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Is your dream home out of your price range?

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Make your dream home a reality

Make your dream home a reality

Summer is in full swing and with that comes many buyers in the housing market for a new home. If you are currently on the hunt for your “dream home” this summer, you may realize now more than ever it might come with a hefty price tag. However, don’t lose hope in being able to afford your dream home just yet. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder shares a few budget tips that might allow you to call your dream home yours! A recent article in explains how with a few tips to consider.

The first tip for your dream home is to negotiate the price. You might be surprised on what sellers, agents and buyers are willing to negotiate on. A seller may be extremely motivated to move due to a move, relocation, work, and so on. Smart haggling is a great way to help you afford your dream home.

The second tip is to consider another option for your mortgage, such as a five, seven or even 10-year adjustable rate mortgage. Many buyers, especially first time buyers or millennials, ask for a 30-year fixed mortgage. Often times millennials would be better off with the adjustable rate mortgage option.

Now days most buyers will be selling their home in less than 10 years, so opting into a different loan type can translate into lower payments upfront. You can also look at creative options for your private mortgage insurance, like having it paid by the lender or seller. This can also help you lower your monthly payment.

The third tip is to see if the more expensive home you want, might save you in other areas. For example, will your commute be shorter to work? Is it in a better school district so you won’t have to pay for private school tuition? See if there are ways you can save to make up for the larger mortgage payment.

The last tip is to see if an energy efficient newer home might make up some of your monthly cost over an older home? Often times a higher-priced home can actually cost the same as a lower-priced one when you do the math and play with certain factors.

These simple and easy pointers might have you comfortably living in your dream home after all!



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Summer safety tips for your pets

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Summer pet safety

Summer pet safety

Summer is in full effect and with that comes rising temperatures, sometimes in the triple digits. Warmer temperatures and summer vacations lead to homeowners wanting to clean their homes up before fall and between entertaining at their homes during the summer. However, the summer months can bring hidden dangers that come to your pet’s health and safety. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares safety tips on how to keep your pets safe this summer and keep them away from any hidden dangers.

Now that we’re officially into summer, the 4th of July is right around the corner. However, most people don’t take into consideration the festivities of fireworks and 4th of July celebration fun that can lead to dangerous leftovers for pets. The leftover firework pieces or chocolate candies left out from entertaining can be toxic to cats and dogs. Chocolate can especially be fatal if ingested by cats. Leftover firework pieces if left in the yard if ingested by your pets can obstruct the digestive tract and lead to severe vomiting and dehydration. It is best to do a once-over of the yard and around your home where any fireworks may have been used to prevent any issues for your pets.

If you’re a dog owner, you most likely like to take your furry friend on car rides with you so they can let their head out the window and soak in the fresh air that summer brings. Unfortunately, this too can be unsafe. Flying debris and insects can cause inner ear or eye injuries as well as lung infections. Any abrupt stops or turns can cause major injuries or worse. It’s best to keep your pet in a crate or a seatbelt especially designed for them, when riding in a car.

Many pet parents will often open the windows of their home during a nice summer morning to let the fresh air in for the day. However, this can also be a risky move if you have any unscreened or loosely-fitted screened windows. This can be very dangerous as pets, especially cats, that are apt to jump or fall through these windows of they lean on them to rest. Be sure to install snug and sturdy screens on all of your windows so you don’t have to worry!

Another thing to be careful of when you are tackling any summer cleaning is to keep all of the cleaners and chemicals out of the way of your pets. Almost all products, including natural ones, contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your pets. Keep them safely stored and away from your pets where they can’t get to them.

Lastly, if you are doing any home improvements this summer, remember that paints, mineral spirits and solvents can be toxic to pets and it is best to read all labels to make sure what can and shouldn’t be used around your pets. Also be cautious of physical hazards such as staples, nails, insulation, blades and power tools lying around. It will probably best to confine your pet to a certain area of the home away from any home improvements, for safety and peace of mind.



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3 common myths that don’t hurt your credit score

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Credit score myths

Credit score myths

Credit scores are one of the biggest things American’s care about, but have the most commonly believed myths associated with them. Chances are, if you have had things ding or negatively affect your credit score in the past that we undenounced to you beforehand, you are much more cautious when it comes to doing anything with your credit in the future. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares three common myths that most people think will hurt their credit score but don’t actually hurt your credit score at all.

The first common myth with credit is that being denied credit will hurt your score. If you ask for a mortgage or auto loan and are rejected, that negative mark actually doesn’t get placed on your credit report and wont damage your credit. However, if you are asking for new credit, this can temporarily damage your credit score. If you get rejected, your score may fall but it isn’t because you didn’t get the loan, it is because you tried to get the loan.

