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Countertop Options For Your Parry Home

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Parry Home kitchensHomeowners looking for low maintenance countertops have many outstanding choices in all price ranges. Here is a list of the top five low maintenance countertop surfaces options available for your new home in Pittsburgh.

Laminate: A laminate countertop surface has many advantages.  It is affordable, comes in hundred of colors and patterns and is very low maintenance.  The solid surface is non-porous, making it the key to easy cleaning.   Laminate never needs sealing or refinishing.  Due to fairly low cost, they can be replaced without great expense. It is a great finish to use in your Parry laundry room if you would like to cut costs somewhere.

Recycled Glass:  This is a relatively new product. The kitchen and bath countertop is made from crushed glass embedded in clear resin, the same type of resin that is used to produce solid surface counters.  The furnished surface is smooth and completely non porous. Clean up is quick and easy.  Recycled glass would be an attractive addition for your Parry home while being resistant to staining and heat. No sealing is needed.

Solid Surface:  There are a variety of solid surfaces.  A solid surface countertop offers worry free upkeep and is quickly cleaned with soap and water.  These low maintenance resin countertops products are resistant to staining, and epoxy and acrylic resin countertops are heat and impact resistant too. If lightly scratched, since the pigment goes through the entire countertop, the scratch can be sanded out and the appearance restored.

Stainless Steel:  As a countertop material, stainless steel would be as low maintenance as it gets for your Parry home.  No sealing or refinishing is ever required and cleaning is easy with mild soap products.  These countertops work well in the kitchen or bath since food, juice, and facial cleaners won’t stain them.  They are heat resistant to stand up to hot pots and pans or hot hair tools in the bathroom.

Quartz:  Quartz could make a very attractive countertop for your Parry Kitchen or bath.  It is an ideal material because it has the look and performance of stone, such as granite or marble, without the natural weaknesses.  It won’t stain and is non-porous.  It is a low maintenance and very easy to clean.  It is also called an engineered stone; it would make a very durable, long-lasting bath or kitchen countertop for your Parry home.

By comparing the style, appearance and maintenance should help you choose they type of countertops that will work for you and your family in your new Parry Custom home.

Parry Custom Homes: Pittsburgh’s On Your Lot Builder

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Pittsburgh on your lot builderFor those in the market for a new custom home in Pittsburgh, many times they find themselves with their dream lot and location, but struggling to find the right builder or a builder who will work with their chosen lot. Parry Custom Homes is Pittsburgh’s On Your Lot builder for the very reason that we are able to build your dream home in your ideal location, on the lot you have already purchased.

Another great aspect of Parry Custom Homes being an On Your Lot builder is the fact that we can also help find you a lot or a lot in the location that you want to build in, to take the stress and search out of your hands.

Building On Your Private Homesite

We make building on your private homesite easy and since we build throughout Western Philadelphia, we more than likely can build your dream home on your land. The first step in building your dream home on your lot is to come out and visit our showroom, or contact us and set up a time to meet with one of our employees in our showroom and design center so we can help you with your goals for your new house.

If you are still in the process of looking for land, we can still help get your plans in place and assist you in finding land that suits your needs. A few main things to consider when purchasing land are the following key elements:

  • School District
  • Township
  • Neighborhoods or Private Homesite
  • Homesite size
  • Lay of the Land
  • Utility Locations.

If purchasing land while starting the homebuilding process with us, we can help assist you along the way so you can understand all the possible costs that it will take to develop your property in your new homesite. We will also help you understand the permits and how you need to fill them out.

Choosing a custom homebuilder in Pittsburgh to build your dream home might seem like a daunting task, but Parry Custom Homes is the right choice for those who want an easy, enjoyable experience.

Parry Custom Homes: A Pittsburgh Home Builder

Categories: New Homes in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh New Home Builder | Posted: February 14, 2014 | Comments Off on Parry Custom Homes: A Pittsburgh Home Builder
Pittsburgh Home Builder

Pittsburgh New Home Builder

If you are new to the Pittsburgh area or are in the market for a Pittsburgh new home builder, Parry Custom Homes is the builder for you. Not only are Parry Homes beautiful homes, but they also are quality built homes that will last.

When buying a new home, most homebuyers in the market want to know what makes each builder they look at different and how they differ from their competition.

Parry Custom Homes has continued to grow throughout the years and even grew during the downturn in the housing market when a lot of the other builders in town either closed down or took a major hit. Why did Parry Custom Homes stay successful? The answer is simple: they give their clients what they want. Not only that, but they give each client what they want in an organized, professional and fun manor so the homebuilding process is an enjoyable one, opposed to a daunting task.

Parry Homes ability to create each home they build from scratch allows their customers top rated warranty service, which is a crucial asset to someone building a new home.

One thing that you can be assured with when purchasing a Parry Home is the fact that they will give you what they say they will deliver, and they stand behind their word. When buying a new home with them, there is no sales pitch and no gimmicks. Each employee at Parry Custom Homes will be sure that you get the right home the right way, and are treated as they want to be treated. This business structure is what has carried Parry Homes through the downturn and has continued to boost success in the Pittsburgh area.

So if you are in the market for a Pittsburgh Builder to build your dream home, come be a part of the Parry family! Let them build your dream home to be what you and your family can treasure and grow in for years to come. The Parry Home staff is a fun, customer oriented team of professionals who truly cares about each and every homebuyer that is a part of the Parry family.

You can deal with a “big box builder” and be treated as one of the many, or become a part of the Parry family and be delivered the home of your dreams.  Contact us anytime to learn more or to get started!

Building Custom Homes is not just a job to us, but a way of life that we live to its fullest. – The Parry Family

Curb Appeal That Will Sell Your Old Home And Get You Into Your Parry Home

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Pittsburgh new home Congratulations!  You have purchased your new Parry Custom home.  You now need to sell the home that you currently own.  This maybe the part that every one dreads, but it doesn’t have to be.  Look at your home as a potential buyer would.

Does your home stand out from all the others in your neighborhood or for that matter homes currently on the market in your area?  In order to attract buyers to your home there must be something attractive about the home they are purchasing.  By sprucing up the exterior of your home will makes buyers anxious to see what is inside and will get you into your new Parry home sooner.

Front Entrance:  Better known as the first impression zone, this must be a clean, freshly painted and inviting.  Make sure the lighting is ample and all fixtures, switches and doorbell are working.   Add charm by placing a welcome mat and if the weather permits, plants in urns near the entrance or stairs or something that will help buyers remember your home over the other ones that they are looking at.

Lawn:  If you have a mailbox make sure that it is freshly painted.  Repair fences and touch up if in need of paint or stain.  A well-kept lawn means a well kept home.  No one wants to buy someone else’s problem.   Keep the walkway free of debris and clean up the landscaping.

For the homes exterior, paint trim, shutters and garage door in a shade that is complimentary to the home.  It should be neutral enough to be pleasing to everyone’s taste, nothing out of the ordinary.  Repair gutters, loose shingles or anything that is broken.

It may take some time to make these improvements, but if it helps your current home to sell quickly and get you into your new Parry home sooner, than it is time well spent.