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10 ways to reuse items in your pantry

Categories: Homeowner Tips, Pittsburgh on your lot builder | Posted: January 27, 2017 | Comments Off on 10 ways to reuse items in your pantry


If you are making your list for early spring cleaning, your pantry may be on your to-do list to clean and de-clutter to start off a new season. Before you go throwing everything out of your pantry, look at 10 secret ways to use items in your pantry you may have never known existed. Parry Custom Homes, a premier Pittsburg build on your lot builder, shares options that may have you looking at what you consider junk in your pantry in a whole new way!

The first thing to look for in your pantry that you can get more use out of than just seasoning your food, is from your salt shaker. If you have a beautiful arrangement of flowers or get any this spring, add a dash of salt to the water of your flowers when they start to wilt. The salt acts as food for the flowers and prevents bacteria growth. Thanks to your salt shaker, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful flowers a little awhile longer.

The next tip is most likely located next to the salt shaker in your cabinet, and that is your pepper shaker. Next time you do a load of brights in your laundry, add a teaspoon of pepper to your wash. Pepper naturally prevents colors from running in the wash and can save you from fancy detergent that promises to do the same.

The third tip is one that will be extra helpful next time you cook a meal that gives off a strong odor (or burn something in the kitchen), simmer a pot of boiling water on your stovetop and add 3-4 tea bags into the boiling water. This will eliminate the odors in your kitchen and you can even rise your hands with cold tea after you prepare the meal, to help eliminate the odors that may be on them as well.

If you are having a party or bringing a fruit dish to a get together, you will appreciate this next tip. You can keep fruit fresh and eliminate it from browning by sprinkling a few drops of lemon over the cut fresh fruit. If you don’t have lemons handy, you can do the same thing with citrus soda!

If you have scuffs in dark wood furniture, look no further than your coffee pot… our grounds, that is. Take a cotton swab and rub it on old coffee grounds, then dab it on dark wood furniture that has white scuff marks. It will help conceal it and leave your furniture looking more like new without costing you a dime!

Finally, use your old paper towel holders for jewelry storage. You can slide your bracelets, bangles and belts on the towel holder and wrap your belts around it to keep them in place.


These simple tips can have you putting your everyday household items to use this spring!



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Online budgeting tools that can help you save

Categories: Pittsburgh custom homes | Posted: January 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Online budgeting tools that can help you save


If you are currently saving up for a Pittsburgh custom home, or even saving up for a car or a big trip you want to take, it can seem daunting to take on the task of trying to save up big for something you want. However, with some great online budgeting tools, the task of saving money can be made much easier. Parry Custom Homes shares some of the top online tools that you can use, to get you where you want to be in your savings.

Mint is among one of the most popular online budgeting tools and one you may have heard of before. You can download the Mint app directly on your phone, so you can budget what you spend from anywhere and on the go. This will help you track your purchases by setting up different spending categories. This app can connect with your bank account to track your spending patterns, investments and so much more.

LearnVest is a great online tool that will help you save for your future goals. No matter how big or small your savings goal is, this downloadable app will have you start with three goals which consist of credit card debt, emergency savings, and retirement. After they have started with those goals in mind, they can move on to your own personal financial goals.

Personal Capitol is the final online tool that will give you a picture of your financial life in their simple app that allows you to analyze your portfolio and help you figure out what is the best plan for you financially.

Savvy Money is an online tool that is geared towards earning your person best credit score and rates. If you are wanting to work on or improve your credit in the process of saving, this is a great online tool to use for that. Based on your credit score, this online tool will show you how you can refinance your existing debt and even show you ways you can save your money.

Budget Simple is an online tool whose motto is to “Eliminate Debt. Build Wealth. Budget Simple.” This tool allows you to track where your money is going and help you to reduce your debt by saving. You can create your own personal budget and manage your money like you may never have been able to before.



Take a look at each of these online tools and apps to see which one will help you reach your savings goal the quickest and easiest.



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