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Kitchen Cabinets Choices And Your Parry Home

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Parry Homes kitchensThere are many options available to consumers for kitchen cabinetry and three approaches to kitchen design.  Here is some information that may be helpful in understanding your cabinets and millwork for your Pittsburgh new home.

There are basically three levels of cabinetry options available to homeowners. They are Prefabricated, Customized and Custom Made.

Prefabricated cabinets are factory made boxes and doors that are available in a range of standard sizes.  The kitchen is designed in modules and the cabinets are sold preassembled.  They are a budget friendly option; however, there are limitations due to the fixed sizes.  Spacers are used to close voids left between cabinets when standard sizes cannot cover the full run of wall.  There are a limited number of door profiles and color choices; however, manufacturers do offer the more popular and current styles.

Custom cabinets are prefabricated cabinets that are modified after installation.  Interior storage systems, crown moldings, glass doors, specialized lighting and upgraded hardware can be used to customize you kitchen to suit your needs and your budget Parry budget.  This is a mid range option for those who want a high end look, but still need to keep the budget in mind.

A true custom kitchen is designed and built to the exact specifications of each kitchen.  Each component of the cabinetry is made to order and the cabinet sizes are determined by the true measurements of the space.  The homeowner resulting in a unique and one of a kind kitchen selects every aspect of the millwork from materials to finishes.  This is the most expensive option available and the results definitely say high-end design.

If your Parry home is your first new home purchase, you may not have realized how many options there are and the options available for cabinets can vary.  You want to decide what best fits your family’s budget and lifestyle in your new Parry home. As a consumer, you want to make sure to know your options and what is available to you in your new Parry home.

You Don’t Have To Wait For Spring To Use Bright Colors In Your Parry Home

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Spring color decorSunny Patterns and hues are in the forecast for the home décor front, so you don’t have to wait for spring to wake up the colors in your Parry home with colors like fresh blues, upbeat pinks and sunny yellow.  There is no better time than in the late winter months to reinvent your Pittsburgh custom home by personalizing a room with some color or pattern.  If you have never been brave enough to try out the color pool, now is the time to throw yourself in.  You may even discover the mood enhancing benefits of a re-styled living space in your Parry home that cannot be underestimated.

Some colors to look at are yellow, which is a happy hue in all by itself.  Introduce it in your Parry home through the use of dishes, soft furnishings or bedding.  A modern look is pairing white and a gray print with a pop of yellow.  It is cheerful, optimistic and can bring a smile to your face.

White is another dominant color that is everywhere.  Look for it in shades of crisp white or vanilla tinged.  Gather a group of snowy white vases display them empty or filled with colorful blooms and place them on a textured runner or add white to the dark drapes of winter.  Awaken them by hanging white cotton or silk sheers for the light to filter into the room.

The chevron pattern is turning up everywhere from pillows, rugs, bedding to dinnerware.  This is a fun, bold and contemporary graphic that can be introduced in any room of your Parry home.  It is an addictive pattern.  Once you add it somewhere in your Parry home, you will find several other ways that you will want to use it in different rooms of your Parry home.  You will find this pattern in an array of colors.  It’s a fun way to update and add a little modern style to your Parry home.

So why wait for spring to add color.  Now is the perfect time to change out a few accessories and introduce some new hues without spending a great deal.  You can make the rooms in your Parry home look refreshed and invigorated in no time.

Does Your Parry Home Need A Home Office

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Pittsburgh Custom HomeHome office seems to be going the way of the fax machine.  Wireless devices and portable devices allow you work from anywhere in your new Parry home and home office improvements provide the least return on the investment if you were to ever sell your Pittsburgh home.  If you are rethinking dedicating an entire room to office space, read on for some other ideas.

If a home office is definitely needed, think about incorporating a homework hub, giving each kid a workspace with a small metal desk in a fun color with a clip on lamp and comfy chair.  Or create a comfortable reading nook on the floor with beanbags.  Mount floating shelves to display books will encourage reading time.  If your kids crave a more creative space, think of having a table were they could draw or paint.  A wall painted in chalkboard paint can let your kids be creative over and over again.  If your kids like to perform, play songs or dance, build a platform in the corner of the room and hang a rounded shower curtain rod with a pair of dark curtains to create their stage.  Hang costumes, puppets or musical instruments and put other props in a toy chest.  Finish by hanging a mirror so that they can watch themselves rehearse.

Of course there is always the option to make the space a game room or billiards room.  You could add a counter with a sink for a wet bar and bar stools, a high top cocktail table for drinks or to play cards with family or invite over your Pittsburg neighbors.

Has a luxurious dressing room ever crossed your mind?  The first thing you will need is a wall of shelving for shoes and clothes.  Keep the décor minimalist and pair it with a neutral paint color, sconces, and a tufted ottoman in the center of the room with a crystal chandelier over head.  Add a floor mirror and a vanity.  Vintage hatboxes, a dress form or an antique trunk make for nice accessories.

However you decide to use your extra room, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, just make this room of your new Parry home something you or your family will use and enjoy.

A Place For Everything In Your New Parry Home

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house handIf your New Year’s resolution was the promise of order in your new Parry home and you have already purchased a new storage system, here are some ideas of organization for the things that you have collected, created and need to live with in your Pittsburg new home.

For a stress free morning, have a departure cabinet or area by the door that is part shoe closet and part catch all with everyone’s gear in clear view and grouped by function.

Sports Center: Gloves and shin guards get checked at the door so that they aren’t strung throughout your Parry home.

Family Calendar:  The back of a door can hold a dry-erase board for the current and upcoming weeks and for outbound mail and forms.

Dog Bin: Store your pets leash, waste bags, towels and treats where it is accessible to everyone in the family for pet duties.

Mini Catchall:  A visible shelf or basket for items like sunglasses, umbrellas, sunblock or car keys.

If you have more room to spare, store off-season gear like hats, gloves and scarves in a bin on an upper shelf until they are needed.

Keep slippers in a couple of sizes for your family and visiting Pittsburg guests.

Group raingear together, things like umbrellas, ponchos and hats.

If room allows, tuck a small step stool into a low shelf convenient for putting on shoes or reaching the higher shelves.

A home office is another area that can use organization.  There is usually more than one task going on in this area and it takes work to keep it clutter free.  It helps to know what records you need to keep and for how long.

1 Year: Paid bills such as utility and telephone bills, copies of checks for non-tax-deductible items and annual investment statements.

7 Years:  IRS tax records and forms, bank and credit card statements and records of deductible expenses, such as charitable contributions.

For long as they are active: Contracts, mortgage record, real-estate deeds, home improvement receipts, paid bills for insurable purchases, stock or bond certificates and vehicle titles.

Indefinitely: Birth Certificates, marriage and divorce papers, Social Security cards, passports, education records and military service records.

Hopefully this will help to end the procrastination and move you toward your goal of organizing your new Parry home.