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Is it possible to move your home for $500?

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Save money for your move

Save money for your move

If you have been shopping for Pittsburgh on your lot builders or if you recently just purchased your new Parry Custom Home, chances are moving is on the horizon as your new home awaits. Moving from your old home to your new home can become a big expense to take on, if not carefully planned. Most people don’t have a ton of extra cash sitting around to spend on expensive movers after they purchase a new home. Here are some tips on how you can move into your new home, for much less than you may think.

If you are moving from a place you have lived for many years, it can make the art of moving that much harder as you have accumulated much more over that time. So how do you get everything from your current home to your new home, without going broke in the process?

In a recent article on, it is estimated that a full-service moving company that takes care of the loading, transporting and unloading in Austin, Texas, could cost as little as $640 for a studio apartment and up to $4,440 for a four-bedroom home.

However, you don’t have to break the bank to move. Rather than looking at your move as one single-action, break it up into various parts of the process and weigh the options to dramatically reduce the overall cost of moving into your new home.

If you plan to start from scratch in some areas of your home or all areas of your home, you can save big on your moving expenses by simply not wasting the time or money moving old stuff you don’t plan to keep into your new home. Get rid of any unnecessary belongings you don’t plan on keeping before moving them into your new home.

If you are moving long-distance, streamline the process by hiring a national brand moving service. This should reduce the need to work with two different companies and representatives from the same company in each area, you will likely not only reduce the overall cost, but you will have a lesser chance in movers getting lost because they are unfamiliar with a new city.

The key to saving money with your move is to know what parts of the planning process can lead you to cheaper solutions. Here are the top money-saving tips to put into play for your upcoming move:

Research. Do this and do it early. Not only will you be able to decipher which method will work best for you (DIY, full-service or a hybrid of the two) but you will be able to reserve any necessary equipment far in advance so you don’t find yourself having to hire who is available when you need them.

Get three quotes. Be sure to shop around and get at least three different quotes with any service you hire. You should always weigh your options and speak with multiple companies to make sure you not only find the best deal, but also ensure the people you work with are reputable. Don’t skimp on cost only to result in lousy service.

Consider the off-season. This may or may not be a choice for you but if it is, consider moving in an off-season where the costs are lower because the companies are less busy. Summer is the most popular (and most expensive) time to move.

Move on a weekday. If you do have to move during the spring or summer at the peak of moving season, you can save yourself some costs by moving on a weekday. If you are able to take a day off work for the movers to come or to do it yourself, you will likely get a lower rate.

No matter how you choose to move, if you put the tips above into play you will not only save money during your moving process, but also be much more likely to have a much smoother move as well.




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U.S. housing starts for 2016

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2016 housing starts

2016 housing starts

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the housing market continues to be on the increase as we saw in 2015. After a slow first quarter in the 2016 housing market, many wondered if the new year would not bring as busy of a home buying market as 2015 did. However, single-family housing starts went up 16.8 percent for the first four months of 2016, compared with the same timeframe in 2015. There was an increase in 6.6% of housing starts during the month of April alone. If you have been looking for Pittsburgh custom builders to build your new home this spring, or already purchased your new Parry Custom Home, you may have noticed that the spring months were quite busy in the housing market as you searched.

The churn of new housings starts was given a jump in the Midwest, and with a pickup in multifamily construction. Demand for housing has been steady since 2015 as the interest rates continue to stay low and the ongoing job creating seems to be taking place in the economy to boost home sales.

The housing starts rose 6.6 percent from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.172 million in April of this year.

Single-family homes account for two-thirds of new construction, and rose 3.3 percent in April. Multi-family buildings with five or more units rose 10.7 percent to 373,000. This includes apartments and condominiums combined.

New applications for building permits, which are a good indication for future construction, rose 3.6 percent to 1.116 million, which was previously going downhill at 1.077 million in March of this year.

The summer and fall markets to come will be a telling sign if 2016 will surpass the hot streak that 2015 started in new home starts and sales. If you are still in the market for a new home as summer approaches, contact Parry Custom Homes today to see how they can turn your new dream home into a reality.




Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.

Should you focus on paying your debt off early?

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Paying off debt early

Paying off debt early

Many American’s find themselves chasing after the goal of being debt free. Living a debt-free life is something most people dream of and work towards. There are several successful books and programs dedicated to this very thing. However, are there any cons to paying off debt early? Parry Custom Homes, a Pittsburgh on your lot builder, shares insight on if you are a good candidate to pay your debt off early.

When times are good and money seems to be rolling in, possibly due to a raise, inheritance, bonus at work or some type of investment that paid off, it is easy to wonder if you should use that money to pay off debt early. Debt is seen as something you should pay off as soon as you can, and avoid if at all possible.

However, according to some experts, you shouldn’t necessarily pay your debts off early. In some cases, you can end up fixing one problem while creating another. If you have wondered if you should pay off your debts early, here are the pros and cons to both choices to help you make the right decision.

Benefits of paying off debt early. The first plus when paying off a debt early is that you no longer have to send money each month to the lender, so you will have that extra money to spend on other things. You can also potentially save on interest payments doing this.

According to a lifetime cost-of-debt calculator from, an average person will pay around $279,002 of interest over credit purchases over the course of his or her lifetime. And this is the case if you have a credit score of 620-679. The worse your credit score, the more money in interest you will pay throughout your life.

Paying off debt early will also relieve the stress that comes with debt and those monthly payments. Having to owe less money each month, is always a benefit.

Reasons why you might need to hold off on paying debt off early.  When it comes to the cons of paying off debt early, that reasoning might not be as clear.

If you take a large chunk of savings that you have in your checking or savings account to pay off debts, it can rob you of several opportunities.

First, when you pay off your debt payments of any kind, it helps you establish a credit history. Making your loan payments on time will help you have good credit.

Second, you do get tax deductions for interest you pay for things like student loans. Most interest paid, equals more tax deductions. However, it often isn’t by too much. Each person will have a better idea of how this would affect them either positively or negatively.

Lastly, you will have less cash flow when you put a large sum of money you have into paying off a debt. Since lenders won’t be beating down your door asking you to pay off debt early, it’s often a good idea to keep as much cash in your pocket as possible to make sure you won’t have to borrow money for something else down the road.

The pros and cons of paying off debt will differ from person to person, but these simple tips can help you decide what route is best for your circumstance in the long run.




Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  Call or contact us today for more information about this floor plan option, or to view other homes in our portfolio that may suit your new home needs.