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Winterizing your Parry Home

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It’s that time of year again, you can feel a little nip in the morning air and the first frost is right around the corner.  A few things should be done around your to help get your Parry Custom Home ready for winter.

Drain your outdoor hoses; insulate any outdoor plumbing and shutting off any water to outside pipes.  If you will be gone from your home for any length of time, make sure your house temperature doesn’t go below 55 degrees to avoid any problems with your homes interior pipes.

Put away lawnmowers for the winter.  It is best to drain any gas out of the tank and clean it up to be ready again for spring.  This would also be a good time to make sure the snow blower is in working order and make sure that you have plenty of salt, sand and that you have a shovel on hand.   Plenty of new Parry homeowners find themselves in the middle of winter and all of sudden remember that they haven’t purchased a shovel for their new Parry Home yet.

Check out your gutters to make sure that they are free of leaves.  If water cannot properly flow from the gutter ice can build up inside which can cause the gutter to pull away from your home.  If you find that you have a lot of leaves in your gutters, you may want to consider leaf guards.  Don’t forget to check the down spouts also that debris has not built up during the summer and has blocked them from draining.

Have your furnace inspected by a service professional.  Make sure that you have furnace filters and change them as needed.  Change your ducts and vents from the summer positions to winter.  You may not need as much heat going upstairs since heat rises and you want to heat your Parry Home more evenly from bottom to top.

Make sure you have your chimney inspected and in that it is in good condition.  A professional chimney sweep can remove soot and creosote buildup that can become dangerous over time.  You will also want to make sure that you remember to open the fireplace damper before you build a fire to keep smoke from backing into your Parry Home, now you are ready to gather your family in front of the first fire of the season and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

There you have it! Just these few check ups will have you and your family prepared for the colder days ahead here in Pittsburgh.


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Prepping your Parry Home for Fall

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You may not want to think about it yet, but it is time to start prepping your Parry Custom Home for the colder temperatures ahead.  Checking out your furnace now and getting things in order for the colder weather will make you happy it is done once the really cool weather sets in.

Check out your furnace before you really need it.  Have a service person out to do a thorough check on the heating system as it is just getting cool out.  Their schedules are more flexible before the first cold snap and they start getting the emergency calls.  They will be checking the system and turning the vents, changing the filters and making sure the system is running like it should.

Flush out your underground sprinkler system.  You want to make sure that you flush out the lines before it freezes outdoors.  If you have it serviced they will blow air into the pipes to flush out any water left in the lines.  You don’t want to forget about your sprinkler system because the lines are just a few inches below the grounds surface and are prone to freezing and can break if not treated properly in the fall for the wintertime.

Have your roof inspected to get the full life out of your shingles.  This is a good time to look for loose or deteriorating shingles.  Trim back any branches that might rub on the roof as the wind blows them around and clear leaves and debris from the gutters.  Also check the flashing around the chimney and inspect down spouts for any repairs that may be needed before winter sets in.

Hopefully this will remind you to get your Parry Home ready for the colder days ahead.   Add this as a reminder to your calendar as a regular check up time for this time of year and you will always be one step ahead of everyone in the Pittsburg area.


Parry Custom Homes is an established home builder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.

The Benefits of Building a Custom Parry Home

Categories: Buying a Home | Posted: October 9, 2013 | Comments Off on The Benefits of Building a Custom Parry Home

If you are like many people browsing for builders in the Pittsburgh area, the idea of a Parry Custom Home sounds very enticing. However, taking the steps to making that dream a reality might leave you at a fork in the road as to whether buy a new or used home.  Here are some reasons that might help you see the advantages of buying a new Parry Custom Home.

Community:  If you have a favorite neighborhood or private home site that you just can’t wait to call home, we will help make that dream for your family a reality.  Bring your intended site to us or let us help you find one to fit your family’s needs.

Floor Plan:  At Parry Custom Homes, we have what every family wants- the latest design in floor plans.  Ceiling heights are much higher with an open floor concept.  The master bedroom and master bathroom are spacious with enough closet space for everyone.  Modern floor plans are designed to optimize every ounce of space for a growing family, leaving nothing to waste.

Customizable:  With a new Parry Custom Home you can customize the home to fit your every need as it is in the building process.  Your design needs will be met with choosing the colors, flooring, cabinetry and anything else you can think of.  With a new Parry Home you won’t have to worry about costly remodeling, the mess that comes along with it and disruption to your family’s life when in the middle of a remodel and hoping it be completed on time.  Instead, your Parry Home will be free of the mess, dirt and contractors and ready for you and your family to move into upon completion.

Latest in Technology:  A new Parry Home is design with today’s technology in mind.  Before the walls go up, you will be able to put in phone jacks, cable, surround sound, and security systems that can all be prewired as you build your new Parry Home.

Safety:  Your Parry Home will be built to current building codes and with modern materials, thus eliminating concern of lead based paints and asbestos.  Not to mention, bad plumbing, wiring, mold and other unforeseen issues of older homes.

Warranties:  Your Parry Home comes with a variety of warranties.  A warranty can be purchases with a used home, but they typically last a year and covering only certain equipment for two years and other conditions for up to 10 years.


As you can see, there is more peace of mind when purchasing a  Parry Custom Home.  By comparing what may seem like a bargain now, to all the conveniences, safety, and customizing your own home there is no comparison.  Visit Parry Homes today and fine the home that is perfect for you and your family.


Parry Custom Homes is an established home builder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.

Ready to move? Thing to Know Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Categories: Buying a Home | Posted: October 3, 2013 | Comments Off on Ready to move? Thing to Know Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Everyone wants to sell his or her house quickly and get the best deal at the same time.  The secret to getting everything you want?  Work with a top performing Real Estate agent.   Remember, you are hiring the Real Estate agent because of their expertise and services.

You want someone who will work hard for you, but also someone you are comfortable with because you will be spending a lot of time together.  Here are some tips that may help you find the best real estate agent and get you into your Parry Custom Home sooner than later.


  1.  An active agent will be current on the market and local and state laws.  They will know your current neighborhood and be better positioned to help provide you with unique insight on what is happening with the market and home sales in your area.
  2. Check to see if your prospective agent has any advanced specialty training to better assist you.  Ask if they are an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, which focuses training specifically on buyers, or if they are a Certified Distressed Property Expert that has had special training to deal with short sales and foreclosures.
  3. While many people start looking online, an agent is there to assist you with setting the price before putting the house on the market based on a competitive market analysis.  Ask them how they will market your home.  Also, ask if they provide staging and hosting open houses.  When the offers start to come in they can help you decide which offer to accept.
  4. Ask how often you will hear from the agent and make sure that it meets your expectations.  Let them know if you expect regular check-ins or only if there is activity.

Hiring a Real Estate agent is not something that most people do often in their lives.  Make sure you do your research and hire an agent from a reputable company.  You want to know you are getting the best deal possible while meeting your end goal, which is moving into your new home as soon as possible.


Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.