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Building a Custom Home- How do I start?

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Building a custom home can seem like a daunting task for a buyer who has never built a custom home. Here at Parry Custom Homes, we make the process simple by breaking it down into steps that are easy to comprehend, and make the custom home building process an enjoyable one for our home buyers.

The first step here at Parry starts with setting up a time to visit our showroom and design center. Here you can learn more about what we have to offer you. Buyers are able to tour the showroom, view home designs, learn about our standard features and building products, as well as discuss your home needs with our custom home counselor.

The second step in the custom building process is to choose your home site. Find the neighborhood or lot that you want to call home, and we will make it a reality by building the custom home of your dreams in the location of your choosing.

Step three in our process is the fun part, designing your home! You will be able to choose from one of our top selling home designs, or work with our design team to design a plan of your own. We recommend showing us inspirations or examples from elements of homes that you like, so we can create a unique home design built to fit your needs.

Step four will be where we evaluate your home site that you have chosen. We are the local on your lot specialists in the Pittsburgh area for custom built homes, so we can help you along the way in figuring out how to make the most of your lot with your new home.

Step five will be locking in your financing. We have a list of preferred lenders who offer many options to our buyers for your financing needs. We realize that each of our buyers have different financial needs and we work with each of them to help find the best option to suit each of their needs.

Step six entails the customizing of features of your house. There are limitless options and selections in our showroom and through our vendors, so sky is the limit when it comes to the specifics of what you are wanting to put in place and make your dream a reality.

Step seven is our second to last step of the process. This is where we do the hard work, and you sit back and watch your dream unfold. Once all of the details have been ironed out and your selections are in place, all of the hard work on your end is complete! Leave the rest to us and we will keep you up to date on the progress and status of your home each step of the way as it is being built.

Step eight, which is the final step in our custom home building process is to relax and enjoy your new custom home! In the end, all of the time and energy spent in building your dream home will be worth it as you spend time breaking it in with your family and friends. You will be able to rest easy every night knowing that your home was built with the dedication and detail that Parry Custom Homes is known for providing our home buyers. Call or contact us to get the home of your dreams started today! Remember, the process starts with a simple trip to our showroom, so what are you waiting for?

Parry Custom Homes is an established home builder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.

It’s Time to Make Your Move to a Parry Custom Home

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You are thinking about moving, but you’re not sure if you want to leave your current house.  You have memories there; it’s where you started your family.  Yes you have memories there, but if you remember this morning there wasn’t enough room at the kitchen table for everyone or there is no quiet place for you to do work from home.  There’s a reason you contemplating a new home and it’s because you know your current home isn’t working for you anymore. You will find that a new Parry Custom Home solves all those problems your current home is causing your family.  You will hardly be able to wait to pack up all your precious belongings and move into your new Parry Home and for all the new memories that your family is going to make in their new home.

When you visit the showroom at Parry Custom Homes, we know that something is not working for your family with your current home, or you just wouldn’t be there. It will help if you start by making a list of all the things that you would like to see in your new Parry Home. By identifying the problem Parry Home builder’s can start to help you look for the solutions and eliminate the problems your family is currently experiencing. Do you have enough closet space? Do you hate your kitchen layout? Are your spaces too small? Do you dislike your current neighborhood? Do you need an office space? Are you looking for more neighborhood amenities? Is your family expanding? What are some of the key features missing in your current home that you’d like to see in your next home?  When you come to the Parry Custom Home showroom you will see floor plans that will fit your family’s needs and move you away from what you have out grown in your old house and into your new home.

Don’t forget, once we complete your home, all that is left to do is to relax and enjoy your Parry Home with your family and friends with the peace of mind and comfort knowing that your Parry Home was built the right way without any shortcuts taken to cut cost with Parry Custom Homes.

Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area.  For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.

Making the Most of Your Storage Options

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All homeowners face the same struggle at one point or another: where to put everything. Clutter builds up over time, and since you’ll love your Parry custom home for years, it’s best to start using your storage smart as soon as you move in. Whether you’re in your first or your fourth Parry Custom Home in Pittsburgh, our tips are sure to help you get organized and stay organized.

