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Springtime To Do List For Your Parry Home

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Pittsburgh new homeWhy is it that the first sign of spring makes us want to clean?  The same pile of clutter has been sitting in the same spot since Christmas, but now it starts to bug you.  Make cleaning your Pittsburgh new home simple and even fun with a plan of attack and a checklist.

One of the hardest parts of spring-cleaning is deciding where to begin and what to tackle first.  So why not approach the job like a pro and create an action plan.  Spending time now organizing will free you up to enjoy the season’s warm weather and longer days.

Purge:  Who doesn’t have things that are no longer being used?  But maybe someday you might just happen to need it.  Why not donate to a worthy cause where someone could use it today.

Improve organization:  Take a close look at where clutter reigns in your Parry home and consider adding organizational tools.  If the kid’s backpacks are piled at the back door is there room for hooks or a bench to hold these items neatly?  Organize just this one area will make walking into your home just that more welcoming.

Inventory:  While organizing your belongings in your Parry home is a great start, having on hand a thorough and accurate records of your possessions and property in case of a loss or theft makes the recovery process easier.

Record everything:  When performing the inventory, be as thorough as possible.  In addition to recording the existence of valuable items like jewelry, heirlooms and electronics, remember to record everyday belongings that will need to be replaced such as dishware and clothing.

Review your homeowners insurance:  Now that you know what you own and how much it is worth.  This is an ideal time to review you insurance policy on your home and see if it accurately covers your current possessions in your new Parry home.  You may find that you aren’t adequately insured or that your policy requires some adjustments.

Spring is the perfect time not only to clean, but also to take inventory of your Parry home to give you the peace of mind that everything is covered.  It is worth your time for you and your family.

Narrowing Down The Choices For Your Parry Kitchen

Categories: New Homes in Pittsburgh | Posted: April 4, 2014 | Comments Off on Narrowing Down The Choices For Your Parry Kitchen

New home in PittsburghThere are so many details and decisions that go into choosing the design elements that go into your dream kitchen for your new home in Pittsburgh.  When building your custom dream home, thinking about all your choices available to you can be overwhelming and how do you narrow it down when there seems to be endless choices.  Here’s how to handle each area of your Parry kitchen.

Flooring:  This is probably the best place to start.  Homeowners usually have a strong opinion in what type of floor they want, whether it is hardwood, natural stone, or something more environmentally friendly.  It is a good idea to keep the flooring cohesive with the rooms in the rest of your Parry home; this creates a flow and continuity.  Once you have an idea of the flooring, look to your Parry home cabinets.

Cabinets:  You can look to magazines or photos off the Internet for ideas of the overall look of your cabinets and how you want your Parry kitchen to look and feel.  You may want something that is open and airy, rich and traditional or clean and contemporary.  You may look to the trim color that you have chosen for your Parry home and go with that choice.

Countertops:  Don’t forget the concept of your Parry kitchen to stay focused and on task.  Choose countertops that go with either the crisp clean look, a classic coordination or the countertop that is a showstopper in your Parry kitchen.  You can choose a monochromatic look that the undertones of the countertop work with the cabinets.

Blacksplash:  There are literally thousand of choices available for your Parry kitchen.  If you have chosen a busy countertop then you should opt for a simple backsplash tile coordinating the undertones of the tile with the countertops and cabinets.

Hardware:  So many things can dictate the overall style and finish of the cabinet hardware in your Parry kitchen.  The counter may have metallic specs in it or the backsplash tile might have bronze accents.  You should let these specifics help guide your decision with your hardware choices.  Lighting might also play a roll in your final choice.

That is a quick guide to selecting finishes for your new Parry kitchen.  Hopefully this will help you narrow down the selections and for finally making the choices for your Parry home.