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Make A Parry Custom Home Your Holiday Gift

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Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 5.00.57 PMChristmas is upon us in a few days, and before we know it the holiday season will be over. Why not surprise your family this holiday and give them the gift of a Parry Custom Home for the New Year? Like many, finding a new home in the Pittsburgh area can be a daunting task. Here at Parry Custom Homes, we help take the guess work out of the home buying process, and offer you a series of floor plans to choose from to best suit your needs.

For those of you looking for a traditional floor plan, The Lincoln plan is the ideal plan for you. This design provides an open living area across the back part of the home that is perfect for entertaining, as well as everyday living.

There is a mud room located directly off of the garage, which is ideal for the winter months when snow and mud are common on everyone who enters the home. There is a cozy place for those to put their shoes, coats, and scarves once they enter your home.

There is a two-story foyer that presents and impressive entrance to the home, and does not prevent you from loosing much living space. The upstairs of this home has a large master suite and 3 additional bedrooms, which make this home great for families.

The Lincoln plan offers 2,450 spacious square feet and a 2-car attached garage.

Another home pan of ours that is a wonderful choice for those who crave space is our Avonmore plan. Spread out over 3,400 square feet, this home will comfortable sit house your family and give you plenty of space to grow and entertain.

The Avonmore floor plan has a two-story foyer option, an open living area, and a mud room/laundry room located directory off of the garage. This home offers 4 bedrooms and 2 and a half baths.

For more information on how to make either of these homes your own, or to explore our full gallery of plans, give us a call at 724-863-0199- we would love to talk with you!

From the Parry Custom Home family to yours, we would like to wish you a Happy Holiday!

Real Or Faux Tree for Your Parry Home

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Christmas TreeWhether you choose silver or gold for your tree’s decorations, here is some information to help you pick the perfect tree for your Parry Custom home.

There has always been an age-old debate about whether a Christmas tree should be real or artificial.  It really is personal preference, so if you are a fan of artificial but cannot live without the smell of the fresh pine, there are a number of ways to have your tree and the smell of one too.

Faux Trees.  Many environmentalists cringe at the thought of purchasing artificial Christmas tree, but the convenience factor has kept the industry in business.  One way to make it a more environmentally friendly purchase is to buy locally.  The closer to home it is made; the less fuel is used to transport it.  If you purchase an artificial tree, use if for many years and once you are done. Then pass it on to someone else in need of a tree.  To get the smell of a real tree, there are many products from candles, potpourri and oils that will infuse the evergreen smell throughout your Parry home.

Cut Trees.  Many of us assume that a real tree is the optimal environmental choice, but unless you are purchasing an organically grown tree; your tree may have been treated with pesticides and herbicides.  If you can’t buy organic, buy local and avoid trees that have been trucked in from other areas.

Living Trees.  Living or bag and burlap trees are also an ecologically friendly alternative that is gaining more in popularity.  Living trees are purchased from a tree farm or nursery, decorated during the holidays then planted in the yard after the holiday.  While this is a very environmentally friendly option, it is not the easiest to take on.  If your family is interested in being conservative and would rather have a tree that they can later plant in there Parry neighborhoods yard, this may be the way to go.

Millions of trees find their way into the nation’s landfills at the beginning of each year, but there are many ways to recycle trees and keep them from turning into trash.   Private companies and cities recycle trees and then they are typically turned into mulch or wood chips.

Whichever tree you choose for your new Parry home, it will help to bring the season of celebration to be enjoyed by your family and friends.

Perfect Gift Wrapping In Your Pittsburg Custom Home!

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wrapping paperWhat better way to make family and your friends feel special than inviting them into your new Parry Custom Home and taking time to wrap their presents and make them almost too pretty to open.   Your wrapping will go beyond the box and your friends will truly feel special when they see the time you took to not only carefully select their gift, but to wrap it as if it’s the gift itself.

Of course your gift should be a reflection of your feelings toward the recipient, but here are some tips for to make the wrapping just as special as the gift.

Take the time to think about how you want to wrap the present, just as you would the gift. You spend more than five minutes on the gift; spend time on planning how you want to wrap the gift.  Make it as thoughtful as the gift and you will enhance the gift experience.

Match the wrap to the recipient:  Take advantage of what you know about the person.  Do they have a favorite color, hobby or treat?  Put it on the package.

Make it playful.  Do you have a joke between you and the recipient or know something special about them?  If they love cards, find a beautiful deck of cards to place on the top.  If golf is their passion, wrap the gift in Astroturf or paper that looks like grass and top with golf balls.

Make the wrapping a window to the gift:  If you are giving a mixer, wrap it in pages from an old cookbook with measuring spoons attached to the outside.

Think in Layers.  Depth enhances visual interest.  Mix papers and make bows with multiple ribbons or add netting.

Do not confine yourself to conventional giftwrapping supplies.  You are not limited to wrapping paper and ribbon.  You might use fabric or old maps.  Look to nature for inspiration, such as pine needles or pressed flowers and pinecones.  Look for dimensional elements, like toy cars or teddy bears to top off your present.

Every gift that you give to your family or friends is an inspiration and a way to express you imagination in decorating.

The Ultimate Home Office For Your Pittsburgh New Home

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officeIf you want to incorporate a home office in your new Parry Custom home, the size of the room isn’t the most important thing.  You can create an efficient, custom-tailored office even in a small space.   A sleek home office is the ability to mix organization and design.  Here are some pointers for setting up and furnishing a home office in your Parry home that is comfortable, functional and inspiring.

The Desk.  When you think of a traditional office desk, you typically have a file cabinet and keyboard tray, but to fit your décor and style, you may choose a less expensive version.  A simple wood table will add character and originality to your office.

The Chair.  If you are planning long hours of sitting, you may look for a well-padded ergonomic chair.  If you only going to use the space occasionally, you may look for an upholstered chair or elegant bamboo chair that brings texture to your room.

Lighting.  Good lighting is an important part of any home office.  Use several lamps in the room.  Task lighting offers focused light, while a table or floor lamp will create a warm, ambient glow in the room.

Shelves.  Bookcases or shelving will keep our space neat, orderly and clutter free.  Consider storage boxes to organize your paperwork or look for fabric or woven boxes to add color and create additional storage.  In addition to being utilitarian, open shelves also provide a way to personalize your office with accessories, photos and mementos.

Bulletin Board.  Ribbon and pin boards are terrific for displaying things you need and they keep the items in plain sight yet in a decorative fashion.

Furniture Placement.  Position your desk first in a way to maximize the space in the room, ideally with a view to the door.  Use a rug to anchor the desk in the room and think of positioning a small table or cabinet behind the desk.  By placing a lamp or two behind the desk will look stylish and add symmetry to the room.  Another option would be tiered cabinets.  They can offer much needed storage. If the space allows, add a second chair along with a reading light.  Add wall art, accessories and photos to warm the space and make it your own.

With a little imagination, a few basics and the desire to get organized you are on your way to styling your office space in your new Parry home.