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Beat The Mid-Day Slump with These Simple Tips

Categories: Homeowner Tips, On your lot builder Pittsburg, On Your Lot Builder Pittsburgh | Posted: November 17, 2017 | Comments Off on Beat The Mid-Day Slump with These Simple Tips
Beat the mid-day slump

Beat the mid-day slump

The mid-day slump is something everyone can relate too. We have all felt that sluggish, grumpy slowdown period around 3p.m. when your morning caffeine has worn off, lunch is a distant memory and all you want is a quick nap to regain your energy. Sound familiar? If so, Parry Custom Homes, a Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares tips on how to beat the afternoon crash.

To kick-start your energy level and boost your productivity, take a few minutes to try some of these mid-day habits suggested by personal trainers across the U.S.

Tip 1: Take a short walk. A little fresh air can do wonders, if you’re able to sneak outside for a few minutes. If not, take a quick jog up the stairs or walk around the corridors to help get your adrenaline going.

Tip 2: Drink a glass of ice water. This will wake you up, boost your metabolism, and help you feel refreshed.

Tip 3: Eat an energy-rich snack. Some great options to choose from are a handful of nuts, a cup of yogurt, or apple slices with peanut butter. Avoid candy, which will give you a quick temporary rush that will then leave you more bogged down than before, when you crash.

Tip 4: Do some deep breathing. Just a few minutes of deep breathing exercise can help clear your head and regain your energy.

Tip 5: Make a list of the rest of your day, listing chores, family or social plans that you have that evening, to clear your head and keep you focused.

Tip 6: Clear out your email clutter. Cleaning out your inbox during a lull in the afternoon can help you feel productive and ready to finish the day.

Tip 7: Clean off your desk. Some filing, stacking and throwing away of clutter can help you feel more organized and in charge.

Tip 8: Read an inspirational quote. Don’t underestimate the power of words to jog you into action. Keep a book of quotes handy or search online for a quote that motivates you.

Tip 9: Listen to some music. A few minutes spent listening to come energetic music may be all you need to clear your head and give you that extra energy boost to make it through the day.


Hopefully these simple tips do the trick to stop your mid-day slump before it hits!



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