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How to Add Color To Your Child’s Room In Your Parry Home

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Moving into your new Parry home means newly designed rooms for everyone in your family.  If you leave it up to your kids, it may mean every wall in their room may be electric pink or lime green.  How do you avoid this and still let them have a say in designing their new room?  Here are some guidelines for helping your kids decorating their room.

Make color personal.  One way to pick colors for your child’s room is to think about setting the tone for their personality.  Reserve bright colors for smaller pieces that can be easily changed when the child’s taste changes.  Bring in contrasting colors and a fun design to liven the room.

Encourage their creativity.  Let their art be the color accent in their room.  You can do this by covering one wall with cork squares creating a giant bulletin board.  A cork wall makes it easy for your child to display let your child to display their artwork, ribbons, pictures and posters.  If they like to draw, paint one wall in chalkboard paint and let them create different drawings that can be changed as often as they like.

Avoid the theme room. No matter how much your child loves a favorite character or pop star, it will probably change in a year.  Instead of theme décor, choose a color that complements a collection and let your child pick out accessories that feature their favorite character to complement the room.  This will make changing the room’s interior easier to do at some point in the future.

Use colorful furnishings.  Use bright accessories and furniture as an easy way to update a child’s room.  By making furnishings the dominant color in the room and keeping the walls neutral, it will make it easier to transition the room as your child gets older.  If your child really wants to paint there walls a bright color and you do not want to commit to that much color on the walls, a compromise may be the way to go.  Consider a bold focal point wall and paint the other three walls a neutral color. This way if your child wants to update their room, painting just one wall a different color is easier than changing all four walls.

As you get closer to designing the rooms for your Parry home, keep these tips in mind for your child’s room to help get a room designed just for them.


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What Makes A Parry Home Different

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If you are in the market for a new home and are searching for a builder, look no further.  At Parry Homes we have the ability to create a home design from concept to completion with top rated warranty service.  Our customers know that we get them what they want and because they know we will deliver what we say we are going to deliver.  This allows them to relax and enjoy watching their new home being created before their eyes.  At Parry Custom Homes, you have our team of highly trained members behind you all of the way.  Parry Custom Homes has the ability and skill to custom design as much as you want.  Here’s how you can get started:

Visit us at our Showroom and Design Center.  Come see for yourself our showroom and view our home designs. You will be able to discuss your home needs and learn about our standard features and building products.

Choose your home site.  Do you have a home site in mind?  If not we can help you find a neighborhood that you can call home.  We are here to help you find a home site to fit your family’s needs.

Design your home.  Here at Parry Homes, we have top selling home designs for you to choose from or if you have a design concept in mind, we can turn your thoughts into reality and help you to create your own unique home unlike any other.

Evaluate your home-site.  We have helped many homeowners build on their own private property.  We show you how to make the most of your lot and will visit your home site to help determine the costs to develop your land.

Lock in your financing.  Everyone has different financial circumstances and we can help you find your best options.  You can choose from our list of preferred lenders who can offer you different option for your own personal needs.

Make the most of customize features in your home.  Our showroom is filled with options and limitless selections by our vendors that you can choose from.  We are here to assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for in your new Parry home.

Let us do the hard work.  We will be in contact with you throughout the entire construction phase to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Relax and enjoy your home.  Sooner than you think, you will be in your Parry Home and can have the peace of mind that your new home was built the right way.

Parry Custom Homes is an established home builder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.

New Home and New Traditions in Your Parry Home

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If you have been in your Parry home for a while or just recently moved in, this time of year can get you thinking of creating some traditions with your family and building memories to cherish in your Parry home.  Start now and create some family rituals that your family can look forward to for years to come.  Here are some ideas you may want to start with.

Take a family photo in the same place every year, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas.  If you have kids, take their picture every year on the first day of school.

Have one night a week for movie night, game night or make whatever you want for dinner night.

Hold a family night slumber party in the family room.  Kids love this.  Build an indoor tent of blankets and sheets to sleep under and make popcorn or have root beer floats as a treat while watching a favorite movie.

If it’s a rainy Saturday, have an indoor picnic.  Spread out a blanket or better yet, some beach towels to have your indoor feast.  After your picnic, maybe you could play some games or pull out old family photos and tell stories of when the pictures were taken.

For every holiday have something special that your family will associate with it.  For Thanksgiving, maybe it’s a favorite pie that you won’t make at any other time. For Christmas, have a special tree decorated with ornaments made only by the kids. On the Fourth of July, watch the fireworks from the same place with your family, and for birthdays, buy two dozen helium balloons with long ribbons hanging from the bottom of the balloon and let them loose in the family room to cascade from the ceiling and celebrate your family members special day.