Another common myth of things that don’t actually hurt your credit score is that the interest rate on your loans could hurt your credit score. This is another thing that is not true. The only thing that would hurt your credit score when it comes to interest rates and your loans is if your rates are so high that you can’t pay your bills or if your balances become too high.

The last common myth of things that hurt your credit report is that checking your credit will hurt your credit score. This is also false and on the contrary, it is actually good to keep an eye on your credit score over time to make sure there are not mistakes or unauthorized accounts. If there is any of this activity on your credit history, be sure to report to the bureaus.

The next time you hear anyone mention any of these common credit card myths, you can assure them that these items are actually nothing to be worried about when it comes to their credit. It’s best to consult with a professional on what is best and what to avoid, when it comes to your credit and ways to boost or fix your credit if that is needed.




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How To Make Your New Parry Custom Home Inviting

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Moving into your new home is an exciting adventure for you and your family.  Everything smells new and is untouched.  So how do you give your distinct style to your new home?   Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares some tips on how to get the haven that you have always dreamed of that says, your family lives here.

Start with furniture.  Select furniture that suits the living space of your new home.  Ideally the furniture should be functional, comfortable and the style that fits your new home.  It may benefit your family to spend a little more on quality for the long term if you know that they are hard on furniture.

Add texture.  One of the simplest and convenient ways to add coziness to your home is by incorporating texture to your home.  Surround yourself with items that you like to touch and feel like carpets, upholstered furniture and accessories.  It will make the room of your new home comfortable to you and your family.  This is especially true when designing a large room, it is important to use the right kind of fabrics and texture that can eliminate the vastness of the room in your home and provide it with the much-required coziness.

Use warm colors in your home to make it look warm and comfortable.  Most people think that a white room makes the space feel bigger.  But a white room is the hardest of all the colors to warm up, so it is hard to make the room comfortable without knowing how to add the correct texture and pattern to make the room feel more comfortable.  Think of using colors like green, tan or beige to create a soft atmosphere in your home.

Choosing your accessories are the finishing touches and an important part of decorating your new home.  Choose items that make an emotional connection with you and your family.  Whether it is a decorative light fixture, a textured throw or picture frames, it is how you display them in your home that counts.


As you design your space, think about how you can put the details together to make the most of the design of your new home.



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Baby proofing your home 101

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Baby proofing your home

Baby proofing your home

If you have recently had a baby or have little ones at home, chances are you have become increasingly more aware of the things you need to do to your home in order to baby proof it and make it safe. If you have recently had your first baby, you may not be sure of what all you do need to childproof or even how is best to childproof your new home. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares some tips on the best ways to baby proof your home to make it safe for your little one.

Before you childproof your home, it is good to know what you are guarding against. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has identified many ways children can get hurt. Falls account for the most emergency room visits. The most common accidents with falling are children falling down stairs, out of windows, or off high places within the home, furniture and high objects onto children is also a frequent occurrence so that should be guarded against as well.

The remainder of injuries to children happen as a result of things like electrical shocks and burns, water hazards and accidents of ingestion of common household items or medicines.

However, it is good to keep in mind while the news and media may make it seem like everything is harmful to your young ones, in reality most injuries stem from regular household items like chairs and furniture rather than exotic items.

Below are some tips for how you can baby proof your home, without having to purchase anything.

Although it may sound silly, get on your hands and knees and start at your front door and make your way around your home. This is the best possible vantage point to see and figure out the things you need to baby proof in your home and often allows you to catch things you may have overlooked while standing on two feet instead of four.

It is best to not use baby walkers or use them very cautiously if you do. They increase your child’s mobility and with that comes access to dangerous areas.

Always be there when your baby is in the bath. Don’t rely on bathtub supports and rings to keep them sturdy.

When it comes to your crib, either purchase a new crib or make sure your old crib conforms to the most recent CDC-mandated guidelines for safety.

Be sure to tuck electrical cords away and push heavy furniture in front of outlets. This will prevent your children from pulling the cords.

Keep any store medicines or cleaning fluids on high shelves.

Turn down the temperature of your water heater to avoid any scalding.

The safest window coverings for children don’t include any cords that could potentially harm a child. If you have cords on your window coverings, separate or cut window blind cords if you have them in your home.

Be sure your smoke alarms and batteries are fresh.

Make sure your workshops and hobby rooms that contain any tools are locked up to prevent any accidents.

If you have guns, store them trigger-locked and out of sight in locking gun cabinets. Do not rely on trigger locks alone.

Lastly, remove area rugs and runners near staircases or other dangerous areas.

Most all of these tips come at little to no cost but make a huge difference in the safely of your home for your little ones.




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