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Safety upgrades for seniors living alone

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If you have an elderly parent who is living alone or you yourself are a senior living alone in your home, home safety is probably one of the main things you focus on for well-being and security. More and more seniors are aging in place and staying in their homes longer, and technology advances are a big part of that. Having a home that meets the needs of those in their older ages is a big reason why people can stay put in their home for as long as they may desire. If you are considering some safety upgrades or ideas for a senior home living situation, here are some simple safety upgrades that can make a world of difference. Parry Custom Homes,  a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares tips to make a home safer for seniors.

Smart lights are a popular feature in homes and can prevent fumbling for light switches in the middle of the night and possibly falling due to the dark. These lights can be programmed to turn on when you enter a room, or be a on a certain schedule to turn on at certain times during the day or night.

You can even adjust these lights from your smartphone, so if you are at home or on the go you will have control over the lighting. These innovative lights mean you or your loved one will never have to walk through a dark home again on their own.

The number one cause of home injuries is a cooking fire and no matter what age you are, you can probably relate to the fact where you have turn the stove on, walked away and completely forgot about it. Sometimes these mistakes are innocent, while other times they can be dangerous and even deadly. Prevent this from happening by installing an automatic stove shut-off feature that are now available to be added on stoves and can reduce the risk of accidental fires in the kitchen.

A monitored smoke alarm is another safety feature that can really come in hand, especially if you want a quick way to get help in case you are asleep or not at home when a fire may occur in the home. This type of smoke alarm makes sure you know it has gone off.

When the smoke alarm sounds, you will receive a call to check that you are okay. This guards from false alarms and if you don’t answer, the operator can send the fire department for you. This system will call for help on its own, so you can live worry-free and not have to worry about not hearing the smoke alarm if and when it goes off.

A medical alert system is another wonderful feature that can be added to a home that allows people to have a quick and easy way to get help in case of an emergency. The medical alert system provides personalized help in seconds.

If you press the button on the medical alert device, it will automatically call for help and get a trained operator on the line to make sure you are safe and send help if needed. In any type of fall or emergency, every second matters and this device can truly save lives by acting fast.

Next, a medication dispenser can be a great tool if you have a lot of pills to take or have a loved one who is forgetful on what pills to take and when. This tool will automatically give daily reminders on when to take medications and what medications to take each day with multiple alerts and alarms.

Lastly, take advantage of the smart home security that is now available for use. There are sophisticated cameras and sensors that will keep you safe and can even learn your daily activities and notifies you if something seems off base.

You are also now able to check the video streams to see who is at your door when the doorbell rings and let you know if the garage door has been left open as well. If you or your family gets locked out of the house, you will be able to let them in remotely.

Just think of an updated some security system as having someone personally watching your home, whether you are there or not.

Implementing any or all of these safety features can help you rest easier at night knowing you and your family is safe, no matter where they live.




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Negotiating repairs after a home inspection

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If you are like most buyers and sellers in the market, you probably are under the impression that the “deal” you get on your new home is done at the signing of the contract. However, there are often several places along the home buying process where you can make deals and save money, if you know where to negotiate and when. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburgh on your lot builder, gives tips on how to negotiate things that will come up during the home buying process after the real estate deal is signed.

The most common issues to arise in the home buying process are during the inspection process because these issues normally result in another round of negotiations for credit or fixes that will need to be done to the home. Below are some tips you can use if and when you run into this issue when buying a home.

First, ask for a credit for the work to be done to your new home. Most of the time sellers are interested in moving out of their current home and into their new one, and sometimes repairs and slow down the process or just be a burden with so many other things on the plate of both parties.

This is also a benefit because you will have control over who does the repairs and what is done. The sellers might not choose the company or be as diligent in the repairs as you will. So it will be a benefit to you to include that cash-back credit at the close of escrow so you can use that money to complete the repairs that need to be done on your own after you move in. Doing it this way also saves a lot of time as well, if you are in a time-sensitive situation.

Also be sure to think about your new home in the big picture. If a bathroom needs to be renovated or there is a leaky faucet or there is some damage on the floors that you will want to fix down the road, also take those into the negotiating room as a credit to fix this issues and help you offset some closing costs.

The next tip you will want to keep in mind is to keep your plans to yourself when it comes to doing your home inspection with your agent and the inspector. If your listing agent knows your comfort level and your intentions, that could come back against you in further negotiations. So play it say and keep plans to yourself during the inspection process.

Lastly, keep your eyes wide open when it comes to your original contract. Never agree on a contract price assuming that it will be negotiated down after inspection. If your property inspection comes back without flaws, you will have no leverage to negotiate the cost down especially in a competitive market. When the market is as competitive and busy as it is at the moment, attempting to negotiate after the initial agreement when no issues have been found can have the sellers looking to move on to the next buyer.

So be sure to go into escrow with your eyes open during the entire process. Your new home wont officially be yours until money changes hands and the deed is transferred. So stay on your toes from the beginning and negotiate where and if you are able. Taking these tips into considering during the buying process will help you less likely walk away with buyers remorse.




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