To get started on your storage war, take a minute to assess which areas need the most work. Does your entryway become the drop-off for too many shoes, books, coats, and the like? Is your garage a haven for years-old knick-knacks and unnecessary extras? Is your closet or bedroom filled to the brim?

Determine which part of your home needs the most help, and start there. Though it’s tempting to start with the easy projects first, you’ll only be putting a band-aid on the issue; if you start with the most difficult storage challenge, things will only get easier from there!

Once you’ve picked your starting place, consider your options for improvement. Be sure to take advantage of all of the storage options built-in to your Parry custom home, like ultra-insulated attics to protect your belongings, Energy Star approved features and high-grade, detailed caulk to prevent any drafts or moisture from damaging items.

Use your basement storage and closet space wisely–don’t just throw everything in there and forget about it. Instead, figure out what the storage spot is used most frequently for and customize the space accordingly.

If you use a bureau primarily for paper documents, purchase folders and binders to help you keep track of it all. If you have lots of games or books, display them in a bookshelf or on closet shelving. Having the right organizational pieces can help you take advantage of all the space in your Pittsburgh home, and prevent you from feeling too closed in!

Whichever items you don’t need and haven’t used in 1-2 years should be sorted and placed in boxes for donation to the Pittsburgh Salvation Army or your charity of choice.

Incorporate your furniture into your storage techniques. Use a glass case or wicker corner piece to store interesting antiques and family heirlooms; as an added bonus, you’ll be getting to appreciate these items instead of regretfully shoving them away. Use a hollow ottoman to store magazines or extra blankets. With modern furniture, there are so many options for innovative storage.

Keep your Parry home organized by taking advantage of all of your storage options for better living.

Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199. 

Understanding Your Mortgage

Categories: Buying a Home, Homeowner News | Posted: September 3, 2013 | Comments Off on Understanding Your Mortgage

Learning about your mortgage isn’t necessarily the most exciting task, but it is an important one. We here at Parry Homes have come up with some information you may find helpful when it comes to deciphering your home mortgage.

First, let’s review some common terms that you should know that relate to your mortgage. A mortgage is a specific type of loan used to purchase a house. Mortgages are paid off with set monthly payments, either at a fixed rate or at an adjustable-rate; fixed rate mortgages have a set interest rate that does not change over time, while adjustable-rate mortgages can change with the market. Each type of rate has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Principal is the amount of debt left on a loan, excluding interest. An appraisal is an assessment of property to determine its market value, and this number is subject to change over time. Depending on your home’s appraisal, you may be subject to increased taxes as your property value increases.

Foreclosure is the process of the bank taking back the property, and occurs only when a homeowner defers on their loan payments (i.e. does not pay for several months or pays inconsistently). Collateral is the property promised to a debt; if you are unable to make payments and have pledged collateral to your mortgage, your lender may take the property and sell it in order to earn back the money they have not been paid through the mortgage agreement.

Next, let’s take a look at the housing market so we can understand where things sit right now. As of August 28, mortgage rates ranged from 3.61% up to 4.77%, depending on the terms of the loan and the repayment period; Pittsburgh’s loan rates are reflective of the market. Though these numbers are slightly higher than what we’ve been seeing in the recent past, they remain historically low and can be attributed to recent changes in the market.

After the housing bubble burst around 2008, new home sales plummeted, foreclosure sales were up, and it was considered a buyer’s market. As the American economy began to recover, home prices slowly crept up. Now that things are back to “normal,” mortgage lenders have began steadily increasing their rates because the market right now can support it.

Though rates have increased to a rate hovering around 4% for now, there is speculation that rates will continue to increase over the next year or two. This makes now the best time to purchase a new home, contrary to popular belief. You’ll avoid the increasing mortgage rates and still be able to reap the financial benefit of relatively low lender interest.

Parry Custom Homes is an established homebuilder in the Pittsburgh area. For additional information about our services, call (724) 863-0199.