home Organization Tips

Although it may say September on the calendar and Fall is just weeks away, the temperatures still have a more summer tone to them for most across the U.S. at the moment. Over the next week as temperatures settle into what Fall typically brings, flip flops will need to be retired for the year and pumpkin spice has officially taken over everything from the grocery store to the coffee shops. As the leaves turn their beautiful autumn colors and the weather grows cooler, it is a great time of year to focus on home organization before the holidays roll around. Parry Custom Homes, a Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares simple organization tips that you can implement into your own home this fall season.

One of the number one things most people probably need or wish for in their home, is more closet space. When the time comes to pull out all your cozy fall sweaters, boots, coats and all the other voluminous clothing that the colder months typically bring, it can leave your closet bursting at the seams.

Fall is a great time to re-consider how your closet space works. Maybe consider adding built-ins into your closet for more storage space, or extra shelving for more space to store your day to day items. You can also create alternate storage using bins and even moving them to other closets or attics in your home, for non-seasonal items you won’t need for several months.

You can also add some décor flair to your closet as well. Go for color in your closet by adding some beautiful costal gray paint that can give life to a boring white closet. If you have the room, add some pictures or cute jewelry holder accessories that are both fashionable and functional.

For seasonal items in your home, consider using your hall closets or extra spaces for additional storage. Many people miss out on extra storage space in their home, but just not being creative or visualizing places where they can get more storage. There are several pre-built closet built-ins or ideas you can find online, where you can build in additional storage in a decorative for functional way. Consider addition a hall built in bench by a back door. Not only can you set backpacks, purses and other things on top of the bench, but you can build it so the top lifts up for storage underneath. Where it’s shoes, sports equipotent, etc. you will have more functional space and storage that you did before. Add some coat hooks above the bench and you’ve created a create cubby space that can house a multitude of things.

While the weather is still nice, consider hosting a garage sale for any items you need to part with that are cluttering up your home or taking up too much storage space. You can also donate any items you no longer need to a local cause and help out while organizing your home.

Lastly, consider a place for all your outdoor tools that will need storing this winter. Gardening tools, rakes, leaf blowers and so on are all things that tend to clutter up the garages for most people. Re-think and reorganize your garage space and utilize the space up top by adding shelving or hooks toward the top part of your garage, so you can store the items out of the way but still get to them when you need them.

These simple fall organization tips can make a big difference for your home and have you more organized going into the holidays so you won’t have to address a cluttered space then.



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