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Putting new construction at the top of your home search list

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New Home in Pittsburgh

New Home in Pittsburgh

If you find your weekend plans to include shopping for Pittsburgh custom homes this Labor Day weekend, chances are you may be looking at a mix of both resale homes and new construction homes. While it may not seem like a huge difference between the two as long as they meet your overall needs, Parry Custom Homes gives 11 reasons why new construction is the better way to go between the two options.

The first benefit of new construction homes is that you can find a home without feeling rushed. The median construction time for a new home is about five months, so you can take your time planning your move instead of having to rush as soon as you sign the sale papers.

Another benefit of new construction is that your closing will most likely be smoother and easier than with a resale home. Since builders have no personal attachment to the homes they build, you won’t have to deal with the sentiments that can drag out the closing process on a home.

There are 800,000 new single-family homes expected to be on the market this year, with this number rising by 50,000 in 2017 and 100,000 in 2018. You will have many more options in new construction homes on the market, as time goes on.

When buying your home, you are also buying the lifestyle in which you plan to live. Urban planners create diverse and sustainable community’s new schools, amenities and transit that older homes or neighborhoods might not provide as readily.

Buying a new home also allows you to lower your energy bill each month. New construction homes with the new energy innovations can increase your homes efficiency by 30%.

New construction homes also provide a safer atmosphere for your family, with better indoor air quality thanks to today’s low and zero VOC products, as opposed to older homes that weren’t built with these things in mind.

New construction homes are also worth considering because you might get an even better deal that you ever would be able to with a resale home. Ask builders if they have special offers like zero closing costs, upgrade credits or expanded floor plans.

New homes are also great because you can often put your personal touches on your new home. Typically, you will be able to pick your designs and finishes of your new home instead of having to go with or renovate the style of a previous owner.

A great benefit of a new home is that you will be protected from the get-go. New home warranties will protect your home for the first several years that you live in it so it will be a long while before you have to focus on shelling out money for repairs.

Another nice benefit of buying a new home now is that when the time comes for you to sell, you will stand out from other sellers since a home that is just five, seven or ten years old will attract more buyers than an older resale home.

Lastly, buying a new construction home saves you time and money when you consider the upkeep of a home. Resale homes will have you busy with projects each weekend or with unexpected costs when things break. When you buy a new home, you won’t have to worry about projects and you will have the benefit of everything being brand new.



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Money saving tips for the dog days of summer

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Dog days of summer

Dog days of summer

As schools are underway, summer seems to slowly be slipping away. Even Starbucks is wishing for fall sooner than usual, launching their infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte this week. However, there are still a few weeks of summer left to enjoy before fall rolls around!  End of the summer celebrations and cookouts can come with additional expenses that might not always be so friendly to your wallet. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your  lot builder, shares tips on how to save your wallet with end of the summer expenses and trips that typically come every year.

A major budget buster in the summer is falling into the trap of vacation procrastination. If you are planning to take a vacation before the end of the summer, do yourself a favor and plan ahead. The closer you wait to book your vacation the higher the rates are likely to be. You can even take it one step further and follow discount sites and their social media accounts to keep any eye out for deals or discounts to your summer vacation destination.

No matter if you drive, fly or even take a train to your vacation spot, another great money saving tip is to bring your snacks with you. Skipping airport food or multiple stops to convenience stores on the road, will not only save you time in your travels but will also add up to a decent amount of money saved. Granola bars, fruit, nuts and crackers are easy and portable snacks that will save your wallet while traveling and keep you energized.

When it comes to your home during the summer months, there are several energy-saving tips that you should be sure to put into place to save you cash. Before you crank up your air conditioner on warm summer days, allow the cool air in the morning and at night to cool your home, if possible. It also helps tremendously to keep blinds closed during the day to keep the heat from the sun out and the cool in.

Summer can often lead to eating out more with friends and family, so consider hosting a “dine-in” experience over dining out. You can have your guests bring their choice of food and beverage and ever rotate who hosts the dinners every month. This is a great way to save money while still being able to enjoy a great, relaxing meal with friends.

If possible, steer clear from using heat-producing appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and washing machines during the warmest part of the day, which is typically from 2pm-8pm. Air drying clothes in the summer is a great way to reduce electricity use.

Water is another thing to watch in your home to prevent more money from going down the drain. Use low-flow faucets and shower heads If possible and water your plants during the early morning hours. It is also a great time to get your home fall and winter ready, by replacing air filters, cleaning out gutters and weatherproofing windows and doors.

For those of you who are dealing with your kids being home from school during summer break, keep your kids busy with summer activities without breaking the bank to do so. When deciding on what activities work best for your kids, it’s also a great idea to consider any budget trade-offs. For example, does a camp or activity serve meals? Is it close to home? Is there any equipment or supplies needed to participate? It is also a great idea to check local community centers and churches to see what affordable options are in your area.

Curious about some free activities you could get your kids into this summer? Consider things such as park visits, library trips, local beaches and outdoor concerts.

These simple tips this summer can really add up and allow you to enjoy the rest that summer has to offer without breaking the bank.




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How To Make Your Home Inviting to Guests

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Holiday Home Preperation

Holiday Home Preperation

It is hard to believe that fall is around the corner and before you know it, we will be full steam ahead into the holidays! If you have moved into a new home or plan on moving into a new home before the holidays, you may be planning already for guests to stay at and see your new home in the coming months ahead. Parry Custom Homes, a Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares tips on how to make your home inviting to guests so they are comfortable while visiting this Christmas.