If your kids are still young, you don’t want to miss out on building memories with them in your Parry home.  As you know, time goes fast and if you don’t pay attention, before you know it the time to make memories will have passed you by.  Take time with your family and enjoy your wonderful Parry home and the warmth of the memories that will fill its space.  You will create a home that everyone wants to be a part of.



Parry Custom Homes is an established home builder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.

Choosing The Perfect Sink For Your Parry Home

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There will be many choices that you will need to make for your new Parry Custom Home and choosing sinks will be one of them.  This used to be a simple choice, but now there are many varieties to pick from.  Do you want a farmhouse sink?   Did you know if you choose this type of sink that they weigh around 150 and needs a wider girth?  Or that sinks come in a variety of colors, they can be under mount or over mount.  These are just a few of the choices you will need to answer when the time comes.  There are pros and cons in the material that you can choose from for your sink.  Here is a list of material used in the manufacturing of sinks and what makes them a positive or negative choice.

Concrete: Concrete sinks can be integrated with the countertops; there are many options for color, shape and inlay, but the surface is porous, so coffee and citrus juices can stain the surface.

Enameled Cast Iron:  This is available in crisp whites and lots of colors.  It resists scratches and retains heat.  The downfall is that it is heavy, chips, shows stains and is hard on dishes.

Enameled Steel:  Available in many colors, it is also affordable and lighter than cast iron.  It is; however, thin, prone to flexing and chipping.  It is not recommended with garbage disposals because it noisily vibrates.

Fire Clay:  This product has the look of cast iron and is durable, glossy and low-maintenance.  It is limited in sizes and colors.  It also can chip, is hard on dishes, is expensive and there is a wait time since it has to be imported.

Soapstone:  Here’s a product that can handle pots and pans, it retains heat and is moderately easy to maintain.  Two downfalls of this product are that it is expensive and also scratches.

Solid Surfaces: Here is another product that can be integrated with the countertop or a drain board.  It is durable and stain resistant.  Another bonus is that scratches and burns can easily be sanded out.  It also comes in a wide range of colors.  There are not a lot of cons with this product.  Although it must be installed by a professional and hot pans can burn it.

Stainless Steel:  This product is timeless.  It is durable and easy to clean.  If you choose a thinner gauge it is more affordable, but a thicker gauge will resister water spots and dents.

These are just some of the materials available for sinks.  We hope that this has helped you as you make your design choices for you Parry home.


Parry Custom Homes is an established home builder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.

Parry Custom Homes- Happy Homeowners!

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Here at Parry Custom Homes, we build not only our homes, but the foundation of our company on excellence and great customer service that larger builders just cannot offer in the Pittsburgh area.

Some of our happy homeowners have shared their feedback on our company. Contact us if you would like to learn more about how you can soon become a happy homeowner of a Parry Custom Home as well! Read below some of the things Parry homeowners are saying.


From the first time we met, three years ago to today, we knew Keith was the man to build our home. He is friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and accommodating. His goal from day one was to please the home owner.Don & Marcia

We are very pleased with our new home and we have both agreed that if we build another home in the area, Parry Custom Homes will be our first choice of builder.Ray & Donna

Ranking From 1 to 10, would you refer Parry Homes to a friend?

10…….I believe Parry really strives to do the best job for their clients. They use top quality products and do not cut corners. I believe they build for their clients as they would for themselves.- Marty

Area of Satisfaction?

The house. The quality of construction and the final product were exactly what we hoped to get when we signed with Parry homes. Whether it be our family, friends or ourselves, we get nothing but positive feedback about how beautiful our house turned out.- Matt & Loren

Area For Improvement?

Parry did not fall short on anything. They did all they said they would do and did so on a timely basis.Bob & Robin

Construction Quality of your Parry Custom Home?

Couldn’t be happier with the framing/finishing work.Jonathan & Michelle

Area Of Satisfaction?

Quality, honesty, and personal attention.– Eric & Nicole

Very Pleased with everything. They are a family business and run it like they were building their own. -Tim & Kris

Considering Your Experience with Parry, How likely would you recommend us to a friend?

I would definitely recommend Parry to friends or colleagues for reasons stated above. Also, personalized treatment that you receive from the beginning of the process to the end of the construction and quality work and quality products. That is very important to me. Also, knowing that I will have another meeting with Brian after 2 months to go over any items that need fixed that I may not have noticed when we had the final walk through before I moved in. That shows me that they still care about the customer. PS: I also think the appreciation day that Parry held on October 19th for the people they built homes for was such a nice gesture for them to do. That shows they really care.Kathy & Rich


Parry Custom Homes is an established home builder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.