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Looking for an On Your Lot Builder In Pittsburgh?

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Pittsburg on your lot builder

While many of us are vacationing and enjoying the beautiful summer months, a lot of homebuyers are in the market looking for a new home in Pittsburgh. While there are many available homes on the market, where do you look when you have a lot and need a builder to build your dream home on a lot you already own? Parry Custom Homes offers the solution to your new home dilemma! Parry Custom Homes is the premier on your lot builder in Pittsburgh and can make your dream home a reality.

Parry Custom Homes specializes in making the homebuilding process as easy as possible throughout Western Pennsylvania. If your lot is within our building area, then get yourself to our showroom and design center so we can help make your dream home come to life!

If you still need to find the perfect lot for your dream home, we can help with that as well. A few of our top tips in helping you to find the perfect piece of land are:

–          School District

–           Township

–            Neighborhood homesite or Private Homesite

–             Homesite size – 1/4 acre or 10 acres

–             Lay of the Land – Do you want to be level out your 1st floor rear or come out onto a deck

–             Utility Locations or if public utility access is available or if you will need a well or sand mound

Know that we’ll be there to assist you along the way to be sure that all costs and considerations are properly handled for your new home. We also understand all permits that you’ll need in the process, so all your basis are covered.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can make your dream home a reality and take the stress out of the homebuilding process.

Your Morning Routine Requires More Energy Than You Realize

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Daily Energy

Daily Energy

How much energy do you think it takes to power the life you live on a day-to-day basis? A recent article on highlighted how much energy it can take to just fuel your morning routine on a daily basis. If you’re currently on the hunt for a Pittsburgh On Your Lot builder this spring to build your new home, you can probably only imagine how much energy that takes from your days as you search online for hours at a time. Parry Custom Homes, shares a breakdown of how we use our energy on a daily basis, for the good and for the bad.

When doing your day to day tasks, you may not realize how much energy you use on a daily basis. However, when you consider all of the electronics that are involved in your day to day life, there is a lot of energy being spent in your daily routine that you probably never stopped to realize!

In today’s modern living society, we are able to use energy without even having to work for it or think about where it comes from. To make it easier to understand the energy usage of basic daily activities, researchers at the online energy marketplace converted these tasks into units of human activity. Any physical action like walking up a flight of stairs, taking out the trash, lifting weights after work, uses energy just like the electricity in our homes does. Comparing the two shows how much we benefit from electric power permeating our daily lives.

Checking your email and reading the news on your iPad requires little energy to do. However, it truly requires the same energy as climbing almost 29 flights of stairs. That is nothing however, compared to the energy it takes to make a cup of coffee. That task requires the same energy it would take to scale 383 flights of stares, which would be the same as climbing the total of two Empire State Buildings.



Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.