First, be sure to make your home feely cozy from the time they enter for their visit. It is best to give your home a good deep cleaning before guests arrive, to ensure a great first impression and level of comfort on their end. The phrase “a clean home is a happy home” applies here.

A great way to add an extra sense of “coziness” to your home is to light candles with scents like apple spice or vanilla, to fill the air. Lighting a fireplace can also add to an extra cozy atmosphere, especially if the air is chilly. Playing some soft music will add a relaxing tone to your home. Another great tip is to keep the overhead lighting off and rely on lamps to warm up your home with light.

Another nice touch to add to your guest room is to clear out a closet and provide hangers for your guests to hang their clothes and not have to live out of a suitcase. You could also clear some drawers for them to put clothes as well.

A wonderful idea that will make your guests immediately feel welcomed is a welcome basket in their room when they arrive. Some great items to add to their welcome basket are things like: travel size toiletries, cozy blanket, snacks, card games, magazines, or a candle.

Another great idea whether in the welcome basket or on a nightstand, is to leave information like the Wi-Fi password, an alarm code, the street address of your home (for an emergency), and things nearby they mat enjoy like a coffee shop, gas station or pharmacy. These small things can make your guests feel incredibly welcomed into your home.

Lastly, be sure to keep the kitchen open and allow items set out so they are easy to find. For example, setting up a coffee station is a great idea that you could pair with tea, hot chocolate, etc. It’s also a great idea to keep snacks available for people in between meals, like sweet treats or savory munchies. It is a good idea to opt for buffet style meals to help feed a larger group and make sure your guests have options and enough food to satisfy.

The most important tip of all? Relax! The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family, which in the end will make them feel the most welcomed of all.



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Fall Décor- In 5 Minutes!

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Easy Fall Decor Ideas

Easy Fall Decor Ideas

Kids are getting ready to head back to school and summer is quickly winding to an end. For many, cooler temperatures and all things Fall are on the mind! Parry Custom Homes, a Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares how to incorporate fall décor into your home in as little as 5 minutes!

Whether you need decorative fall centerpieces for your kitchen or dining room table or you just want your home to be in the festive fall spirit, these quick and inexpensive ideas will have your home screaming fall in no time and your guests impressed this holiday season!

These three fall ideas below only take about 5 minutes each to complete and you may have most of the supplies on hand already, which is an added bonus! Another added bonus is many of the fall decorating items are on sale now that the winter holiday items have hit the shelf. So chances are these décor items will cost you little to nothing.

The first fall item you can add to your home is leaf luminaries. This is a great way to incorporate fall into your home while also creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for you and your guests. Take different size glass containers and add unscented tea lights or warm fall scents like cinnamon, apple, or pumpkin for an added layer of fall feel. Take faux fall colored leaves and use a rubber cement or clear glue to adhere them to the outer part of the glass, covering it completely. Once you add the tea light in, it will create a gorgeous fall glow in your home.

The second fall décor item to add to your home is pinecone trees! These adorable trees are simple, stylish and would make a beautiful centerpiece for your table this fall season. You can also use these pinecone trees as filler in your home along a buffet table or in sets of three on your mantle. They will go great in many different areas of your home, and add the perfect fall touch.

Lastly, the third quick and inexpensive fall décor item to consider adding to your home is a monogram fall wreath for your front door, or even other places inside your home. You can actually go to your backyard to begin this project. Gather sticks, pinecones, colorful leaves and any other fall embellishments you can find. Then, decorate and come up with your own fall style wreath using those items. You can top it off with some fall colored bows made out of ribbon.

Hopefully these tips help get your home in the fall spirit, by the time Fall officially rolls around!



Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

6 Reasons To Buy A Home This Fall

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2016: The Year To Buy

2016: The Year To Buy

If part of your weekend plans are looking for Pittsburgh on your lot builders to build your new home, Parry Custom Homes gives you 6 reasons why this fall is a great time to be a homebuyer in today’s market.

Homebuyers in 2018 are in luck, since interest rates are still at an affordable low lever, even though the market has picked up in the past few years. Even thought they may creep up at any given moment, it is still a fact that home loans are at historic lows.

Some people may remember interest rates being at 18.5 percent in the ‘80’s. Even if home prices are higher in some markets, buyers will still save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage and the low fixed rate of today.

Another huge reason why so many are planning to buy if they haven’t already, is the fact that rent prices have skyrocketed across the U.S. and in many places, the rent is the same or more than a mortgage payment. In fact, rents outpaced home values in 20 of the 35 biggest housing markets in 2016. The hike for rent prices in 2018 is predicted to rise another 8 percent.

For most people, it doesn’t make sense for them to keep throwing away rent money each month, especially if it equates to the same or more than a mortgage payment. More people are realizing this trend and taking advantage of the low interest rates while they can in buying a home and forgoing renting.

Another reason why so many more Americans are able to purchase a home and leave renting behind is because they no longer have to save up huge down payments in order to purchase a home. There are a variety of programs to help homebuyers afford to make home buying a reality.

Other big factors this year that will lead to a large push in homeownership are the stabilizing home prices, mortgage insurance deals, and major tax breaks for homebuyers. All of these things are adding up to a great buyers market this fall!



Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.